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  1. Living in San Antonio is pretty awesome - we have 4 amusement parks within a 45 minute radius, a very historical downtown, and some really cool stuff to do up in the New Braunfels/Gruene area, not to mention a decent live music scene and a great food scene (not as good as Austin for music but fantastic for food). Basically anything you like to do that's not beach-related or snow-related we have it no further than an hour away.
  2. There's only a few instances I can think of where rerides shouldn't be allowed with an empty row. Stuff like The Boss where it's really rough and beats you up a little, intense stuff like RMC raptors, Skyrush, and I305 where even some enthusiasts consider them too intense, and certain big orange coasters with dumb pointless greyout elements that leave you with a migraine. Other than that, rerides should never be an issue. I never really appreciated them until I started taking every opportunity I could to get them, and it really makes a difference if you're into riding stuff a ridiculous amount of times. It makes those double digit ride counts so much more obtainable.
  3. Typical six flags, lol I like having SFFT as my homepark because of the SF parks they seem to have the least janky policies in terms of weather and ride closures. Rerides, on the other hand, are a messy policy across every park in the chain except Great America from what I've seen
  4. 2015: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis @ SFOT and SFStL, Switchback @ ZDT's, Batman: The Ride @ SFFT 2016: All the new SFFT flats, Valravn, Lightning Rod (just kidding, nobody actually rode lightning rod in its opening season), Riddler Revenge @ SFOT 2017: nothing, didn't get any season passes so all I did was go to ZDT's a couple of times and occasionally BAFF my way into Schlitterbahn 2018: Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster, Time Traveler (so far, may get Twisted Cyclone or Harley Quinn (SFOT) depending on Thanksgiving plans and late summer shenanigans)
  5. Chuy's has the coolest parody shirts. They're worth going on their own just for those when you're around one but the food is pretty good too.
  6. Haven't been to SFNE, but jeez that's approaching Mt. Olympus levels of bad if the stories are all true.
  7. Goliath doesn't need to slow hard or stop, it only has ONE helix. I'm very grateful for how much its brother in Texas slows after that brutal first trip to greyout-land.
  8. We had breakfast about 30 minutes away at Franks' Diner in Wisconsin, very good food but you'll have to go pretty early if you're trying to get to the park in time for opening. There's a Denny's less than 5 minutes away from the park as well as some other chain stuff. Depends on what you want. Going clockwise around the park is probably the best strategy as Superman is going to get the most consistently long line along with Goliath, although locals probably have more detailed and accurate information in that regard.
  9. Thunderbird is my favorite because of the launch, location in the woods, and well-paced layout. X-Flight is barely underneath it with a slightly longer-feeling ride and equally well-paced layout, but not as good of a location. Wild Eagle has the best location and I love the hypercoaster-style drop, but the layout isn't quite as solid as the other two. GateKeeper has a good location on the beach but it doesn't quite interact with the terrain like Thunderbird or Wild Eagle (obviously it can't), it's longer but the pacing feels a little more element-oriented and less focus on those fun banked turns that make wing coasters different from other B&Ms. It's still very very fun but it feels a little more more like a series of elements than a comprehensive layout. Probably just me though
  10. ^might wanna check your math on SFGAdv lol From what I've actually ridden so far: Cedar Point - Millennium Force and Maverick Silver Dollar City - Outlaw Run and Time Traveler/Powder Keg Six Flags Over Texas - New Texas Giant and ShockWave Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Iron Rattler and Wonder Woman: Long Name Coaster Six Flags Great America - Goliath and Raging Bull
  11. GateKeeper is my least favorite wing coaster but it's still a wing coaster and I doubt there's a "bad" one out there. Rattliness or forcelessness or whatever enthusiast jargon we can throw around to describe it really doesn't do it justice as an experience because there's just so much more to it. I rode in 2016 and my only nitpicky complaint I can remember was the tightening restraints, but overall it's still a very fun ride in a fantastic location that looks amazing as the front gate...keeper. I just prefer the others for various reasons.
  12. Ouch, looks like you barely missed the sweet spot today when it didn't rain. I saw the huge downpour that came around on the way out, it only started raining once we left the exit. Perfect timing I guess, lol
  13. Was it just Power Surge @ SFFT or do all splash chute water pools smell really bad too? I remember how grody that whole area was when that ride was still operating. The area is 50x nicer with WWGLC there.
