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  1. Well over 2 months later. Its taken me this long to finally get this trip report out to you. The first day was June 7th, 2017, and it's being released on August 20th, 2017. This is just a lesson that I need to push forward priorities that are actually important, such as this one. Anyways, enough "wisdom" from me. Let's get on to what you really want. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DAY 1 ON ROUTE 66 This was the longest trip I'd ever taken. It lasted a total of 19 days, but each one of them was fantastic, and (generally) better than the next. So, with that said, you could assume that this was the worst day. And I haven't totally ranked the days, but in some ways with what's to come, it might feel that way. But nonetheless, this was still a fun day. We drove from our house in West Chicago down to Oklahoma City, and I found myself happy 95% of the time. Let's get started! Also, btw, I am going to try attachments one more time just because they look best. First group photo. This ain't the first one you'll be seeing, lemme tell you that. Stop #1 - Cozy Dog Drive-In, Springfield, Illinois. You know I like corn dogs baby... That baby had some serious birth defects. Soon... soon... Why do we even bother with Waze or Google Maps anymore? THE CLAW MACHINE!!! IT DOES NOTHING EXCEPT ROB YOUR WALLET!!! Okay, while the place itself was questionable, ONE OF THE BEST CORN DOGS EVER!! I'm not the only excited one around here. They also gave us a discounted donut. Thanks birthplace of the Corn Dog (I forgot the actual name). You guys are awesome. What the hell are we doing at this random, old bridge? It's kinda pretty and all, but, why? Oh, of course! It's a Route 66 Landmark! Stop #2 - Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis, MO. NOTED! (I couldn't think of anything else to say, I'm sorry. This bridge, as it turns out, was formerly a road bridge to get across the Mississippi River, but then something happened or it got to old, so now it's just a hiking bridge. GRRR! I AM THE TROLL OF THE BRIDGE! LET CARS PASS OVER OR TAKE ME TO A THEME PARK! ENOUGH ROUTE 66 ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS! Oh, finally! We are here in the next state. Been there, done that a few years ago. Let's move along. Stop #3 - Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, St. Louis, MO. They had lots of variety. That's a good thing. Meh, whatever. It's cool and all, but f Route 66 FORGET WHAT I SAID! THIS IS SOME SERIOUSLY KICK-A$$ FROZEN CUSTARD! Ted Drewes is officially approved by Imagineer Josh. Go here if you are in St. Louis. Oop; is the frozen custard so good it's illegal or something? NOOO!!! SIX FLAGS ST. LOUIS!! Oh whatever, I'll see you in August. Stop #4 - Munger Moss Motel, Rolla, MO. Yeah, there's no other reason to stop besides this. Well, at least they're accurate. Now where to go... I purely chose Vancouver just because of Coaster and its ejector air. <3 <3 <3 We're stopping in this little ghetto town that's not even a Route 66 Roadside Attraction. But why? The sign may have a hint. Trains? Nope. Random stupid fields? Nope. More random stupid fields. Ah, that's why! It's the inspiration for Radiator Springs! "Yes, I'd love to tow some taters." So cool to see the inspirations! Why does this building weirdly remind me of Lightning Rod's station? Yeah, nothing's probably been in there for years. That is the most random, blocky building I've ever seen. I can definitely see the inspiration here. Doc, is that you? More random, blocky building. I also seriously wonder if some of this stuff inspired Lightning Rod's station. Yep. Definitely a lot of Pixar inspiration here. Funny that we visited, because we kinda had a Cars theme going here. Route 66, Galena Kansas, Cars Land at DCA, what next? Some random food market. It's near Galena and on our way back to I-44, so why not? It's seriously old school. Dammit, we just missed the movie? Some cool nostalgia. Ah, this must be where we have dinner! The place had some sweet hamburgers. With staying in Oklahoma City and all, we passed Frontier City. My camera was being really stupid, so this was the only pic I got of Frontier City. Well, that was a pretty good first day. Get ready for some more real soon!
