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  1. My hopes aren't super high. I'd personally love a giant frisbee or some other cool flat. I guess it's probably gonna be that, the Pirates dark ride replacing Scooby Doo, or a waterpark expansion of some kind.
  2. My favorite in-park food is Old Blues BBQ, near the water park entrance. Outside the park I usually get the Freddy's across from the park because it's so close.
  3. Giant frisbees, Screamin' Swings, and whatever the hell Samurai at Lagoon is are my favorite flats. After those three I really can't think of anything other than maybe that ridiculous Rodeo ride at SFOT
  4. The magic gate was open my very first night at CP. Great times.
  5. I don’t think everyone’s going to complain that they aren’t using “normal” (old) B&M OSTRs. A majority of the park’s regular guests from the area have never experienced or seen an old B&M OSTR, unless they’ve ridden coasters in the USA or La Ronde. I agree cause judging from most of the people I talk to when I am at Wonderland have no idea that a lot of other parks exist. They know Disney and Universal but not a lot outside of that. When I say everyone I mean every whiny enthusiast online. I don't have a personal preference restraint-wise unless they're the old, unfixed vest restraints that crush your soul, and 99.99999% park guests don't care at all. If anything, they'll ride more because they feel more safe or whatever compared to the old OTSRs that sometimes leave a little of that scary space or whatever.
  6. This layout looks a lot cooler than the other dive coasters, at least to me. I also really like the color scheme. Since the vest restraints have been improved so much I think they won't be a huge deal although of course everyone's gonna complain because they aren't using the normal B&M OTSRs
  7. Wonder Woman has never NOT broken down exactly once when I've been in line for it, but it's also never taken more than 10 minutes to come back up.
  8. I'm not the biggest fan of Firechaser Express but I love its terrain interaction and direction-changing layout. Something like that would be a great replacement for CCMR, but then again so would pretty much anything.
  9. It's a great ride for family's....even though the height requirement is 48 inches for some reason. Every coaster can't be 100 mph and 500 feet tall. Even by family coaster standards, Mine Ride is awful. I don't get why people immediately equate "taking out a sucky mine train" to "replacing all the family friendly rides with x t r e m e t h r i l l s" There are tons of other family friendly coasters that would utilize that space better than CCMR. It has the same height requirement as Millennium Force and is on probably the best expansion space CP has. A smaller GCI like InvadR, or even just a less sucky mine train (although that won't happen) would be great there. It's not blasphemous (is it???) to think that even for a family coaster CCMR is laughably bad.
  10. KI getting an RMC of any variety would pretty much solidify its lineup perfectly, maybe more so than a giga. The trifecta of Diamondback as the huge, fun crowd-pleaser (that is awesome regardless of its lack of intensity), MT as a transition coaster that pretty much anyone can enjoy, from enthusiast down to kids who won't ride anything that goes upside down but wants to try something bigger, and whatever craziness RMC throws in fills that out with a more fast-paced focused experience that may not be as intimidating as Diamondback but gives it a run for its money in terms of thrill factor.
  11. Mine Ride sucks, I wouldn't bat an eye if they removed it. It's on prime expansion space too
  12. Does anyone know how crowds typically are at BGT the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving? As someone who absolutely LOVES big cats (they honestly might be a bigger draw for me personally than even the old school B&Ms), I want enough time to ride the coasters with some amount of leisure and still check out BGT's animal offerings (I've heard amazing things about the cheetah show I think?). Budgeting for QQ is definitely possible considering we will probably only have one day there and want to make the most of it.
  13. Yes. The lap bars + shin bars make it pretty hard to get your feet off the ground. The only rides you might be worried about for wearing slides are Batman and the open-air flat rides. Coasters with trains that have floors (basically anything not made by B&M) are usually fine, though walking around a park in slides probably hurts like hell after a few hours.
  14. have fun! Lightning Rod has one thing on SV, at least it didn't crash on opening day (but only because its opening day still hasn't happened yet).
  15. I guess we can all just be glad that Lightning Rod doesn't have Steel Vengeance's brake run.
  16. CP reports are always fun, especially Bill's involving that "walk down the main midway "
  17. Well that's good to know. I was definitely skeptical about the "omg wheel fell off" talk but if it's related to the brake run in any way it makes infinitely more sense.
  18. Not even surprised. ZDT's is awesome that way. I'm not actually sure. I've heard that you can get both of the Diamond Elite one-time flash pass uses on WW for a visit, but I don't know if that carried over to the normal Flash Passes or not. The website doesn't appear to have anything about it so it's probably still single use. Knowing Six Flags, who knows what it'll be on any given day
  19. If you're in the area and want to check out another fun place, ZDT's is an hour away from SFFT and their "last 3 hours" unlimited wristband is only $15. Switchback is a seriously solid coaster, the go karts are pretty fun, and generally the whole little place is a really fun way to kill a few hours. (Last 3 hours arcade is probably one of the best deals I've ever seen on any arcade ever)
  20. When it comes to nature in TRs, I know photos never do the real thing justice, but just looking at those forest pics... Wow. Sea lions are pretty awesome too.
  21. If it's a Wednesday and there's no BAFF, then don't worry about Flash Pass unless you get there and it's slammed for some reason. It'll be dead enough to do whatever, unless you want to marathon Wonder Woman. The waterpark is quite fun and there's a good amount of things to do there, so if you like water parks then that's definitely something to check out.
  22. See, I've always enjoyed The Boss. I rode in October of 2015 and it was rough as all hell (the only other coaster that comes close is The Raven, and maybe Judge Roy Scream in a wheel seat) but still hilariously fun. This may just be a product of the lack of wooden coasters I've ridden but it's pretty solidly in my top 10 wood.
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