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  1. Memphis fares were astronomical when it was a Northwest then Delta Fortress hub that was heavily defended when someone tried to enter the market not because of FedEx and it being the second largest cargo airport in the world. In fact, the FedEx volume keeps fees for new lcc passenger airlines low even with a complete redo of the terminal underway to right size it now that it isn't a hub anymore and fares have come way down. It has been transtitioning to an O&D airport for 5 years now. I wish FedEx would cotemplate their own passenger service with combi planes, half passenger/half cargo.
  2. You expected different from a place opened up by Bass Pro Shops flagship store?
  3. If you like catching ballparks, Aurozone in Memphis is one of the best non MLB venues out there plus a block away from Beale Street. Northwest Arkansas and Springfield have nice AA parks Royals and Cardinal affiliates.
  4. XNA is Walmart International. Frontier is about to find great success from there. Lots of F-Off money in NWA these days but we like roll back prices and often frive to Tulsa for lower fares, lol, Booming area, check out Crystal Bridges in Bentonville if you like Art, it's free for the permanent galleries. At one time, there were great air deals feom XNA to the NYC area but Delta killed off it's LGA service and left it to American and United and price have gone up a bit. Two years ago with some lead time it was sub 300 for nonstop R/Ts to the NYC area.
  5. Include XNA(Northwest Arkansas) TUL (Tulsa), LIT(Little Rock), SGF(Springfield MO not to be confused with Frontier at much smaller BKG) and even FSM(Fort Smith AR). TUL and LIT have Southwest but you'll have to connect somewhere. You are in the Philly area right? American just added a nonstop to XNA from Philly for a couple of months from now. All of those are as close or closer than MCI(Kansas City) Hell, there's the Frontier MEM/PHI flights as well but that is a 5 hr drive like St. Louis. Allegaint Flew BWI/TUL last summer it may be back. Barclays has an AA Aviator Red card with a 60k point bonus for a single purchase and a 95 annual fee. It gives you free check in luggage. Combine that with the XNA/PHL, DCA or LGA nopstops and get to SDC that way
  6. In case people didn't know, Frontier Airlines is back at little ol' BKG airport with nonstops from Denver, Dallas and Chicago. Plus they are now flying into XNA in Northwest Arkansas from Denver for some lost cost options besides Allegiant at Springfield and XNA.
  7. I asked a manager when I was there in 2017. He said the problem with that two pier GCI was that each pier was in a different township and there were issues over the taxes,permiting, ect. I looked up the boundaries and he was right, they are in different townships.
  8. I wish someone would clone Phantasialand in the United States.
  9. An inversion beyond the rails, over the sea within 5 years. MSC had tinked with a drop tower type ride on their new line of ships but it got cut.
  10. Who is King Willy? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._W._Herenton He had a grand scheme to completely redevelop the fairground in to a shopping/lifestyle center. During this time Libertyland was shuttered and the Mid South Fair bailed. He signed off on a a noncompete clause with the Griz that effectively caused the Mid South Colossium to fall into disrepair. He allowed the venue size to be set way too small at 6,000. This has meant that Memphis has continued to be hamstrung on renovating the MSC and the Mud Island amp. This allowed Southhaven MS to build a 10,000 seat arena and 10,000 seat amp and steal over 40 events a year from Memphis proper. It has now led to a nasty dispute with Graceland as the Elvis folk want to built a performance space that seats over 6,000 as part of a larger project and the Griz have objected to any TIF financing for it. King Willy is the gift that keeps screwing Memphis. It was during this time that Memphis stalled and Nashville took off. But... at last count, they was billions of dollars development and redevelopment about to be dropped on downtown Memphis. It made USA Today's top 5 places to visit this year and has made Frommer's top 19 for 2019 places in the world to visit for next. This idea for a Tivoli like park on Mud Island would just be a missing piece in the puzzle that Memphis is about to solve.
