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  1. I also got my first BoC today and can't wait to open it later after work! Regardless of what the contents are, it will be awesome. Thanks again Robb for the opportunity and great surprise.
  2. Please don't forget your 'butt' pad...if you don't have one at least rent the extra padding and you will thank me later. I had a snowboarding accident and needless to say fractured my tailbone, and your @$$ will seriously hurt for weeks while all you get from your Doc is a plastic donut, Ibuprofen and a "Good luck!" since there is nothing you can do but deal with the pain... I'm back skiing and try to stay away from snowboarding just due to some bad experiences...I hope you have fun though and remember you will most likely fall a lot while the snow catches the edge of your board and knocks you over!
  3. ^ Exactly...I'm not sure why only 1 side when both would make more sense...is there one side that is smooth as butter not requiring an RMC 'makeover'? I haven't been on that racer for a long time, so perhaps I missed a few reviews that said otherwise.
  4. That drive to IB (regardless if from HW or 4+ hrs coming south) was seriously so bad! I really have no reason to go back there after getting the credits but agree with you on the paratrooper and single shot captions you posted! I'm still really shocked about your 'very brutal wooden coasters' at HW, since my experience at HW has been the complete opposite: I have had good rides on all three woodies even though Voyage recently is not like it once was and Legend you tend to float towards the front of the train or risk having the 'bucking-bronco cars' in the back. Hoosier Hurricane and Cornball Express were both very 'brutal' to my ribs...must've been there on two rough days for those woodies but they were super hot days (when we hear of great coaster rides) - the only exceptions that I remember were the Jet Star and the El Loco (Tig'rr and Steel Hawg, respectively) which were both a nice surprise but HW took the cake with the water park, free sunscreen and drinks to boot! Unfortunately, it seems the environment plays a big factor, perhaps the location as well from my review. It seems IB rides were mostly dirty and every ride op reminded me of SFMM on my two visits...clearly underpaid with no enthusiasm for the most part. Steel Hawg they didn't even say anything to me once I sat down for the first time on it, they just looked to see the OTSRs were in place and just pushed the green button and off I went to perhaps my death since the shoulder pads were still shifting up and down and never locked! The only 'event' they had going when I was there that did not make the place 100% ghetto (as many have mentioned) was some local massive business that had a park buffet meal for all employees and their kids, so kiddy-land was actually thriving and full of laughter. I was there on a Saturday and Sunday, on two occasions over two separate years and different weekends, and it was very dead then as well and most coasters were just about a walk-on except Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. That ride needs more than a single car on the tracks...it was SO painfully SAD how long I waited in that 90/100 degree sun for such a short coaster.
  5. ^ Thanks for the quick synopsis and review...I'll go use my free Redbox coupon and if there is an issue with it, what's $1.2x here when it used to be $5+ to rent a movie?
  6. ^ Fair enough, thanks much for your clarification and additional details...they helped me come to peace with such a great year and now on to bball with Izzo!
  7. Sounds like GCI to me...I can always call up Jeff and ask for confirmation!
  8. ^ Yes, yes it was wonderful...I still remember that ride when I was there last without the trims - many back-to-back rides took place due to no lines and I couldn't get enough of it... ------ I would say riding Revolution was pretty sad with all the trims, Mean Streak is 'smoother' (if anyone cares) but lacks any speed due to the trims on the first drop which forces it to crawl and definitely is now boring, and I actually wasn't a fan of the trims on The Beast this year while going downhill they kick in and made me go, "No trims this time, please no trims this time...ughhh" even though I had some amazing night rides when I got over the fact it slows down in a few places.