  2. Hello everyone! I thought I'd post a bit of a different topic that I'm surprised nobody else has posted before. What is your favorite soundtrack from IMAscore? As everyone, I love the Helix soundtrack. But I also think the Dwervelwind soundtrack is awesome, and am partial to the Karnan soundtrack. EDIT: I found the original topic. Please remove this, mod.
  3. ^ I love your system, Kevin. I'm gonna use it. First Coaster - Dragon Coaster (1995-2005) at Santa's Village Azoosment Park First Steel Coaster - Dragon Coaster (1995-2005) at Santa's Village Azoosment Park First Woodie - American Eagle at SFGAm First 100 ft coaster - Demon at SFGAm First 200 ft coaster - Raging Bull at SFGAm First 300 ft coaster - Millennium Force at Cedar Point First 400 ft coaster - I've been to Cedar Point and SFMM. Both Top Thrill Dragster and Superman broke down while I was in line First looping coaster - Demon at SFGAm First B&M - Batman The Ride at SFGAm First Intamin - American Eagle at SFGAm First GCI - American Thunder at SFStL First B&M Invert - Batman the Ride at SFGAm First Spinning Coaster - Ragin' Cajun at SFGAm (I really don't miss it) First Launched coaster - Backlot Stunt Coaster at Kings Island First Standup - Georgia Scorcher at SFOG First Dive Machine - Valravn at Cedar Point First Flyer - Superman Ultimate Flight at SFGAm First Floorless - Rougarou at Cedar Point First Wing Rider - X-Flight at SFGAm First Premier - Backlot Stunt Coaster at Kings Island First Schwarzkopf - Whizzer at SFGAm First RMC - Goliath at SFGAm First GG - Hades 360 at Mt. Olympus First Arrow - Demon at SFGAm First Vekoma - Spacely's Sprocket Rockets at SFGAm First CCI - Pegasus at Mt. Olympus First Mack - Dark Knight at SFGAm First Gerstlauer - Fairly Odd Coaster at Nickelodeon Universe First Maurer Sohne - I still have yet to ride one First Togo - I still have yet to ride one First Suspended - Iron Dragon at Cedar Point First Eurofighter - Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge at Nickelodeon Universe First Zierer - Pepsi Orange Streak at Nickelodeon Universe First Drop Tower - Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios Favorite - Voyage at Holiday World Favorite Steel - X2 at SFMMM Favorite Woodie - Lightning Rod at Dollywood Favorite 100 ft coaster - Voyage at Holiday World Favorite 200 ft coaster - Lightning Rod at Dollywood Favorite 300 ft coaster - Millennium Force at Cedar Point Favorite 400 ft coaster - I've been to Cedar Point and SFMM. Both Top Thrill Dragster and Superman broke down good while I was in line Favorite looping coaster - X2 at SFMM Favorite B&M - Diamondback at Kings Island Favorite Intamin - Maverick at Cedar Point Favorite GCI - Thunderhead at Dollywood Favorite B&M Invert - Banshee at Kings Island Favorite Spinning Coaster - Pandemonium at SFStL (I really haven't been on that many good spinners) Favorite Launched coaster - Lightning Rod at Dollywood Favorite Stand Up coaster - Georgia Scorcher at SFOG (Only stand-up I've ridden) Favorite Dive Machine - Valravn at Cedar Point (Only dive I've ridden) Favorite Flyer - Tatsu at SFMM Favorite Floorless - Rougarou at Cedar Point (I've only ridden this and Scream) Favorite Wing Rider - Thunderbird at Holiday World Favorite Premier - F*ll Th*ottle at SFMM Favorite Schwarzkopf - Mindbender at SFOG Favorite RMC - Lightning Rod at Dollywood Favorite GG - Voyage at Holiday World Favorite Arrow - X2 at SFMM Favorite Vekoma - Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom Favorite CCI - Cornball Express at Indiana Beach Favorite Mack - Dark Knight at SFGAm (I've only ridden a few Macks, and they're all Wild Mice, OK?) Favorite Gerstlauer - Mystery Mine at Dollywood Favorite Maurer Sohne - I still have yet to ride one Favorite Togo - I still have yet to ride one Favorite Suspended - Bat at Kings Island Favorite Eurofighter - Mystery Mine at Dollywood Favorite Zierer - Pepsi Orange Streak at Nickelodeon Universe (Only Zierer I've ridden ) Favorite Drop Tower - Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout at DCA
  4. I'm gonna be completely honest right now - This one announcement is better than all of the Six Flags 2017 Announcements combined
  5. HOLY CRAP! When I heard that the Raptor was going to be more of a family coaster, I had 'meh' expectations, but it's looking to me that the good people of SFFT and RMC knocked it out of the park on this one. Many congrats from me!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm working on roller coaster physics for fun (don't ask), and I was interested in making a list on the strongest negative-g force. Does anyone know how many negative-gs you feel when going over the Rolling Thunder hill?
