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  1. I have a feeling that they're gonna try and save some room for a future coaster and shrink Colossus's footprint.
  2. I don't think that the road would be much of an issue. If they need to get a crane in they can put it in the middle of the ride and the campground won't be in use anyway. Also, has anyone heard any announcement dates?
  3. I would imagine that CF would test out RMC by putting topper track on rides like Ghost Rider and Timber Wolf.
  4. I know but just look how much anticipation and excitement their was on the day of ThunderBirds announcement.
  5. The best part of Disaster Transport was the air conditioning, I'm not that sad to see it gone. Plus I've always seen Windseeker as the replacement for Space Spiral.
  6. I would have announced it around closing time of the park to let speculation grow, but I don't have a problem with it in the morning.
  7. I think that CF will eventually build an RMC, they have to have noticed that everyone of their rides have been some of the best in the world. They will probably start by have RMC putting topper track on Ghost Rider at Knotts first though. Also has anyone noticed that Mantis has been on the live web cam for the past 4-5 days? It's probably just to annoy us and start speculation but Maybe it is an actual hint to the Rougarou rumors.
  8. It probably won't happen next year but I am 96% certain that it will get Iron horsed soon-ish.
  9. I was thinking about next year and I think I came up with a plan that could very well happen. 1) Maxair gets Lebron James re-branding. I think that makes the most since of all the rides. 2) Mantis gets new trains and re-theme to Rougarou. 3) Mean streak gets Iron horsed. This is probably the least likely but I think it could happen. I know that they haven't opened an RMC yet but since CP plans their rides ahead 5-ish years they would have waited till NTG was finished than decide on Mean Streak. Also since they haven't started construction I think that they are waiting for Halloweekends to end because of that maze near that is pretty big. They also could keep construction going with out interrupting anything because its so out of the way.
  10. I have a theory on whats coming: It'll be a recreation of the original colossus but with RMC trains. That would mean thiers only one RMC project for 2015 and Evil Streak at CP will be the second one.
  11. The same can be said for Gemini at cedarpoint. Very rarely do I see it race anymore. Gemini actually races about 95 percent of the time. The only time it doesn't is when one side is just broken.
  12. I would be insanly happy if they just add topper track to both sides and restore it to its original form
  13. If it is Intamin it's pretty much guaranteed it would be I305. Intamin build MF style coasters anymore.
  14. From what I've seen Intamins will generally be more popular with the GP after a few years. For Example El Toro has more people riding it than Batman.
  15. Um... The other Day Gatekeeper, Raptor and Mantis were all closed. But the Intamins were open the whole time. Also I've always thought that Arrows were a little bit more reliable than B&M.
  16. Does anyone know if the standup is in good enough shape to ever be built and opened? If it is I could see that coming in a few years.
  17. I've been thinking, If B&M adds more off a snap to these elements and ejector to the Airhills this could definetly be a top 10 coaster. If not than it will probably be top 50.
  18. Two things: One, how do you know that? And two, If that layout is correct it sounds like a lot of opportunities for Intamin-esq maneuvers and quick transitions
  19. That doesn't mean Centurion's has to it could start higher up but again It will probably be a B&M unfortunately. Also if they keep it low to the ground hopefully it will have some I305 twisty bits.
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