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  1. Ok so it will probably be a B&M but its just the general outline of lift start footer. It could potentially be a I305 style coaster and the blue prints still could be faked by someone working at Carowinds.(I really want it to be an Intamin if you cant tell) Even if its a B&M I hope its not just a leviathan clone or something stupid like that.
  2. Are we even sure those Blue Prints are real? Before the recent B&M's CF built manly Intamins, and Before that, mostly arrows. I wouldn't be betting on that many more B&M's before some other company comes in.(Intamin, Gerstlauer, or RMC)
  3. Hopefully that means Carrowinds is an Intamin.( Where does Intamin manufacture their track anyway)
  4. Yes but that's not just because of the inversions on Flight Deck, it's the whole ride. Plus it got a repaint so some people might think its a new ride.
  5. When you think about it it really doesn't that much. Name one park where more people line up for the Vekoma boomerang than the GCI woodie.
  6. I don't get why people are defending SF, there is no reason that they shouldn't let a veteran wear a shirt raising that raises awareness and support for the military. Especially since they're in that country!!!!
  7. CP is the Coaster Capital of the world. In no way should it just be who has the most coasters, It should be who has the best coasters so CP can take that title until someone like Hershey Beats it.
  8. It was an amazing coaster originally. If they built a modern replica with the original first drop at SFFT they could put RMC topper Track on it from the start and it could last a lot longer.
  9. That is the stupidest list ever. Seriously?!?!? SFMM AND SFGAdv beating DisneyWorld for best theme park!??!?!? WHAT!?!?!? SF isn't the best at anything!!
  10. Quick question, is it even possible to not get ejector on the return?!?!? it's some of the most intense ejector of any coaster!
  11. Mean Streak's on the web came, again.... I have a feeling this time they're doing it to make fun of us.
  12. ya but Two B&M giga spines the exact same color, seems a little fishy to me.
  13. those look way to similar to Leviathan colors. Almost Identical I think. I don't believe that's from this year
  14. The fact that it was taken down is really suspicious to me.
  15. I think they could get it open by may if they start by the end of the month. Cedar Fair is generally quicker at construction than SF is.
  16. If it did get Iron Horsed there will be plenty of opportunities for airtime. It's basically clone of Texas Giant which now has a ton of airtime now. I still doubt it will happen though
  17. Right now whats worrying me is that fact that the Ferris wheel's Que appears to be fixed in place with out customization. Also I have a feeling that its just gonna be a few pre-built generic flats and buildings than Thrillville-esc coaster types.
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