  7. Nice reports! Would be cool to see a little more description for each coaster, but I like what I'm seeing so far.
  8. Joker at Six Flags Great America. I actually had lots of fun on it. Not as good as most other coasters in the park, but better than Superman - Ultimate Flop, Flat Friction, and Dark Plight.
  9. Hey Alveys, In late June 2018, our family is heading out to Europe for theme park adventures and more. I have a list of theme parks we are planning to visit and some additional comments. Tell me what you think, and if other theme parks in the area are more worth it. I am generally looking more for an "OMG THAT WAS A FANTASTIC COASTER" feeling than an "OMG THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING PARK RESORT" when I visit these. Thorpe Park - We will be arriving in London first, and Thorpe Park should be the starter. I originally chose Thorpe Park because they have the same credit amount as Walibi Holland, however our Netherlands visit was cancelled. Basically, I came for the same amount of credits, and it's the only park with that amount of credits in the area. Is Thorpe Park really worth it, with my case? Alton Towers - I really think this is the best option for UK, besides Thorpe Park. We are mostly doing London, and while Blackpool is getting a Mack Launch Coaster, that's about it, besides the Wild Mouse. Plus, Blackpool is much farther north than Alton Towers. Alton Towers, while SW8 probably won't be as good as Icon, still has other great rides like Nemesis. And it's only a couple less credits. Is Alton Towers really worth it, or should we try Blackpool instead? Europa Park - After England, we are flying down to Munich, then heading over to Western Germany. Starting at Europa Park, while it has the credits, I was hesitant. It's the second most visited European theme park behind Disneyland Paris, and there is no Fastpass system. Plus, it's a full resort so it will be more expensive. Would you still say I do Europa Park, or is there another great place nearby with a close enough amount of credits? Holiday Park - I think this one is a near given. To save time and money, we would probably stay for, maybe an hour to ride Sky Scream once and get lots of rides on GeForce. Phantasialand - This is one I really want to visit. They are getting F.L.Y. in 2018, and they just got Taron, plus other great rides like Black Mamba and Winjas. I'm also really drawn to the theming of the place. It just has a great appeal. Is Phantasialand really worth it, or is there another great nearby park with a close amount of credits and is fairly similar to Phantasialand, despite being a bit cheaper/easier? Thanks! I'd love some help soon!
