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  1. My first roller coaster was The Spider at Lagoon. I'll admit I wasn't quite the enthusiast I am today
  2. I'm LiftThrill and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I'm not well traveled when it comes to roller coasters and amusement parks but I've been to Lagoon, DisneyWorld in Orlando and SFFT (which is my homepark). I'm going to SFOT in less than a month (and I'm super hyped for that). Also going to go on an east coast trip next summer and go to SFGA, Cedar Point, Carowinds, and whatever else we run into on the East Coast.
  3. I found this awesome coaster sandbox game the other day... it's still Early Access, but it's amazing. It has custom coasters, custom trains, custom terrain, custom flat rides, and pretty much custom everything. It's still missing a few track types and all, but for what it is now it's a great purchase. It costs $30. Some coasters I made in it as examples: Wing Coaster: Entire Park: Kingda Ka on steroids: Ghetto Looper: Floorless Coaster: Mine Train: Good Ol' Woodie: ...and these aren't very good. You'd be amazed to see what the community has done with particle generators, lighting effects, and the like. It's awesome.
  4. SFFT is my homepark, and it's pretty fun even though the coaster selection is slim. I went on Batman: The Ride on the 25th and the lines were outright amazing. There were mild storms passing through and so nobody wanted to be there. The line was 15 minutes max. As for the ride, it was a total bundle of fun. Just random craziness and flipping and all that jazz. There wasn't very much noticeable g-force or airtime since you're more focused on figuring out which way is up or down, haha. It's more of a "giggle ride" (people were giggling while they were riding it, no joke) than a "thrill ride" so to speak, but it's still totally worth riding. I haven't been to any other parks recently so I haven't been on a ZacSpin. Can anyone else compare it to one of those? I'm interested in how it compares.
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