  9. I'm sorry, but you thought the Big 10 was considered a 'lower tier' especially MSU? Can you elaborate on your opinion that we are listed as a lower-tier? We still have a huge conference even if it isn't plastered all over ESPN like the SEC or the PAC 12 - My guess is that, it is because the "rest of the world" only seems to know the Wolverines or OSU; MSU has consistently crushed UM the past 5 of 6yrs and OSU has been tough over the years but we showed everyone who we were knocking them out by double digits in the Big Ten Championship thanks to our #1 D. As a die hard Spartan fan and Alum, it is interesting to see folks around the country that haven't heard of MSU, especially with our stellar basketball program (versus Duke which usually is only good in bball...FB was a surprise this year) not to mention the entire season it was outlined all over EPSN and the media how we were so *underrated* yet blew all opponents out by double digits except the single loss to ND (I'm sure you read the reports how bad that game was at the end to give ND the win). FWIW - Dantonio has been contacted by Texas and may other 'bigger jobs' but his heart lies in East Lansing and he wants to showcase our Elite team. MSU's journey to elite status seems to now be complete (finally) after years of terrible John L Smith. Oh, and don't get me started on how TERRIBLE the Stanford band is...damn trees which is what everyone thinks is Stanford's mascot now...I'm glad we showed up with class as the Spartan Marching Band, put on a helluva performance and didn't pull out stale jokes and a crappy music selection that made the entire stadium erupt with a loud BOO! /rant if it sounds like it, my bad... Funny you say this...while ESPN 'analysts' kept stating that the Stanford QB was so much better than Cook - Cook plays hard and if you guys saw our first few games, we were swapping two QBs in and out which is why our Offense was downplayed the rest of the season. Yes, that 4th down play was rather obvious hence the MSU timeout to put more folks in the middle and stop them - that was a damn good play! I actually thought it was gonna be a QB sneak when they saw our coverage, or the QB was going to try a quick pass outside...
  10. Just voted, hope you get to go Shawn! Thanks for the reminder about your blog...very nice stuff.
  11. Yes that free parking is amazing... and so is the free pop machines and sunscreen! However, HW isn't quite there for me in terms of coasters sitting at only 3... (hopefully 4 soon from the hints we saw!)
  12. I've never made it there yet during Christmas so thanks for the quick TR and uploading all those great pics!
  13. ^ Yes, real bacon! //Bringing the thread back per request just like many others recently// http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CaK9bjLy3v4 1) Start with 2 lbs THICK sliced bacon 2) Dredge in Brown Sugar - and really press the brown sugar into the bacon slices - on both sides 3) Place the bacon slices on a rack within a sheet pan 4) Cook the bacon for 20-25 minutes in a 350 degree oven Let it cool for a minute or two and eat. Its easy AND awesome. The combination of the bacon fat and the caramelized brown sugar coating is incredible. Note - The rack is to get it up off of the sheet pan so that you are not frying the bacon. Make sure that the rack will fit entirely within the sheet pan or you will have a tremendous mess on your hands... For no clean up you can use those disposable aluminum cooking pans from the grocery store
  14. I'm surprised...I thought only your fascination of Robb could do that to you!
  15. I was not prepared for the jolly green giant at 30secs! Funny and so random at the same time...
  16. Grab on as tight as possible and hope and pray you don't fly off
  17. Definitely a weird ride...haha but I'm still enjoying the commentary there in the vid [shoot everything!] -- pretty funny knowing what China thinks of Santa.
  18. Yes, thanks Brandy for your time with the gift exchange and I had quite a lot of fun seeing the reaction of my giftee's post here on the thread - It was fun being secret santa! Also, your effort chasing folks that haven't posted...that's pretty awesome you will continue to track them all down
  19. ^ Thanks for the cliff-note version so I can ensure my recommendation to my parents (whom still think they will like this movie) should be focused on a different movie like Saving Mr. Banks or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I'll check this one out soon since I enjoy a good Scorcese movie and everyone is talking about how funny it is.
  20. ^ I saw American hustle and 50% of the family didn't enjoy it with all the deep plot twists and F words. Good thing we didn't see WoWS since that one has now claimed the top spot in most F words in a movie... and Pulp Fiction was great but had enough to deliver the story. Wondering if you also think WoWS deserves the R rating instead of the NC17 rating it was supposed to get. After all reviews confirmed it should have been due to the nudity, just curious since you enjoyed it, thought it was funny, and didn't leave like many have done.
  21. I had lots of Christmas cookies and cannot think any more about food!
  22. It sure has been nice spending good quality family time over the past few days since Christmas. Definitely needed it in a world of long work days and little PTO.
  23. More malls need roller coasters...even a short one like this!
  24. Yeah...I was just comparing it to Raptor, Montu and the Batman clones. I agree with you about the setting as it travels around that area of the park over other rides, it's just a letdown for me at least.
  25. Sounds like you went to Walmart, not Target! Target customer service has always surprised me, along with some eye-candy while standing in line to be called. Well, here is what I did...bought everything from previous days at Target again today so I could save said 10% off and I have 90 days to take back the extras from previous days unless I find them to be good gifts for others. Nice rant, but today I had the best time shopping ever with how many good looking women there were!
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