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  1. Adding height to Maverick would technically make it better. This is the first and probably only time where I'm gonna agree with you. A taller maverick would be even better than it already is.
  2. Looks like this theory is correct. I don't even care about the layout of the ride, the inversions, the speed, or anything at this point. All I care is that I don't have don't have to drive eight or more hours to the closest RMC. The ride's gonna be awesome no matter what. I'm so ready.
  3. I'm curious about this whole Volcano-being-down timeline because it's the upcoming 4th of July weekend; they're offering cheaper bring-a-friend tickets for passholders, and besides some heat it doesn't look too bad this weekend. I have family coming in to visit, and they decided to go to KD on Saturday. Hopefully the park can get their most popular ride up and running before then.
  4. Is there currently any decent sit-down restaurant in the park, dining pass or not? Visiting with the whole family on Thursday as well, so I'm not sure what the best option is going to be for us. (Sorry to distract from all the semi-annual attempts at ranking what "tier" the CF parks are in...) There are three spots off the top of my head in the park that have indoor sit-down areas. There's a chicken sandwich/burger place (the Hungry Hippo I think) right by Stunt Coaster, Chick-fil-a, and a pizza place (can't remember the name) next door to the Soak City entrance. There is a Panda Express in the front of the park, and I think there is a little bit of indoor seating beyond the seats by the fountains. Starbucks has seats, but that's obviously not a restaurant.
  5. You aren't crazy. Apollo is my favorite B&M hyper. The power outage thing stinks. Glad you got your money back. So does the Denny's near KD. We went once, and that was enough. Surprisingly, I've been to the park multiple times, and I've never gotten a night ride on Grizzly (mainly because we never stay a full day anymore).
  6. I went to the park on Monday for the first time, and finally got around to mentioning it on here. Save for a few rain clouds that passed through and closed the rides for a bit, it was a great day! I loved the feel and atmosphere. I look forward to returning someday (hopefully sometime soon) Some notes: -Firehawk was much smoother to me than Nighthawk. It was a great surprise. -Mystic Timbers was AWESOME! -I was not prepared for the 2nd half of Beast -Banshee is definitely my favorite ride in the park -The ops for Banshee, Diamondback, and Mystic Timbers were hauling. Awesome job! -Boo Blasters was the only disappointment. We sat down and picked up out blasters and found that none of them worked. So, we sat through the ride, and were told by the op when we returned that the specific car we were in was having issues all day. We were debating on going back in line, but the 45 minute wait and the stories of other people riding with bad blasters deterred us. The ride looked great; I wish KD had the same one.
  7. B-But...we just switched our plans to go to Kings Island instead... Either way, good for the park getting it back up and running. Hopefully it's more consistent. Maybe I can swing a visit later this summer.
  8. Just curious, do we need to rent a l-o-c-k-er for rides, or are there boxes on ride platforms? Normally I tend to carry a small bag whenever I go to new parks, but if we need to pay for a l-o-c-k-er, we won't bring it.
  9. Yeah, I'm at the park now. Saw the wood while up on the Eiffel Tower this morning, but I could only get a glance of the steel parts through the bushes. Nice to see how much is being done! BUILD THE HYYYYPE! The advertising for the app is quite interesting. There are huge boards with said coaster's mascot, along with stats. These things are huge too. I'd post photos, but my data's low, so I'll post them later.
  10. I'd be on Team Dominator, but my phone's too old for the game Oh well.
  11. There aren't enough Ninas to explain my excitement right now. My mind keeps being blown every time I see these photos...
  12. Drop Line looks great! Looking forward to riding it when I visit in June!
  13. If it's Sunday, you're fine. Crowds should be minimal (the only exception may be Volcano). Waits shouldn't be that bad either.
  14. Aw, man. We couldn't swing enough money for me and a fellow family member, so we had to pass up on the season fass pass. I'm heading down to Passholder Night now. Super excited!
  15. Yeah, sit down, pull down the restraint and stop your bitching because the Anaconda don't want none. When I ride Anaconda, I tend to ride in the last row.
  16. I'm personally okay with them. One or two times in the past have they actually bothered me; normally I'm so caught up in the ride I never pay attention to them (especially in the last row). Of course, that's just me... I also haven't ridden i305 without them, either.
  17. WAIT, there's a "flyover" vid?? I must have missed that one. Its a shame you missed it as that flyover video inspired our resident FAA experts to enlighten us on the legalities of flying a drone over the park. I'm excited for what's to come. Passholder Night cannot come soon enough.
