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  1. I'm planning on going to Kennywood for my first time next week. I have Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday available. Which would be the best day to go in regards to lines?
  2. Unless this has changed since early June, you can. I used the Bring-A-Friend free deal with my bro-in-law and then added him to my flash pass for free same day. Thanks a bunch! Would you recommend going to the park to buy a Flash Pass or buy it online early? I would wait and see what crowds are like as you may not need it. Other than opening day (a Saturday) and Coaster After Dark (a Friday night) I have gone a bunch on Sundays this year. Saturdays are most crowded so I try to avoid but I work Mon-Fri so Sunday is mostly my only other option to get up there. The day I mentioned w/ my bro-in-law was a Sunday (June 1st)- we got in early, got a bunch of rides with no lines and then by 11:30am everywhere we went was packed. Waited in a few 20-30 minute lines (that got longer with each ride) and caved and got the flash pass. Rest of the day was awesome. HOWEVER, I was there Sunday June 29th and we got a nice full day of rides in with varying wait times, but nothing over 30 minutes. Most were 10-15. We never bothered getting a FP and we spent the entire day at the park and rode everything we wanted at least once, some 2-3 times. So I'd wait and see what its like. No sense in spending $ you dont have to. I went on June 28 with a couple friends. I had bought a voucher for a 2-person Flash Pass online and planned on adding the third person for free at the park. Turns out I wasn't able to do so since it wouldn't cost anything. Luckily they refunded my original purchase and let me buy another Flash Pass for two and added the third person for free.
  3. I just read a pretty good blog post about the new rule at Great Adventure about cell phones and cameras needing to be in buttoned or zippered pockets. www.themeparkmaniacs.com/schedule/2014/july/070714.html
  4. I just got in from my 7th trip to Great Adventure this season. The fireworks were amazing. The parking lot afterwards was a nightmare. I got to my car about 10:40 PM or so. I didn't get onto the road until about midnight.
  5. If you have a season pass or a membership, you can get in 10 minutes before park opens.
  6. I plan on going to GAdv on Saturday for the fireworks. Where are they launched from?
  7. I have to work on the third, so I can't go, but I might be there on the fourth and will definitely be there on the fifth. I won't be riding Zumanjaro, tho. I'm not a fan of drop towers.
  8. I was there today. I'm not exactly sure how the lines for all the rides were since I always get Gold Flash Pass, but at one point I queued up Green Lantern and the time it gave was an hour away. That meant the line was about 2 hours.
  9. I was in pain after I rode Green Lantern. It's the only coaster I've ridden at GAdv that I will never ride again.
  10. I was at Great Adventure yesterday and must have ridden El Toro at least 3 or 4 times. My final time was after dark as my last ride of the day. That ride is awesome in the dark.
  11. Thanks for letting me know about the parade. I wasn't even aware such a parade existed. I've rescheduled my trip for another weekend.
  12. According to the page linked below, they plan on having Zumanjaro open by July 4. https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/special-events/celebration/july-4th-fest?utm_source=park-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SFGAd&utm_content=2014-06-18
  13. I'm going to the NY Aquarium on Saturday and I plan on riding Cyclone after I leave the aquarium. How is the line for Cyclone on a Saturday evening?
  14. I've only ever seen it in pictures. I don't even know where in the park it is or if it is still actually standing.
  15. I just got back from my third weekend in a row at Great Adventure and they were running Kingda Ka all day instead of just in the afternoon and evening like previous weekends. On a different note, it seemed like El Toro was running quite fast today. It was making my eyes water, which it never did before.
  16. I've been to Great Adventure three times so far this season, and the only day they were running both sides of SkyRide was opening day. When I was there on the first and 7th of June, only one side was running.
  17. The last couple times I've ridden Skull Mountain I've gotten an intense spell of dizziness at the end where the strobe light is. I was wondering if it's affected anyone else the same way.
  18. I'm pretty sure. I would recommend contacting Six Flags to make sure before you plan on going to any other park.
  19. Unfortunately, you need to get your pass processed at your home park before you can use it at any other Six Flags park.
  20. I was at SFGAdv this past Sunday and it was very crowded. I am very glad I splurged for a Gold Flash Pass. It was my first time going since I got over my fear of "big" roller coasters and I wanted to ride them all except Kingda Ka.
  21. Hello, I'm Dave. I live in NJ and I've just recently gotten into roller coasters. Part of what helped me conquer my fear of coasters was seeing a little girl like Robb Alvey's daughter riding "big" coasters. I figured if a young girl like her can ride them, so can a guy in his 30s like me. I frequent both Dorney Park and Six Flags: Great Adventure.
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