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  1. Mamba - worlds of fun - final brake run has always been a fast stop. Also (as mentioned before) flight of fear at KI.
  2. Sorry to be off topic. You all are big help when I plan to go to cedar point! Tomorrow there is a 60% chance for rain. Should I risk it and go, or not? How do you think crowds will react to this?
  3. I was reading somewhere that if MF was built today it would cost 32-35 million!
  4. I am very surprised by this addition to HW! As a family thrill rides this will be a huge success. It will be an extremely fun ride. Majority of my favorite rides are not "forceful" but are simply fun. This one seems it could do the trick as being a fun coaster.
  5. If this were to happen that would be insane. I have been read this forum for some time. Some of the ideas are crazy, but would be awesome. We will have to see what happens tomorrow.
  6. That looks really good. The double inversions look awesome. I always thought the pretzel loop was one of the most intense features to experience on any coaster -- I have always been confused why they only put one in the layout. I understand the importance of pacing, but on a ride like Tatsu you could have one early and late in the layout. In any event, this shows that flyers can be more intense. I still don't think Holiday World will go this way with their coaster. I got to agree that made me rethink flyers. I have never had good experiences on them , however that looks amazing. Something like this needs to comes to the states!!
  7. I could not find a non musical thread but I wanted to share: If you live in Chillicothe, Ohio area or traveling through, come see Tecumseh! The epic outdoor drama! I am in it and would love to meet some TPR members!!
  8. I feel that this would be an amazing idea. if there was some what to insure that the paper did not get destroyed. Then again the guest should know you can't board an airplane with out your paper ticket, the same with the roller coaster.
  9. At Cedar Point: Matterhorn most other parks: any flat ride the spins.
  10. You have a great point! It amazing me how much buzz this has created! The best thing in the world: it was free! I am starting to wish that I go a marketing degree!
  11. I have been thinking about this since the question has been brought up. Here are my thoughts: 1) weather 2) family deciding to take one big family trip to somewhere "special" that has everything. From resorts, night life, show, rides. Something like Florida. 3) the additions this year were great, but Cedar Point may be fighting against universal right now with the addition of Harry Potter. It may be a stretch to say that but if I was a family and had to choose, frankly I would say Universal vs. CP this year. Hopefully this summer picked up for them. Does anybody know how low percentage it is down?
  12. To place my thoughts into this 2015 debate. As much as I would like to see a new amazing roller coaster that breaks all records or offers something very special. I have to think the way that the article was worded would point to something big but not a large scale coaster. Maybe a small foot print or a state of the art dark ride. When they used the word teenagers that took it away from the large coaster factor for me. Just my thought. I would like to see something special and unique.
  13. This. Even though I don't pay much attention to rain policy, this is hilarious. On another note, remember this video? Considering all the hate Gatekeeper gets, I figured that you'll like this video of its often-ignored predecessor. This has been here before, but it's a great video. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] This video was really cool, never seen it before. Thank you for reposting it! I do miss that ride. I hope that we can get another observation tower ride. I know some consider Windseeker one, but I would love to see a true observation tower..maybe a 400' one with a restaurant at the top:)
  14. That's pretty annoying. They do this at Portaventura (one of the only parks I've been to where they do) and I find it quite frustrating as there doesn't seem to be a big difference in terms of dispatch times. This is m biggest argument against amusement parks. We paid X amount of dollars to get to the park, let us choose our seat. I like how they are trying to keep the station clear, but common I should get to choose my seat!!
  15. That stinks that they retired the old cameras. Sometimes the live feeds don't work for me! Oh well, out with the old, in with the new!
  16. You bring up some great points! I told my boss when I worked there, at the end of the year, that I feel there needs to be some tlc to the park and parking lot! This is what turns me away from the park. The lack of love. Why so much blacktop??
  17. ^thanks. I will have to do that. Planing an impromptu trip tomorrow up there. Hoping for best but at least it will give me time to explore fully the park and try the new places.
  18. with tomorrow being the Coasting for Kids event, the temperature being around 70-75, do you think that tomorrow will be horribly crowed or moderate?
  19. I was with Cedar Point News when he took this picture, so I can confirm that there are many markings like this in that area. They are all around the Point Pavilion, Raptor's exit, and the area near Raptor's photo booth and restrooms. They seem pretty frequent and spread out for just typical maintenance, but I guess only time will tell if these markings turn out to be something more. Let the speculation begin. I don't know what to "hope" for. I think I am more excited to see what "new experience" cp can offer me!
  20. This time it was a elec panel outside of the ride, not the LIMs correct?
  21. can someone give me insight why CP has installed this crazy rain policy?? I understand the wind policy, but this hard of a rain policy is crazy, from what I hear.
  22. I agree The Boss is absolutely horrible this year...that used to be my favorite coaster at the park. NOOOOO!!!! Don't tell me that! I love the Boss! I hope that changes next year! It needs some love!
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