  11. Libertyland became a victim of King Willy and his corrupt ways. In Nashvegas, The Gaylords have lamented the decision to shutter Opryland numerous times in favor of a oulet mall that did live up to the hype. The flooded would have hurt it as well. Opryland Hotel is opening has opened it's indoor waterpark. Memphis has this golden spot in major need of a redo and it's called Mud Island. It could be the Tivoli Gardens of the USA with some effort. It has a world class setting, a wonderful but small amp that needs an expansion, a Mississippi River Museum that needs a major overhaul to modern standards and a picturesque working scale model of the Mississippi. What it needs: A world class aquarium to go along with the stellar Memphis Zoo as part of a Museum revamp. A Soaring type ride featuring a full length trip down the Mississippi would be the Cherry on Top. The northern end of the Island would be where the rides would be. It is compact and the rides designed accordingly. The crown jewels would be a 300plus foot Star Flyer, a bid wheel and a signature compact steel coaster and a classic woodie. I would make as many of the rides year round as possible so I would have a large structure that resemble classic carousel houses that woul hold a double deck carousel as it's centerpiece and 4 or five kiddie rides/coaster. Ot would have a cafe area, birthday/party rooms and a prize arcade. I would propose double decking the flat rides. Like a bumper car ride with a n air race above for example. These structures would be open air but the lower level enclosable to be heated. The structure themselves along with the Caroisel house would feature ornamental iron work like the kind found on 19th century paddlewheelers. Green and gold would be the colors like Tivoli. Black and Gold would be swell too. I would add a seasonal water fortress play area and a lazy River around it for the Summertime. There would be drew admission with ticket packages for rides and other attractions like the monorail ride, aquarium and Museum but the park like areas like the riverwalk would be free. I would develop a Christmas time lighting show complete with a European style Christmas Market on the South End of the Island. To help it become nearly year round. I would add an architecturally significant open air cover to the amp that did not onstruct the city skyline view. I would add a land bridge to to cross the harbor to Beale Street Landing and Beale Street. Memphis now has both bridges outfitted with impressive led lighting packages. There's the pyramid, the skyline, Beale, and the big ol river all right there. It's an ideal setting. It is between two major interstates, I-40 for east/west and I-55 for north/south and I-69 in the works. Tens of millions drive within eyesight of it every year.
  12. Euro trip: Definate: Disneyland Paris Europa Park Phantasialand Efteling Puy du Fou Port Aventura Maybe: Toverland Holiday Park Walibi Belgium and Holland Alton Towers Gardaland States: Very likely: Silver Dollar City Cali Oct: Knotts Berry Farm Disneyland Disney California Adventure Universal Hollywood HHN SFMM
  13. Natural lakes in the Ozarks are uncommon because of the karst limestone. Most permanent ponds and lakes are there because of man, this lake is no different. It may predate the theme park but I imagine it was made a year round natural feature by man. It can certainly be reshaped but I doubt it will done away with considering Fireman's LANDING would need renamed. If you have over noticed, they really draw the lake down during Old Time Christmas and the off season. Now, what would really excite me is if this posssible redo of area's footprint would allow for a new, modern tech version of the old Diving Bell attraction to come back to the lakefront and if this is a bigger version of Infinity Falls, the lift and drop are inside a mountain I still think the train maintenance area is a hindrance to opening up this area and if done some rerouting may news to be done. I have always hoped they would actually convert the area to an old, time period 1880's roundhouse with a turntable backstage area in plain view that would fit with the whole working city angle of the park.
  14. In other words, Spring 2020. Let the taller than Infinity Falls drop rumors start. Draining the lake certainly would open up expansion back toward Outlaw Run but I can't imagine the park being lakeless.
  15. Outlaw Run at night is amazing, all coasters are better at night. Expedition Everest is another that is nearly two different rides and for the better.
  16. That's exactly what I was trying to get across! Regardless, I do hope they do something like DW does for Halloween. It could be something new that could bring in a decent amount of locals during what would normally be a little bit of a slower time of year! I imagine they would keep the same type of schedule except for Fei, Sar and possible Sunday. It is during the school year and not too many schools around here give a fall break. That said last fri was a food day cause all the bikes in in ade NWA once a year and the locals flee, Fayetteville even closes school on the Fri of Bikes, Blues and BBQ, Branson is a refuge many head to.
  17. As I was saying, they would have no problem with starting pumpkin focused event like Dollywood. No one expects they to do haunts, the on thing that might target a small group die hard Salem Witch Trial types sparsely populated in the area. The Herschend family is biggest obstacle not the locals especially their big Season Pass bases in the region. The thing of it is with the newer led lighting many of the lights can color change and b used for this and Christmas,
  18. It would need to be a "Fall Festival" type thing, and not a "Halloween" thing. People in the area (the majority of the people who would be visiting the park during the fall) seriously freak out if you just mention Halloween because "That's the devils day." So I can't imagine a Halloween event would go over well at SDC. No they don't. What complete bull. Besides... we are not talking haunts and gore. it would certainly be modeled after what they have done at Dollywood. I.supposed they'd be in open rebellion against all the retailers, namely Walmart, that sell Halloween stuff too. This is a park that maintains a fictional graveyard outside of Fire in the Hole.
  19. Here's what I'm looking at. I'm not booking anything till 6 months out as availability usually opens up but if this place is looking to be open, this is an option for us regarding a long layover and EWR. Plenty of time to visit this place and hopefully get back to EWR
  20. Got my three nights booked at the New Kronosar Hotel in late June, hoping to get lucky and Rulantica opens early
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