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  1. If the insects in question are fuzzy, they're bees. If not, they're yellowjackets, a type of wasp.
  2. Ugh... This looks to be a Christian rock concert. When I used to work at Darien Lake we had Kingdom Bound (3 day Christian concert) and it was the worst week of the year. We actually got called in early (lifeguards) to stand guard over the wave pool at 9am while they did baptisms. That water was so vile without the waves on to break up the clouds of hair/weaves/band-aids/hair gel...I felt disgusted watching them dip their heads in. The amount of teens busted for shoplifting and trying to hook up was crazy, security always dreaded that week. The best part was the park had to cover all the signage for Viper due to complaints from the event organizers about "serpents" in the park. They put a temporary sign out front and changed the name of the ride, it was ridiculous. Guess I'd rather just deal with the crowds on a busier Halloweekends night than deal with the Christian rock crowd. Must be a weird kind of Christian that has a problem with snakes. I'm a Christian and have no problems at all with snakes.
  3. Even Knoebels has attendants in the parking lot, and they don't even charge for parking.
  4. ^ I don't do any of that stuff. I stay nice and warm inside my apartment.
  5. Chance ships are excellent. They put the other ones to shame. I almost never bother with pirate ships but I make an exception when I see a SeaDragon, Pharaoh's Fury or other Chance model (like the one in Wildwood). Is the one at Great Adventure a Chance model?
  6. I hope there's a stand next to it selling umbrellas to protect spectators from all the vomit that's sure to be flying off it.
  7. Judging by his coaster count, it might be because he doesn't like steel coasters. Turns out I had the wood and steel counts reversed. That launch scares the bejesus out of me.
  8. ^ El Toro is different from most other woodies because the track was laser cut in a factory before being assembled on site. I've never ridden Kingda Ka, but I've seen other people on this site say it's only a front seat ride.
  9. So I take it this lady never takes her family to the beach? Never to swim parties at the YMCA (Young Man Christian Association)? I guess the never go to church pool parties? Sent from my MHA-L29 using Tapatalk There's a Christian summer camp not too far from where I live, and they prohibit two-piece swimsuits for females in their pool. They also require that shorts and skirts reach the fingertips when the person is standing with their arms at their side.
  10. Verbolten was easily my favorite coaster at the park when I went the year they added Tempesto.
  11. I don't know about regular Quick Queue, but when I went the year they added Tempesto, I got Quick Queue Unlimited, and it was absolutely worth it.
  12. And the kiosks can't get your order wrong and then give you attitude when you tell them it's wrong. However, the person who prepares your order could still get it wrong. I've had it happen at Dunkin' Donuts when I send the order through the mobile app and they still get it wrong.
  13. ^ If you think Steel Force was amazing in the back, wait till you ride in the front.
  14. I remember going to Great Adventure last summer early in the season when it was a chilly day and I was able to ride Batman 4 times in a row without even changing seats. It's too bad Dorney Park makes you get out of your seat even when nobody is waiting for your row.
  15. Why is there a need to compare Twisted Timbers and Steel Vengence? They're both RMCs opening in 2018 yes but there is no point in letting a larger faster longer coaster overshadow another one. I'm not going to ride Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens and be bummed that it's not Intimidator 305 or El Toro. If you constantly think about how much better coaster x is than other coasters it makes the hobby a lot less fun for you. Just ride coasters and have fun. This!!! So much this!!!!
  16. ^ I have a size 44 waist, and I had no problems fitting into any of the restraints at Kings Dominion.
  17. Anyone who's been on an RMC coaster knows that OTSR's are not necessary.
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