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  1. I loved LR when I rode it! I found it to have amazing airtime. It was a walk on all day so I rode it 4 times each side. I went a few days before Skyrush was announced so my favorite at the park was the actually the Comet. It had amazing airtime and was extremely smooth.
  2. I just looked at the Leviathan animation, It doesn't even show a thicker spine on the drop so that screen is probably a fake and made in NL2.
  3. I've only been on Mean Streak and Georgia Cyclone. Both were horrible but Mean Streak is almost somewhat smooth now.(Still chants "RMC! RMC! RMC!")
  4. Time Machine Confirmed again! obvious word "Time Machine" plus Cobra Roll picture = Confirmed!
  5. Did he really just take a picture!?!? That seems like a huge over reaction.
  6. Wait why? What was in the picture, People have been taking pictures for weeks now. Why Ban him?
  7. I don't find Mean Streak that rough either, but it is an extremely boring.(Chants "RMC RMC RMC")
  8. Isn't that "Time Machine" coaster going to get shipped to Vietnam with whatever Hard Rock/Freestyle park rides were left? I think that was just the mine train.
  9. Oh ok. Was it the one that had the same color as Leviathan?
  10. wasn't their a different color B&M Giga Spine that appeared though?
  11. Hope fully they drop the 325 on the name then. Also what color is this thing gonna be?
  12. The only part I find rough is its turnaround. It just feels like someone tried making a turn out of straight pieces of wood, wait they probably did
  13. I have a feeling we're gonna see a Premier launch coaster soon. Probably not next year though.
  14. I think I found what's coming next year! The Time Machine is being relocated! It makes perfect sense when you think about it. SF could get it for cheap and all the clues point to it. 120 feet is the exact height of the first loop and 95 is the height of the cobra roll!
  15. Are they really complaining about 20 minutes?!?! That's how long they were stacking trains on Bizzaro(SFGAdv) for!!
  16. Wait, Did power Tower get stuck? Also Mantis is still on the Webcam.
  17. How does all this stuff keep happening?!?!?! What is this the 5th freak accident this year?!?!
  18. My guess is a new Looping star ship, A Top Scan and a family one like a Monster or something.
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