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  1. Question: I keep hearing that river king mine ride was a stand up at one point? Is that correct or was it replaced completely by river king mine ride?? I agree it takes up way to much space.
  2. When I was working at Six Flags St. Louis in the summer of 2012, hurricane Isaac made landfall and made it to St. Louis (post tropical storm at that point). The day before it hit STL, Six Flags decided to close early that day at 4pm instead of 10pm. I got called into work and it was quite an interesting day. The first two hours of working Mr. Freeze we had a total count of 67 riders. Also that day tornadoes were touching down left and right (nothing serious EF0s, many would touch down and lift up, hardly any damage). SFSTL was in the tornado warnings and we had to keep shutting down the ride every time (we were told to keep the people there for safety.) I want to say it happened roughly 3 times. It was honestly quite funny because the warnings were lasting 2-3 minutes, sometimes the siren would start after the fact and cut short. (that is how fast these tornadoes were touching down) and then we would be clear and open the ride. I want to say final attendance was less then 3,000 for the day.
  3. If I get rich, I will build an amusement park in South Dakota! And Hawaii and Alaska too, please? Yes!! I will expand my branch to Hawaii an Alaska!
  4. I would argue against this. A small amusement park in Omaha, sure. But the population of the Midwest is focused on the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. For this reason there will not be a major park west of Kansas City and east of Denver. Quite simply there's no one around to use it. Besides, you can always go to Kansas City, about three hours from Omaha. I'm about the same distance south of KC, very doable trip. I've actually driven all the way to Omaha and back in a day for a concert, about 10 hours total. So eastern Nebraska is pretty well served by Worlds of Fun alone, not to mention Adventureland is not that much farther. You make a great point on that. Thinking about population there is nothing west of Omaha to Denver and nothing north of Sioux City. I did not think about that most population in upper midwest is in Missouri and eastern Iowa. I would retract my statement and state that I would love to see Adventure Land expand a little more. The drive to KC is nothing. I goto school in STL and have to drive to Omaha a few times a year and it is not bad at all. If I get rich, I will build an amusement park in South Dakota!
  5. I am going to keep it simple: Worlds of Fun needs a big attraction that changes the skyline for the park. WindSeeker will be a nice addition, but I would like to see a 150-200 foot coaster added.
  6. I think I have given up on that wheel! I am hoping the bring back the golden tickets. It could be that they are offering a discount on donuts anyways that they took off the scratch card till the promotion is over. Thought?
  7. Yep just checked and have no elf issues. Are there any tricks to the wheel??
  8. I really do think they will keep an upward trend to the park. As it is one of the original six flags parks, they have been trying to bring it some new life!
  9. Crap, I guess I will still have to keep trying. I am at 70,000 right now. At least we have till Janurary 7th
  10. I have not had any problems yet with them. I will pay attention. I just let them go and don't pay attention, I will have to start now. Sorry for the double post, trying to figure out tapatalk app.
  11. This game is so addicting. Question: has anyone had good luck getting all of the wheel items??
  12. It had become expensive to maintain. Closing it was the best thing to do. Keeping it SBNO for so long was the problem, but thankfully SFStL has finally taken care of that and that area of the park will look awesome in 2014! As far as what will happen to it, I would say its safe to assume most of it will be scrapped and a few of the Barrels may be kept for Fright Fest Props. I'd like to see SFStL do a Past attractions Graveyard for Fright Fest like SFGAm does. I agree, SFSTL has really made this area look really nice. I am pleased with the changes. Look forward for more park updates like this.
  13. My luck would be that I would die after I bought this pass from a heart attack!
  14. Let the rumors start for 2015! I really loved this video! I am so happy Tony Clark came back.
  15. It has been 6 years already? Wow! I lost track of time! I agree with you! We need to have some sort of family coaster, if not two. However I guess we can wish for it for 2015, it seems as if they are trying to add more family attractions in years past. I would love to see then fix their parking lot, make it more inviting then it is. The ticket both and parking lot are a little dated.
  16. I keep hearing that El Torro is absolutely amazing! I need to save some money and make a trip to New Jersey!!
  17. You might be a coaster need if... When driving down the interstate you have this undieing feeling that a roller coaster is about to appear above the horizon. Or if you drive down the highway just to see a rollercoaser Interesting, if I know I won't be able (for some reason) to ride a coaster, I will rather not see it at all. I feel it would be a bit masochist (for me) to pass by a coaster I won't be riding very soon. You have a good point, every time I see a coaster on the interstate I have this urge to pull over and find a way to ride it! I would be late for everything.
  18. You might be a coaster need if... When driving down the interstate you have this undieing feeling to remove your car's roof so You can feel the air rushing at 70+ mph with hands up!
  19. Well being from eastern Nebraska and having no major amusement park that is close enough, I would say Nebraska/western Midwest needs a major park bad.
  20. That ride is just awesome. When it won the 2009 Golden Ticket, I was shocked that it beat Diamondback, however I got the chance to ride it and it packs a very good punch!
  21. Drop Towers are the best, but also scary the crap out of me. It is something about the "random" drop time that get there nerves going. I am really looking forward to BGA's addition with Falcon's Fury! The fact that you are going 300 feet high, and then being tilted 90 degrees, then dropping looking straight at the ground. That is going to be freaky.
  22. I can never just narrow it down to one, but here are my top three: Prowler at Worlds of Fun, Millennium Force - Cedar Point, I love Mr. Freeze at SFSTL, plus it has a special spot for me when I operated it for a summer, but Wicked Twister wins top three. Prowler - Worlds of Fun Millennium Force - Cedar Point Wicked Twister
  23. Yea for first post! Last roller coaster I rode was Sliver Bullet at Knotts Berry Farm over thanksgiving.
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