  10. Don't include B&M, Intamin, RMC, Gravity Group, GCI, or CCI.
  11. This was... a bit harder than I thought 1. Voyage 2. X2 3. Magnum XL-200 4. Mystery Mine 5. Viper (SFGAm) 6. Tennessee Tornado 7. Beast 8. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast 9. Timberhawk: Ride of Prey 10. Mindbender
  12. I really liked this thread. Bringing it back. Cedar Fair: Maverick Six Flags: X2 SeaWorld Entertainment: Haven't been to any Merlin: Again, haven't been to any Herschend: Lightning Rod Universal: Incredible Hulk Disney Parks: Expedition Everest Parques Reunidos: I seriously hope to go one soon Compagnie des Alpes: Haven't been to Europe OCT Parks China: Haven't been to China Independent: Voyage
  13. ^ Thanks Holiday World time! Okay, it's time to be honest. I don't like this park. I LOVE this park to DEATH! No doubt about it! Just behind Dollywood, this is the second best park I've been to! And yes, that means Cedar Point is now only the third best I've been to! To be honest though, compared to Holiday World, Cedar Point is La Ronde! The park is managed with great care, everybody has a smile on their face, and I really don't have anything bad to say about this park! I could say LOADS more positive about this park, but I'm about to do that in the trip report. Here we go! And by the way, I'm not going to bother with attachments because they generally take way too long and are pretty frustrating. Ride Count - Voyage: 7 - Legend: 3 - Thunderbird: 2 - Raven: 1 Almost there! That looks like what was my 4th and final B&M Wing Coaster! Man, that's a fantastic skyline! I see our next destination! That must have been #1 Wooden Coaster at some point, right? Legend Lot is where we parked. Park entrance had a very nice appeal to it. Well, at least the fountain has a better shape than genitalia *cough* *cough* Kentucky Kingdom *cough* Halloween comes before Thanksgiving, right? Holiday World has many vintage flat rides, I like that. I really did visit the park on a fairly empty day, and it showed in every line I waited in (except Thunderbird, I'll get to that later). Random Legend shot is random. I've waited to see this view for a long time Splashin' Safari was, for some reason, not much busier than the park that day. We magically jumped a few months from Halloween, and it's Thanksgiving now! Enroll me in Hogwarts, and I'll jump to my birthday (assuming Holiday World would allow that). *Heavy breathing* My first ride was in the front row. And while I thought it was good, it didn't have the same intensity people made it out to be. The airtime was a bit stronger than expected, and I loved the drop, however, it wasn't terribly forceful. Still, even the front row was excellent. Front Row Rating: 8.5/10 I rode this for some reason. Didn't get many to any laterals, disappointed. My 4th and final B&M Wing Coaster was next!!! *More heavy breathing* Pilgrim's Plunge looked excellent. Sucks that they couldn't fix the issues. The walk up to Thunderbird can provide some interesting photo opportunities for Voyage! Thunderbird is perhaps the second most photogenic Wing Coaster behind GateKeeper. This might be my all-time photo I've taken! I just love everything that went into it! It will most likely come as no surprise that Thunderbird was my favorite wing coaster. While all of them are forceful (except GateKeeper), this one is the most forceful (sorry X-Flight). Plus, the launch is tons of fun, it's the only one to go out into the woods, and my only real negative with the ride is the duration. 8.5/10 Have I mentioned yet how awesome the interactions are between Thunderbird and Voyage? Fairly decent immelmann. Could have had more hangtime though. Riding Voyage in the back row however... man... did it blow me away. Voyage literally has everything, and every part of it blew me away! The drop was better than most people make it out to be, every element was perfectly placed, none of it felt repetitive even though it could have, the restraints were more open than expected, especially for PTC trains, the airtime was more and stronger than people make it out to be, the roughness just added to the great intensity, it's long as crap, and don't even get me started on the triple down. 10/10, if someone gives it lower than that score, they must be smoking crack. Immediately beat Lightning Rod as my #1. Sorry, but Voyage just has so much more to it. It almost astonishes me how underrated the first drop is of Voyage. 