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  1. I was thinking, Maybe Six Flags is buying some of the coaster's from here. Fiesta Texas could get Led Zeppelin and New England could get Maximum RPM.
  2. The GP really doesn't think that way. They all know that a smooth, amazing, top 50 ride is better than a rough boring ride. Even if they look the same they will ride it. After that they will realize it is better and be glad.
  3. I can see Cedar Fair replacing The SLC with an Invert soon, maybe next year even!
  4. I wouldn't count Magnum's trims as being Cedar Fair's fault. I'm pretty sure they were added when the up-stop pads were replaced with wheels, making the ride run faster than it should. Thus resulting in the need for trim brakes, I think.
  5. I don't know what it was but Skull Mountain had an amazing first drop. I cam flying out of that seat! (Not literally)
  6. I just want to say this: No matter were you go and ask people what's better Cedar Point or Six Flags, The Answer is Cedar Point every time.
  7. Best: ThunderBolt's last drop into the ravine Worst: Raptor's horrible snap onto the brake run.
  8. Here's my very, very, unlikely scenario for Cedar Point.(But I guess it Could be possible) 2015: Cedar Point reclaims Coaster Capital title by adding 4 new coasters (Not counting Pipe Scream) 1) Wonder Mountain's Guardian Style dark ride in the old Pirate ride building. 2) Good time theater is replaced with an S&S 4D Free Spin. 3) Premier Rides launch coaster like Sky Rocket near Shoot the Rapids. 4) New kiddie coaster near the front of the park. 2016) Mantis gets an upgrade along with surrounding area. Includes new floorless trains and Rougarou re-theme. TTD is also repainted. 2017) Upgrades to restaurants and Maverick Repaint. At the end of August Mean Streak closes. 2018) Mean Streak becomes Evil Streak. 2019) Corkscrew Closes and is replaced by a Chance Hyper-lite. 2020) Iron Dragon closes and is replaced by a GCI woodie
  9. If it has a Zac-Spin type layout I can see it fitting there (If it was torn down of course).
  10. It's probably a long shot but maybe this will replace the Good Time Theater at CP.
  11. I think it's better than tearing it down but I would have rather seen it stay and just get re-tracked.
  12. I can really see that happening soon especially with the mystery modifications being done to the third train.
  13. It really has nothing to do with size or age, It's just how your sitting.
  14. Lol I meant wait times and I don't find Magnum painful at all.
  15. A little bit off-topic but does anyone now if Magnum's third train is back together and on the track? I'm going for a few hours tomorrow and want to now what I should expect on it.
  16. Neon colors should be for a coaster called Happiness 325 not Fury 325
  17. Maybe It's a launched B&M sit-down and will use the neon blue with yellow track.
  18. I don't think Centurion/Fury 325 would have a neon color scheme. That just doesn't make sense, I've been imagining it being an orangy-brown or black.
  19. It's not excactly a drop but I still remember a ride on Thunderbolt where on the bump before the lift my knee's went slamming into the Buzz bars. That was some of the best airtime I ever got, and a pretty big bruise.
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