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  1. So, besides Maverick and Valravn and now Steel Vengeance, which other two coasters at the park have first drops of 90 degrees or more?
  2. If you don't do water parks, Dorney Park is a good park to go to if you want to avoid standing in long lines without getting a front-of-the-line pass. That's pretty much the only reason I go there. Plus, Talon is actually quite good.
  3. I agree completely. I also thought the same kind of ride would have been an awesome replacement for Hang Time at Dorney Park instead of the lame bumper cars they got.
  4. Kings Dominion just posted this on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/kingsdominionva/photos/a.180141141874.131348.32237381874/10154644943276875/?type=3
  5. You need to get down to Jackson, NJ and ride Great Adventure's Houdini. It's much better than the one at SFNE.
  6. I don't know if they offer it just for a single day. I do know that if you have a season pass, you can get the all-season drink plan which enables you to get a beverage in a disposable cup instead of carrying your all-season souvenir bottle around.
  7. I live in New Brunswick, NJ and when I went to Kings Dominion a couple summers ago I also went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg the day before so taking US-13 down through the Delmarva peninsula wasn't really all that far out of my way, but it did avoid the DC traffic. When I went back home, I did go past DC but didn't hit a lot of traffic.
  8. My hotel is a couple blocks away from a Metro station, so I plan on taking the Metro to the island and using the shuttle from the Metro station to the entrance. I also plan on getting to the park before it opens.
  9. I've never once hit traffic on the NJ Turnpike. I guess I just have a golden horseshoe wedged in the hood of my Jetta. Yeah, you do. The Jersey Turnpike used to have a reputation as one of the most congested highways in America but it's generally much better now that the merge is gone (that was it's name... you could just say "the merge" to anyone in the tri-state area and everyone knew what merge you were talking about because it was so terrible). Up where it splits into the eastern and western spurs it's still a complete sh*tshow though. The merge isn't actually gone. It's just been relocated. It's now a little bit south of where the PA Turnpike Extension branches off.
  10. I can honestly say I have never gotten sick on any ride. I've gotten dizzy on quite a few rides, but never sick.
  11. I thought all man-made structures over a certain height had to have lights to warn aircraft.
  12. Most Cedar Fair parks also have a monthly installment plan you can use to spread the cost over about 6 months.
  13. ^ I agree completely. Whenever I travel, I try to spend no more than $100 a night on lodging.
  14. Why? Because it exists and I've never been to it. One of the things on my bucket list is to ride every non-shuttle, non-kiddie coaster in North America.
  15. Hey guys. I'm planning a visit to La Ronde for the last Thursday in June 2018. Should I budget for a Flash Pass?
  16. Hey guys. I'm planning a visit to Great Escape for the last Saturday in June 2018. Should I plan on budgeting for a GO FAST pass?
  17. When I went to Cedar Point in May of 2016, I stayed at the Super 8 Milan/Sandusky. The room was clean and the AC did not have any duct tape on it.
  18. Hey, I have that exact same shirt your SO was wearing!! Nice pics, by the way.
  19. So I went to Canada's Wonderland for the first time ever yesterday. I rode all the coasters except the kiddie coasters, the boomerang, and the powered "coaster". I only rode each of them once because my feet were killing me after walking around Niagara Falls during the day Saturday and standing through a two-hour concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls Saturday night. I got a score of about 232,000 and change when I rode Wonder Mountain's Guardian. I don't know how that compares to other people's scores, but I think I did pretty well. I got to ride Sledgehammer, and that was an interesting experience. I rode Behemoth before I rode Leviathan because I didn't want my ride on the latter to spoil my ride on the former. I have to say I prefer T3 at Kentucky Kingdom or The Great Nor'easter at Morey's Piers to the SLC at Canada's Wonderland. At least the restraints were padded, unlike Mind Eraser at SFNE before it got the new trains. All in all, I quite enjoyed my day at Canada's Wonderland.
  20. Not a waterpark person, but haven't seen any world's first waterpark stuff come out. I am kind of leaning towards the 2nd gen enterprise. I don't think they are getting a coaster so soon and I can't think of any other world first flats. If they would have said north american first, than there's a good list. I also think the 2nd gen enterprise concept videos looked like it was a good ride. I am a fan of the old Huss enterprises, so slight bias. Luna Park NYC already has a second generation Enterprise, so if it was that, it wouldn't be a "world's first".
  21. Rather than pay extra for a gym membership, I just walk around Dorney when I want a workout.
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