5 words... Best... Theme... Park... Restaurant... EVER!!!! If you are at Holiday World, you HAVE to get your ass to Plymouth Rock Cafe and have a meal there! It may not look great here, but we sat next to a window with some pretty interesting shots of Voyage. Finally getting my camera to zoom and focus properly, lol. Gobbler Getaway was pretty 'meh'. Not much to it, and the story didn't make a whole lot of sense. Also that old lady animatronic thing in the queue line looked like she was about to shoot herself. Want more Voyage pics? You got 'em! Turnarounds are delicious... But it's pretty hard to beat dives under the queue line and station! This thing still has loads of energy when it hits the brake run! It's like voodoo physics how much speed was left unused, despite already well over a mile length of track and a MCBR which did kill a good bit of the pacing! "All clear! Voyage, set sail!" Even the lift hill is pretty darn good. I took a couple more rides on it, then called it a day so we could check out the last two woodies. We're heading for you next, Legend! OH NO!! My magic didn't work and I went BACK in time to Halloween! How is that possible!? The new track on Legend is just as plain-as-day as Thunder Run's new track. However, like Thunder Run, I hadn't ridden Legend until Memorial Day weekend, but I could ACTUALLY TELL that it was recently re-tracked and not running like usual. My family behind the Legend sign. Yeah, I have a Mom, but she doesn't ride coasters. And with the new track, that just added to how fantastic the experience was! I must say, unless Cornball Express turns out to be super amazing in early August when I ride it, the laterals, first drop, little pops of airtime, terrain, and duration make Legend my current favorite CCI. 9/10 Next, we went to see that diver show sandwiched between Raven and Legend. I must say! It was a very entertaining show. Not just for the divers, but it was funny! There were some humorous arguments, all with family friendly humor, and I just really enjoyed it there. You'll see some random Legend shots in the mix because of how great the views were from the amphitheater. Hey! This is supposed to be a family friendly show, not a male night club! Stop showing off! Being in character gives you no right to do that. Ya know what, scratch that. Okay, in all seriousness, you can kinda see what I meant in terms of impressive diving. Crap, this Legend shot didn't turn out as great as I hoped. FIRE!!!!! I LOVE FIRE!!!! (Now that I'm posting this trip report after my SoCal trip, while X2 shot off fire, unfortunately, the divers had more fire than X2 did. That says something) I hope you like my random Legend shots, because I have a random Raven as well! Ooh, NOW things are getting interesting! Great way to end out the show! Finally, the one, the only, extremely hyped, Raven! Dang, Raven is seriously hyped. #1 Wooden Coaster in the early 2000s AND an ACE Landmark? This better be good. (That's not quite true, unfortunately. Read on to see what I mean!) NOTED! My dad got my camera so he could put it with his backpack, but he took this random shot of me for no apparent reason (as far as I know, at least) Hellooo, cardinal. I'm sorry if I trigger you, but... *sigh*... Raven is overrated. I REALLY want to like Raven, and I enjoyed the first half, but after that second drop, my lap bar came down two more notches, and I couldn't enjoy it AT ALL. Really disappointed. I don't blame Holiday World, I blame the op that stapled me in the first place. 6/10 Well, that's all from the excellently fantastic Indiana park! See ya soon for some photos from the SoCal trip!
  14. GwaziBSRider1 did this poll almost 3 years ago, and when talking with friends about it over Skype, we mentioned how it was out of date, so that gave me the inspiration to do it again, with updated results. If you could be so kind, I have a link below that explains all of it, and what you need to do. Check it out, and complete the survey for me, will ya? Click here to take the survey! EDIT: I noticed a couple bias issues. Before anyone comments about them, please know that they have been fixed. Thanks!
  15. According to RCDB, the ride opened today - https://rcdb.com/13832.htm
  16. One of my friends had a dream where he was about to ride Thunderbird at Holiday World, but the seats detached from the main cars and started dancing around in the station
  17. Well, another trip. I won free tickets to Morey's Piers for early-to-mid August (probably gonna get the credits in an hour and leave), but the real highlight of the trip will be Great Adventure. I'm going to be going on Sunday, August 13th. What is the best strategy to hit every coaster without a flash pass, and best restaurants for meals?