  18. Wow, awesome pics! I love seeing what parks do during the off-season, and seeing even the small changes like the walkways and the paint. Get's me excited for our trip this year!
  19. 1. What is the farthest distance you've traveled to specifically visit a theme park? I've sat through a fifteen hour drive to Florida to visit Disney/Universal, as well as Fun Spot. 2. Your favorite coaster in the state you live in? I305 3. Would you rather wait in line for a boomerang (at any park) or a VR coaster @ a Six Flags? Boomerang 4. Have u ever been the only person in a train during a coaster ride? No, actually. I've been close though. 5. What is your favorite thing to do at your home park that does not involve riding something? Per tradition, we tend to go up onto the Effiel Tower and take in the views before our busy day of coasters and flat rides. On the best days, the sun and wind will create the perfect atmosphere. I love it. 6. Better time for ERT: Early morning or late night? Late night hands down. 7. Name some theme park food that *sounds* gross, yet is oh-so-delicious? Blue ice cream? 8. Name your top three "bucketlist" coasters you have yet to ride. El Toro, Dodonpa, any RMC 9. Have you ever been E-Vac'd? Did you receive anything if you did? I closest I've had was when I got stuck on Delirium with a friend at KD. It was at least 100 degrees out, and we were stuck in the sun for about thirty minutes. When we got off we were given front-of-the-line passes and water. We forgot to use the pass though... 10. What is the longest length of time you've waited for a coaster? That goes to 5+ hours in and out of line for Maverick. 11. Worst flat ride ever. Name it. Round-up 12. Your favorite SWEET treat at a park that is NOT your home park. Hershey's Ice Cream/Chocolate! 13. Congratulations! After aggressively gambling on the Plinko game you finally won a front of the line pass. Which ride do you use it on? Fury 325 14. If you could have a lifetime fast pass to ONE attraction what would it be? Maverick or Aero 360. 15. Have you ever been next to someone that puked on a coaster? Someone behind me did, but never beside. 16. Your home park is getting a new B&M and YOU get to pick what type. Do you want an invert/hyper/dive/floorless/flyer/wing/standup? All of the above is not an option. Considering KDs standing with B&Ms...I want a flyer. 17. Name your favorite Vekoma. Expedition Everest 18. What water ride delivers the most unacceptable amount of wetness? Rapid rides. 19. If you were able to help design a coaster would you want it to focus on airtime or inversions/positive G's? I'm more of a speed girl, but I'll also take positive G's anyday. 20. Most comfortable trains/seats for a coaster are... B&M hyper/giga restraints/trains. 21. Choose one: Unlimited front-of-the-line access to your favorite coaster at your home park for one season OR $1,000 cash? $1,000 dollars. 22. You just got drowned by a flume/rapids/chute-the-chutes. Do you pay the $$ for the dryer machine or do you continue on with your day trudging around like soggy dog? Trudge like a soggy dog. I'll just go dry off on a ride. 23. What is the worst food you've had at your home park? Any sort of park restauran food not from a chain restaurant (Subway, Chik-fil-a). It's really 'eh'. 24. You're at Cedar Point. You have a one hour ERT session on ONE coaster of your choice. You choose... Starts with a 'M', ends with an 'averick'. 25. Favorite (non-clone) dark ride? I guess DarKastle then. 26. What was your favorite park you visited in 2016? Uh...Kings Dominion? 27. What's your current credit count? Don't be shy. I think it's 74. I may be off one or two... 28. Winner winner chicken dinner! You just won a trip with hotel and airfare included. The catch is its only good for Six Flags America or Mt Olympus. Which do you choose? Even though it's within two hours of me, Six Flags America. If I can leave without worry about DC traffic and Prince George's county in general, I'm good with that. 29. What is the best Intamin coaster you have ridden? Maverick. 30. Your home park has to remove one coaster and one flat for an expansion. Which two rides would you be OK with losing? Avalanche and the Crypt. 31. Song/music you've heard playing at a park that absolutely has not business being played in a theme park? Music from Carnival of the Animals plays sometimes in the main entrance to KD. 32. There's 5 minutes before the park closes. You choose to: Reride your favorite coaster in the park, OR get the new kiddie/junior coaster credit? Re-ride I305! 33. Do you visit the waterpark if it's connected to the amusement park? Eh, if I'm visiting the park for the first time, no. If not, maybe. 34. What 2017 addition are you most looking forward to? InvadR, easily. 35. What was the most disappointing addition to your home park in the past 10 years? Oh man...Can I say 2016? Or does that make me sound like a KD fanboy? 2016 ties with the Crypt. 1 out of 7 times I went it was open. Kind of a waste; at least, until I ride it and love it again. 36. The most overrated coaster ever is... To me? Raptor. 37. What ride makes you wanna vomit? If I will ever vomit on a ride, it will most likely be on an Intamin Starship. 38. What is the best consolation prize you've won at a games booth? Never been able to win one. 39. And the worst? See above. 40. End this questionnaire by posting a picture of your favorite light package (coaster/flat). Please don't make me choose that! That's too hard!
