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  1. Opps, I mixed those up. I did think that it was mentioned somewhere that the Cadillac would not be returning, but the Turnpike is not returning. Got it thank you guys!
  2. I have a quick question: Tony stated that Cadillac Cars were not returning, but did not mention Turnpike. Is turnpike leaving or not?
  3. You know you're arguing with something who spent 3 years operating Mean Streak right? Just because it's not in the top 10 doesn't mean it doesn't put up solid numbers. I kinda figured there was a personal bias in the argument. We have very different definitions of 'solid'. RIde_On_17 -- what an amazing post! Ok, I want to add my own two cents to this. There are times when the ride has a long line, I am not going to disagree with that. However when you look at the those long lines, it happens to be when the park is very busy, maybe even at 100%. Such events are, 4th of July, memorial day weekend, some august days, Halloween. I don't have the stats on hand, but if I was to say without knowing Mean Streak and Mantis have about the same ridership. Meaning that they had days with long lines, but both were almost always hop ons. As an example: Maverick wait is about 2 hours, Mean Streak was only 10 minutes. Milli was 2.5 hours, Mantis was only 15mins. Yes they are not the number one coasters, but when the park is that busy and they still have less then half hour waits, then there is a problem. Personally, Mean Streak is just stuck in the back, it does not have the power as it use to, it is more painful, not that thrilling and to me, something needs to change back there. I am sure something will happen soon, as the main focus has been the front of the park. Unfortunately for Mean Streak is it stuck back there in a bad position in the first place.
  4. After seeing that video, I have new hopes for Mean Streak! That was incredible! Huge props on this video. I guess we we will have to see if something like this happens, all in good time!
  5. Amen! Thank you for posting that! I don't understand people that comment negatively on that ride!!
  6. When not at a park you spend time on Instagram looking at RCT photos or roller coaster photos or even the 15 second pov....for hours on end!!
  7. Ok, not going to lie: this is by far one of the coolest things ever!! Thank you so much Rob!!
  8. So I have to ask, when I rode this ride 7 years ago, I enjoyed it, it was rough but not as bad as some are taking it be now. Has it gone to hell in the last 7 years? From all of the post and excitement around it closing, it left me wondering.
  9. HOLY CRAP! That is bigger news then the ride (for me)! I am super excited to see the place theatre get revamped!!
  10. thank you for sharing these photos! That is simply awesome! The reuse of this building is incredible to see. The second photo is that the path from Scooby still? Yes. Before the new concrete was in, the old Scooby path was filled almost completely with dirt. Even the existing concrete was very uneven and unsuitable for the new ride, so they've actually done a lot in the past month. I would say they have done a crazy amount of work in the past month knowing that!! Thank you!!
  11. Did anyone do the Santa Hustle this weekend? If so, how was it? (sorry for the double post, my computer wigged out and I can't seem to figure out how to delete a post)
  12. Did anyone do the Santa Hustle this weekend? If so, how was it?
  13. thank you for sharing these photos! That is simply awesome! The reuse of this building is incredible to see. The second photo is that the path from Scooby still?
  14. Ok how does one get into this event? I would love to goto IAAPA 2015!!
  15. For some reason I also see Iron Dragon going before Corkscrew. I agree with that. First off corkscrew is way to iconic for that park, second it takes up such a small footprint that if they took it out they would not have many choices to replace it with. Iron dragon I could see going. I see CCMR leaving first and being replaced with a similar ride. However I pray that NInja at SFSTL leaves next! Hate that ride.
  16. Nice! Thank you for sharing. Then I would have to say that it is harder to snap like that. I only had one great day, when it was extremely wind and was able to rotate my car 180.
  17. Anyone have an excellent video of snapping? I want to compare what is strong and what I have done, maybe it is harder to get strong snaps.
  18. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that I have snapped really good at cedar point, but never had it shut down on me. I may just need to snap better!
  19. Unless they turn Mean Streak into a hybrid coaster, they would probably remove it than build a new coaster there. That is a very strong idea. Knowing the popularity of hybrids right now, getting in that market will not only bring something new (possibly some records to market) but a new life to the coaster. If this does not happen, then I have to agree that we are close to seeing it on the way out. Close could mean 5 years. I don't think we will see MS get to 35.
  20. I have a strong feeling that the next big project had to do with frontier town/mean streak. It that is not the big project, then I only can think of using an area by raptor (small) or using the beach more. Just some simple ideas
  21. This is true. However it is not a coaster where you experience a 500' drop or speed. It a coaster that is built up instead of out. Cedar point was not the First 400' coaster, they were the first 400' full Circuit coaster. I still think that 500' needs to be broke where you at least feel the speed. I don't know, but I do think it was said perfectly that whatever it is, is something we won't know. I do believe Cedar Point has something huge planed, they already have plans for their 150, what it is will be the game for awhile.
  22. First: Banshee, Kings Island Last (as of right now): Beast, Kings Island If I make it to SFSTL then it will be the BOSS
  23. If I'm not mistaken they repainted the station. I am assuming everything will be happening under the current station. Why go from above when there is so much room under the stations currently to just hoist up and install from there. The track won't change, only maybe brakes, sensors, different mechanisms for locking and unlocking the harnesses, etc. If we see any changes to the station, I hope for a bigger/longer station. However I am in agreement that we won't see anything change in size, other then the new roof and paint.
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