  14. They're basically just impostor log flumes that get you wet like a rapids ride. Basically the worst kind of dry park water ride imaginable unless they have noteworthy theming or a double down or something
  15. I've seen people fall out of their tubes and finish slides on typical tube rides like Black Knight and Bermuda Triangle, but never on something like this. Even saw a kid fall off his tube on Mad Raft @ ZDT's once and finish the ride fine (although the local kids freaked out in the typical "HE COULDA DIED THIS IS SO DANGEROUS OMG" fashion) This one is a little more intruiging, interested to see how it plays out in terms of what actually happened since there are various accounts.
  16. That awkward tilt into the corkscrews + janky Arrow OTSRs designed for short people = one of the wonkiest and most uncomfortable coaster elements EXCEPT (for some bizarre reason) for the corkscrews on Vortex @ KI. I found Vortex's transitions to be more comfortable than the ones on the more standard corkscrew models (Demon and CP Corkscrew). No clue what causes that difference but I'm not gonna complain about it. Tennessee Tornado is the opposite of the older Arrows for me in that its transitions are the best part of the ride and the elements themselves are what cause the pain.
  17. Unpopular opinion: Tennessee Tornado It's smoother than the other Arrows for sure, but its elements are taken at really awkwardly fast speeds which makes them hurt more than they should. I felt like the ride had tried to decapitate me by pushing my head up and shoulders down so hard. I'm just too tall for the Arrow OTSRs I think, they're way too tight and low to be comfortable.
  18. I've now been on enough Batman clones to have 5 B&M inverts to rank lol 1. Raptor - positive gs don't crank a headache, whip in the inversions is way too fun, all in all fantastic ride 2. Batman @ SFGAm - smoothest Batman clone, not too much positive g greyout like the SFOT one, best landscaping 3. Batman @ SFOT - feels faster than SFGAm's but a little too forceful so you can get a low grade SFOT headacheā„¢ without riding Titan, decent landscaping but not as good as Great America's 4. Goliath @ SFFT - a little less smooth than the other two, parking lot location, but otherwise rides more like the SFGAm one and is fun 5. Banshee - fun but I hate the vest restraints and the ride gave me a headache every time Why am I overanalyzing Batman clones? honestly no clue
  19. Park was absolutely dead today. Yesterday we waited in line quite a bit for the 3-4 hours we were there. Today was walk-ons or station waits for every coaster we did, depending on the row. Stayed from 12:15 until 4 and got in 16 rides (including rerides) as opposed to 5 yesterday for a similar amount of time. Very well landscaped and maintained compared to other Six Flags parks. Tied for my favorite Six Flags between Great America and Over Texas.
  20. Whizzer @ Six Flags Great America! Very fun night ride and a classic family coaster. Got five of the GAm coasters today in the last few hours and looking forward to trying out the rest on a hopefully lighter, rainier day tomorrow.
  21. I can agree with you on that.The vest restraints are by far my least favorite restraint. The amount of discomfort they cause greatly destroys the ride for me. Doesn't bother me during the ride but on the brakes they're REALLY painful imo. I hope they've fixed this on newer models (Valravn and Thunderbird I felt less of a death-squeeze on, so maybe?) GateKeeper and Banshee are my two least favorite B&Ms but they're still some of my favorite coasters overall. Wild Eagle was worse with the tightening but the setting and hyper coaster drop were very cool. I don't get the whole "forceless" or "rattly" deal on these though, they're fun and floaty rides that are 95% smooth and have uncomfortable restraints. Looking forward to trying X-Flight in a few days here, then I'll have been on all 4 B&M wing coasters in the US.
  22. shhh, I have to forget that anything east of Illinois exists right now so I don't throw all my money into another trip.
  23. SDC: Outlaw Run + literally every other adult coaster in the park, pick any of them. Seriously the only park where the entire lineup is the one-two-three-four-five punch, and I haven't even started on the non coaster things
  24. My opinion has slightly changed, I've gotten some really good Batman clone rides lately so 1. Raptor 2. Batman clones 3. Banshee 4. I need to ride more inverts 5. At least I haven't had the displeasure of riding an SLC yet
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