  18. B&M - GateKeeper at Cedar Point I'm sorry, but I just didn't find it to be a good ride... at all. Major disappointment. From the ops pushing down the restraint with all their weight, to the insanely unnecessary rattle, to no forces at all, it was just a dumb experience to me. Not impressed, Cedar Point. That being said, however, I'd be ok with giving it another try in a different row. Intamin - Green Lantern: First Flight at Six Flags Magic Mountain If you are a male and rode this coaster, you need no explanation. GCI - American Thunder at Six Flags St. Louis While it is my least favorite GCI of the three I've ridden, still isn't a bad ride at all. Big fan of it.
  19. Only 3. Ragin' Cajun (relocated) Mean Streak (converted to RMC) Incredible Hulk (pre-renovation) I'll have Vertical Velocity if that gets relocated to Six Flags America
  20. TBH, the only Arrow coasters I've ridden that I just didn't like were Vortex at Kings Island, Corkscrew at Cedar Point, and Wild Thing at Enchanted Village. Those were the only three that I've ever suffered headbanging or any sort of pain on.
  21. When I first saw "airtime machine" in your post, I thought Intamin Mega. Now I'm starting to lean towards an Intamin Prefab
  22. Ha ha, at least it looked up in the end. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kentucky Kingdom Day 2 As you could probably guess, day 2 looked up from day 1. And it surely did! Ride Count... Storm Chaser - 4 Thunder Run - 1 T3 - 1 (wish it was 0, but the only reason I rode was to get the credit) Something I forgot to tell you-- because I couldn't ride, the nice op that took us into the station actually took our names so we could get in for free tomorrow and be the first on Storm Chaser! So we got up bright and early that morning for about 45 minutes to get the last few credits then we would head over to Holiday World in hopes of getting there by 11:00-11:30 Ugh, stupid tree blocked my photo Ah, that's much better! Today, I will finally get to ride my first RMC Hybrid! Some more Storm Chaser That drop is SEXY! Wanted to get the credit, but I didn't fit in the cars! LAME!!! Been there to the Sea Lion Splash, done that. No need to again Once again, Kentucky Kingdom is a pretty good park! Especially their fantastic staff! RANDOM BUILDING PIC! There's that 5D Theater again Enterprise was still down :'( Staff doing their thing HAHA!!! WE GET TO CROSS THE ROAD WHILE YOU HAVE TO WAIT!! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a good parking spot closer to the Expo Center Other side of the park Another credit I missed that I'll ride today Still a pretty funky water ride. The track doesn't look natural, but that may be just me Shining in all it's glory Thunder Run is one of the louder wooden coasters I've heard And guess what? STORM CHASER LIVED UP TO THE HYPE!! It has awesome pacing, a great layout, lots of INSANE ejector air, and a barrel roll drop! Could easily be a 10/10 ride for me, made my Top 5 as a matter of fact! It was so good, in fact, I rode it 4 times! Twice in the front, twice in the back Here's another random Thunder Run shot RANDOM FLUME RIDE (forgot the name) SHOT!! There are lots of random Thunder Run shots here The water park looked interesting as well Unfortunately, even though Thunder Run supposedly got new track and trains, it didn't seem to do anything. Not a bad ride though, for being a Dinn woodie, it was fairly smooth, and there was some nice floater as well. 6.5/10 RANDOM SIGN SHOT!! Meh, I passed on this I don't know what the park was thinking here. It was supposed to be decoration for the rapids ride, but it turned out to look more like either girl food, or a smurf orgy. Take your pick. This was my first SLC. If this is one of the better ones with the restraints, that makes me worried for the rest Because this was just AWFUL! Dear gosh; this devilish contraption shakes like hell, tried to make my thighs extra meaty, and continuously smacked my head back against the restraints. Seriously, this is the second worst steel coaster I've ridden, only under the original Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia. 2.5/10 Well, that's that! Day 2 of Kentucky Kingdom was only 45 minutes to get to Holiday World, but minus P3 (pain cubed), it was a damn good 45 minutes. See ya soon for Holiday World!
