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  1. I thought Vekoma's new coasters were supposed to be quite smooth compared to their older hang-and-bang ones.
  2. Most venues will allow you to return your ticket for a refund once the event has been rescheduled since they realize you may not be able to attend the new date.
  3. My first Bayern Curve was the one at Kennywood. It's an interesting ride, to say the least.
  4. I really hope we don't still have a face-covering mandate by then. I can barely stand wearing a mask for more than a few moments, which is why haven't been to any amusement parks since this whole mess started. It's also why I do all my grocery shopping online with curbside pick-up.
  5. I wonder how well wearing a face mask on Thunder Canyon would work, since it's guaranteed to get you completely soaked. I'm pretty sure the masks aren't as effective when they're soaked.
  6. It's funny. I tend to have a very low pain threshold, yet all these coasters that people say are very painful I have never felt any pain from. The only coasters I've actually felt pain from were Green Lantern at Great Adventure and Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England. I actually rode T3 a few times when I went to Kentucky Kingdom a few years ago and quite enjoyed it.
  7. My parents one time had the dubious pleasure of having a couple of monkeys doing the nasty on top of their car.
  8. I really hope the facemask requirement is just temporary. Otherwise I'll never be able to set foot in an amusement park again since I can't stand wearing them.
  9. Cedar Fair actually retooled the logo that was going to be used for Cedar Point's Banshee/Mantis and used it for Dorney Park's Steel Force.
  10. I completely agree. Eventually, people just need to take individual responsibility and not rely on the park to protect them. Just as it has always been before this virus came around. Frequently wash your hands, don't touch your face, and watch how your actions affect others. If someone has health issues or is high-risk for the virus, or any virus, then they shouldn't go! If somebody isn't comfortable going for ANY reason, then they shouldn't go! There is ALWAYS a risk with going out in public, and there always will be, and I hope people will eventually assess their individual situations and decide what they should and shouldn't do and not rely on the park to place them in a bubble and protect them. But like you said, given our sue-happy society, I can see somebody catching the sickness and suing the park for "not doing enough to protect them."
  11. Luna Park NYC is looking for artists to enter a contest to determine the artwork on the front of Cyclone's train. See their Facebook post below.
  12. My state doesn't trust 16-yr-olds to operate motor vehicles, unless they live on a farm and get a special permit that allows them to drive within the boundaries of the farm.
  13. I will be making my first trip to Holiday World at the end of August. How do their Flyers compare to the ones at Knoebels? I'm going to assume they're not as good as the ones at Knoebels since I've yet to ride a set that are. I am hoping they're better than the ones at Dorney Park, though.
  14. All Wildcat needs is re-tracking. Also, I believe every park should have a wild mouse coaster.
  15. I rode Time Warp and didn't find it to be any more painful than Soarin' Eagle at Luna Park in NYC. I actually enjoy Volares.
  16. It has become a rough ride. They should just do a Cedar Fair style RMC, which is one where they keep as much track as possible. Especially b/c they already have a classic out and back woodie and a racing twister coaster. I beg to differ. In my opinion, Wildcat is not unbearably rough. I think all it needs is a re-tracking.
  17. If you think Steel Force was good in the back, wait till you ride it in the front. The front row is the only place I ride Steel Force.
  18. When they install this new log flume, are they going to take out the lame one across the road from Cyclone?
  19. When you say they only allow you to use Flash Pass once on those rides, do you mean once for each time you join the virtual queue or once for the entire day?
  20. Considering they posted about it on their Facebook page, I hardly think it's a secret.
  21. I wonder if Carowinds has any rides in both North and South Carolina.
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