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  1. I have to agree wight he restraints. They are not the best at all, in fact I do find myself getting beat up a bit from them. However I will suffer and take those over OTSR! Side note: why is it the Fire Hawk crew always takes forever to load and unload!?
  2. Adventure Express at Kings Island! Finally got to ride it at night and it was AWESOME!! HAHA I love that ride even more now at night!
  3. I hope everyone has a blast at this one! I really wish I would be able to get off for work, but that is not possible in my profession!
  4. Yea that park photos. I checked KI, I will continue to see what develops.
  5. Question: where do we find all of the photos they took at Kings Island?
  6. By the way: I looked at where Team TPR stands in all of the parks. We are second in only ValleyFair and Michigan's adventure!! That is incredible!!
  7. Robb- will this deal go all the way to Saturday night?? Also I wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone who recently donated! I am still in awe and could not thank you enough!! Formal thank you(s) and match donation to happen soon! Daniel Sukup
  8. Yesterday I received a large donation! I was in utter shock! I love you all so much! I just wish financially I could do that! I am so proud to be apart of this! Less then a week!! Thank you all that have help is raise over $30000!!! Simply incredible!!
  9. We went yesterday. Everything was walk on except for Firehawk at 10 minutes and Flight of Fear at 20 minutes. We even walked on front seat of Banshee. Nice! Can't wait! I am trying to hit up KI many times!!
  10. I will be donating to peeps tomorrow! Gots to get some people to $75
  11. ^that is extremely funny! I am pleased to see that Miley Cyrus is not supporting. I won't have to see here there!
  12. Since school in Ohio does not get out till June. Would week days be perfect to go still??
  13. ^that is sad to hear. When the air conditioner broke in 2012, we all came up with this back story about Mr. freeze not working playing on the fact the ac was gone.
  14. As far as malt liquor goes, 211 isn't abysmal. It's certainly bad, but I'd absolutely take it over something like King Cobra or St. Ides, both of which are absolutely hideous. Oh I 100% agree with you. The taste of 211 was not abysmal at all, but it is bad. In terms of having it over a King Cobra or a St. Ides that is a given. I can't stand them either. I would even state that I would rather have a 211 rather then any bud. Can't stand bud.
  15. Was in a great mode, so I turned on "Life is a Rock" - Reunion.
  16. ^incredible! I am just in awe! The biggest thing for me is that this is just TPR! I can't wait to here the grand total for TPR and all the participants! This is just amazing news!!
  17. Just curious, do they have signs up to warn people about that? Some people may not realize that non-riders can/will get wet.
  18. Anyone have answers so why they removed diamondback from ERT?
  19. It would be very interesting to see what RMC could do to The Beast. I just don't know if it would be "ethical" to do so. It is such a classic. I am starting to believe that other parks are not making the "world's longest wooden coaster" not because of money, but because of The Beast being such a legend. I would love to see RMC come to KI do their thing and continue the story line that is slowly developing with The Beast, SOB, and Banshee. I really hope that KI does a full out story line for these rides. I don't know but it would be really interesting for them to do so. I am loving Nickelodeon right now because they are starting to do "backstories" to a few of their shows by bringing in past shows to make the back story extremely deep.
  20. This is the main reason I don't watch the show. I am sick of "reality" shows. This is why the focus on the people rather then the coaster. The people will say anything to have their "5 minutes" of fame! I will stick to my own thoughts and youtube videos. I just wish there was a tv show that features the coaster a lot more then the people.
  21. I just saw this elevator everyone is talking about. I really like it. Over I, after seeing these images of the midway, super excited to see the changes. Love the new food options. As for Tony being funny or not on that twitter picture I am praying for a new, world record breaker, smoothest, paving of a parking lot ever!! Lol. I can only imagine that marking is for Matintance.
  22. ^^thanks for the deadline info. I can't believe that we possible have the biggest year of participants ever!! That is simply amazing!!! Also to add to the excitement we have raised almost $7500!! Incredible!!!!
  23. Exactly. They stay home and voice their opinion through Yotube comments on POV's. So much truth to that! I feel that every roller coaster and flat ride out there has had "someone die" on the ride, according to the YouTube comments! Glad I can trust them!
  24. The area will look even nicer when everything is done. The facades in the area are going to be redone and some of the old barrels will be added to the area. With the ride being done the work on the area should begin soon. That is exciting to hear. Can't wait. When is projected opening??
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