  20. Probably Kings Dominion in March for Passholder Preview Night. Can go straight from school to coasters!
  21. **UPDATED AS OF JANUARY 2017** For sure: -Kings Dominion (home park) -BGW Possible: -Kennywood -Dollywood -Kings Island It-could-but-probably-won't-happen -SFGAdv -SFOG -Hershey/Knoebels -Cedar Point
  22. 1. What is the name of your home park? Kings Dominion 2. Do you own a coaster related T-shirt? Course. Mostly park shirts, though. My only real coaster shirt has B&M elements on it. 3. Do you enjoy Vekoma SLCs? Haven't ridden one. 4. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. Rollo Coaster (at Idlewild), Maverick, Dominator 5. One park you would definitely never go back to is... None. I love all of the parks I've been too. 6. Have you ever ridden a drop tower taller than 200 feet? At least three. 7. What is your favorite roller coaster? Maverick. I waited four hours; totally worth it. 8. When you go to a park three things you must have with you are... Season Pass, hat, money 9. How many times did you visit your home park last season? At least seven. 10. The first Intamin coaster you rode is... Volcano The Blast Coaster 11. Have you ever spent an entire day at a park alone? Nope. 12. The independent park you go to the most is... Hersheypark/Knoebels 13. Does B&M or Intamin make better hyper coasters? Intamin because Skyrush exists. 14. If it was free, what upcharge ride what you jump on right now? Go-karts 15. What is the best food at your home park? Subway? Chik-fil-a? 16. The name of the worst GCI you've ridden is... Wildcat at Hershey 17. When you're not riding something at your home park where are you? At home or at school. 18. Favorite water ride in a dry park (flume, rapids, etc) Rapids rides. 19. Do you get your photo taken with park mascots? Nah. 20. Name one personal item you've lost at a park. I forgot an old water bottle in the I305 boxes... 21. Name of the worst B&M invert you're ridden is... Dragon Challenge (red side) 22. Name your favorite steel coaster under 125 feet tall. Maverick. 23. Name your favorite coaster/ride manufacturer? Intamin. Haven't disliked a single ride by them. 24. What waterpark have you visited most often? Probably KD's...though I only go to the waterpark once a year... 25. The name of the fastest wooden coaster you have ridden is... Mean Streak... 26. What is the name of the flat ride you've ridden the most? Either Scrambler at Idlewild or Delirium at KD. 27. Name a ride-related injury you have suffered. Got bruises on my thighs from riding Skyrush too much. 28. Favorite Halloween event at a park? Howl-o-Scream at BGW 29. Name the most recent Arrow ride or coaster you've been on... Loch Ness Monster 30. Name of your favorite ride that never leaves the ground (safari, train, bumper cars, etc) Do scramblers count? 31. What ride makes you laugh the most? Any Enterprise and Aero 360 32. How many RMC's have you ridden? Haven't gotten to one yet... 33. Best flat that goes over 100 feet is... Any drop tower taller than 100 feet. 34. When you are on your way to your home park what is one worry that you might have? How bad traffic is on I-95 South/how long it will take to arrive. 35. Favorite park that is NOT your home park is ___________. Cedar Point. 36. How many different parks did you go to last season? 3 37. The indoor coaster/dark ride you ride most often is... Flight of Fear/Boo Blasters 38. When you spend the day at the park what do you drink all day? Red Powerade or water 39. The name of the best B&M you've ridden is? Fury 325
  23. Depends on what reason I go to the park, really. If I'm going for a few hours by myself to KD, I usually hit up Volcano or Windseeker first (although I may start doing Delirium first). If I go with friends, we usually go up on the Eiffel Tower to 'plan' our route for the day, since most of my friends don't go to amusement parks as much as I do. If we go to BGW, usually we do Griffon first.
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