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  1. A few years ago I was on Thunderbolt (Kennywood) and they dispatched the train without noticing it was raining and by the time we were at the bottom of the drop it felt like we were under a waterfall. It didn't hurt that much but the seats we're slippery so we were sliding around more than usual and the brakes barely stopped us in time at the end.
  2. If it was me I would leave it and reopen it in when the shopping center is built. If it's not it too bad of shape I think they could open it as an up-charge at the shopping center pretty quickly and cheaply.
  3. Phantom's Revenge by far is the loudest I've seen. You can here way before your anywhere near the park, Plus it echos on the hills and stuff.
  4. If that's right you wouldn't believe how happy I would be.
  5. I'm guessing it'll be a wing or a flyer and SFOT will be getting an indoor Premier Launch.
  6. I always imagined Cedar Point having a Schwarzkopf along the beach. Maybe it could replace Mean Streak along with a new GCI woodie.
  7. I wouldn't mind a superman clone but if it was custom.... that would be amazing
  8. I just noticed the other three rides at the bottom....... I am SOOOOO confused on what these are.
  9. Maybe you get shot up one tower and fall down another. Or maybe It's like those test your strength games where you hit a pad with a hammer and try to light the whole post up but instead of a small tower with lights it controls the height a drop tower launches you too.
  10. .....All the ride ops decide to text each other and leave you on the brake run for 15 minutes.
  11. Pleasant- Magnum- Amazing airtime and surprisingly smooth. Raptor- Amazingly intense and absolutely smooth throughout the whole ride. Maverick- Insanely intense and force filled ride. Definitely one of the best in the world. Unpleasent- Nitro- Absolutely no airtime and no intensity anywhere. Bizzaro (SFGAdv)- Rough, Force-less and I was stacked on the brake run for over 15 minutes! Wildcat (HP)- Rough and a boring layout.
  12. Once I had a dream I was in-line for MF and it turned into a penguin enclosure...... Still don't understand that one.
  13. I'm kind of imagining this as an experiment by GCI to test new concepts that might go wrong like X did and if it does GCI won't go out of business. So my guess is some type of experimental woodie concept.
  14. Well US thrill rides announced the two Poler Coasters, so they might say were their first project is going.
  15. Any Idea on what the announcement will be tomorrow? I'm guessing It'll be a woodie that dives into a ravine at Kennywood or a ride at a Cedar fair park.
  16. No way a woodie would overshadow a steel coaster like Irat. That's like saying building a GCI at CP will overshadow Raptor. Two completely different rides not even similar in anyway.
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