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  1. If that will be the final out come of the facade, then DANG! That is going to look really nice in that area and bring in some much needed love!
  2. I prefer on all types to sit back and let the ride take control of me. If it is to rough, then I hold on, otherwise I relax, and have fun!
  3. This most likely has been mentioned, but do you think they will make the entrance to this more prominent?
  4. Super stoked about this! I wonder if they will announce anything else? Didn't use the #cp2015 for the soft release.
  5. I bet they are playing with us. I don't think they will name it King James.
  6. Well don't count me as one of those people. A big expansion will eventually happen, this is a great park that can successfully grow. Time will deliver. I am super excited to see an expansion to the water park! That is big for me!
  7. The funny thing is: they said that they would change a name of a coaster, but nothing about naming the coaster after king James.
  8. I am starting to get sick and tired of reading all of the complaints about these parks that put something new in. No matter what no one (as it seems) is happy. If you all hate the addition so much, build your own amusement park, with exactly what you want. I for one love this addition. Would it be could to see a large addition, sure. However, we got a much needed addition and it looks awesome!!
  9. So true, that is why I look at these for entertainment only. I trust my gut more then anything.
  10. For a normal day at the park: Diamondback in one day rode 97 times. Most rides in a row: Raptor (cp) 12 times in a row.
  11. Ok, if those water slide packages are what they get, I will have to make a trip north. It maybe the first time I want to head to a water park for something new.
  12. I have not been on flying turns, but could the historical factor play into the decision vs. Gringotts?
  13. I agree Diamondback is a great coaster, and for everyone that is complaining: a great coaster does not need to be forceful but simply a blast!
  14. As an over all experience, even through Cedar Point has over ratted coaster, I personally don't find myself getting bored as easily compared to other parks I have been to. I have never been to Knoebels, or Europa-Park, but from what I hear they seem to offer an outstanding over all experience. I don't think coasters are the only play on this award.
  15. Nice! May have to go tomorrow! Also I notice you were a sup at Thunder Canyon, how is it working rides at CP?
  16. anyone have any ideas what tomorrow will bring in for crowds? School is back in session, crowds will be light or heavy?
  17. I am tired of the "ain't Rob" stuff I hear at amusement parks. Why is there so many negative comments out there? It pisses me off!!
  18. Recently I had the privilege to ride Gemini durning a lighting storm. We were the last dispatch before closing! I think I am the only one that loved it!
  19. ^that is a good point. I have been to then and they are awesome. I managed to make it to a fright fest, but did not want to pay the up charge to go I to the hunted attractions.
  20. This Sunday I will finally get to go to Sticker's Grove in Ohio!
  21. That is sad they close the park early, however I can understand it. If no one is there, then why waste that money. In terms of the new ride, do you think that it will be the same ride just re-themed or a completely new ride?
  22. Awesome!! Lol Edit: Tony Clark knows how to mess with is good. I still think that a dark ride is coming, along with a name change to mantis (not guessing on if it will be floorless or not)
  23. Anyone see Tony Clark's tweet today? "There be a tweetup coming this afterrrnoon. Not sherrr why I'm typing like a pirrate." And "Afraid of the dark. #CP2015 RT @spp138: @TonyClarkCP Hey Tony how would you feel about giving away small, vague 2015 clues at #tweetups? 7:02pm - 31 Jul 14" Interesting.
  24. Cedar point is quick to repair that. Also here is a pic of the cable that broke: Bad photo, but the cable is missing.
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