  23. That was actually a great plot twist! This would be a great story to tell, it has all the good elements of it. And the marriage, while not really a separate story, is still a better love story than Twilight
  24. Hello everyone. I'm back with yet another trip report, this one from this past weekend. I had some interesting experiences at these two parks. Enjoy! Kentucky Kingdom, Day 1, May 27th So the first day wasn't that good. We only got on Lightning Run, and it rained on and off. However, at the very end, I had an awesome experience with Storm Chaser! Read on to find out. Rides... Lightning Run - 1 Lightning Run - This was a very good roller coaster. Don’t get me wrong. The airtime was good, the pacing was good, the layout works, but there are other problems, namely some stapling, the actual experience wasn't that intense, and the duration. Some people say it feels long, not really. To finish off, I’d give Lightning Run a 7.5/10. I know some people may get triggered by that, but I honestly think Lightning Run gets a bit too much credit. Ok, quick story time. So about halfway to Indiana from West Chicago, we realized my sister forgot to grab SHOES. Yes, you read that right. So we spent 45 extra minutes in Blue Island, IL at a Target looking for good shoes for her. Finally, we went on the road. Here, you can see that we found a Holiday World thing at a McDonalds. Luckily, we got a free park map and promo codes! Awesome! Kudos to McDonalds for this Holiday World loot It was rainy on the way down. We got a bit nervous heading down, hoping the park would have their rides open. Ha ha! We conquered the storms! We made it... at 5:15 on Saturday, May 27th Lightning Run looked very nice when I got there! Gotta admit, Kentucky Kingdom was very clean and looked nice during my visit It's a smaller drop tower, but it came down FAST! First, and only coaster ride, of the day! Lightning Run! Overall, it was a very good roller coaster, but I don't understand the hype from people like Coaster Studios. It really did have some of the strongest ejector I've ever experienced, but I thought the rest of the ride was, just, fine. 7.5/10 Ugh, that will be my first Vekoma SLC Thunder Run is what we attempted to ride next I can definitely see the new track the ride received over the off-season! Turns out, right as we got to the ride, an employee told us everything closed for a storm that was 10 miles away. Not quite as bad as Over Texas, but I'm still not that big of a fan of their rain policy either. Here's a photo of the sign "Pretty much a coaster". Rob House, Director of Operations at Kentucky Kingdom, No Coaster Co 2017 Yeah, what was going to be my first RMC Hybrid was closed too. Uh oh, we're getting closer! Luckily, like everything else, it was down. Actually, it was probably down before the storms. We came by to see a train stuck on the lift hill. The ferris wheel looks pretty at least We ate dinner here. Some good pulled pork, but that's about it They didn't have a bad collection of family flats With everything closed, we went to that Sea Lion Splash show. Lots of people here, considering everything's closed Needless to say, it was a fun, entertaining show to kill time Never got to try this, but I'm not really upset that I didn't The enterprise was down unfortunately, even when it wasn't stormy This looked like an interesting carousel Random Thunder Run shot That one flume ride from the SFKK days Towards the end of the day, me and my family were just staked out in the Storm Chaser plaza taking photos and talking. You're about to see a Storm Chaser photo montage Okay, quick story time. An op came down and told us the ride unfortunately wouldn't be open for the day. However, he took us up into the station, and we got a BACKSTAGE TOUR! These last few photos are from that. Up close and personal with some of my favorite coaster trains! They even showed me the control panel. Really cool! It was pretty similar to NL2, however Storm Chaser's has a digital board, which is used for everything missing on the actual control panel That's all for now! Kentucky Kingdom Day 2 coming soon!
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