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  1. Hahaha I traveled to CA thinking the same and while it was a nice visit I prefer riding good coasters without the SFMM pillage of my money.
  2. Let me add something: Non silver bullet and boring Great Bear-like B&M inverts... That's better FTFY...
  3. The bobsleds are always refreshing. Wish there were more nearby... however I could use a trip to Germany!
  4. Glad you noticed the D. Also glad you agreed - finally we beat Nebraska! It feels so good. Sucks still about all those crappy calls at the ND which ultimately gave them the win. With a single loss it's like no one notices our team! We still have the #1 defense in the NCAA...
  5. Hahaha! I'm sure your team will definitely will stay up in the Top 10 - As Izzo said after we won that game, "I keep reiterating: They're going to get a lot better," Izzo said. "But I honestly believe so will we." Every 4 year player for MSU under Tom Izzo has made it to at least a Final Four - can't say that about any other team. This year is going to be tough, and I'll keep an eye on your Wildcats. Thank you! He is very underrated...mainly because we are hiding behind all the 'glory' of UM and OSU. We need to work on our Offense a bit more and then we have what it takes to win out in the Big 10 and most likely we will see OSU at the Big 10 Championship (since they have such a ridiculously easy schedule).
  6. I am just extremely happy for my Spartans - both football and basketball, what a great combination. Yeah, this is a FB thread so I won't go off on a tangent about the #1+2 game the other night. I surely enjoyed the great lashing of the Wolverines recently. They didn't know what hit them with our outstanding defense - Anyone else agree? Now we have a battle with Nebraska tomorrow...
  7. You are not a loner! That garlic butter is really good...so I agree with you. However, chocolate can reign supreme in most other situations except for when I was at Silver Dollar City and that cinnamon bread just was amazing.
  8. Very nice you noticed and replied Guy - Reps to you! Yeah, after lurking for years it was an obvious note to display. I had to make sure everyone knew
  9. I will be interested to see how they put these 'multiple loops' around such a small space. Sure its 325ft tall but loops and barrel rolls around a tower with little space has got my mind wandering. Yes, I've read up on the articles about the new design and it still has my interest. Looking forward to final design and pics to surface.
  10. I rode this a few times despite the terrible load times and crazy long wait for anything. The one day I made it there was well worth it even chasing all the trains out of Tokyo just to get there but we knew we were there when we got some of the best views of Mt Fuji! That was also my first time riding a 4D and loved Eeja - it was smooth that one time but must suck everytime Robb has been there beating him up. His expressions after all the rides at Fuji-Q are priceless. I cannot wait to go back to Japan - a TPR trip would make it even better. Best time of my life!
  11. I should be sleeping as I have to work in a few hours...sadly, after kickboxing, krav maga and some late night tennis I am wide awake and posting here. As for something truly random, TIL that the only purpose shark fin serves in shark fin soup is to provide texture. All the flavor comes from the other ingredients so it makes no sense why folks are still crazy over it and that there is still a high demand for it, hence the cruelty continues.
  12. I guess I can 'rant' with a few things recently... 1) There is a difference between a Standard order and an Expedite. However recently, all the customers I deal with in the world of IT/telecom feel they can be demanding and escalate the world just to explain that their order needs an expedite and that it is "more urgent than anyone else in a similar situation around the world." When you have more and more folks stating that, nothing will get done since everything is an expedite and nothing is standard any more. You cannot get stuff done if you have 300+ emails a day to explain the simple science behind prioritization and how everything cannot be flagged as an expedite! 2) I am upset with the fact I have to deal with extra screens to withdrawl money now...too many 'Spanish-speaking' folks complained that they did not like the "English" settings, so now they get their freaking Espanol buttons and it pisses me off that I have to spend extra time to get past those screens just to carry on with my business. If you are in the US, figure out English. Edit: Not trying to sound harsh, but it's really sad as Rob and others have posted that our country is going in the wrong direction. 3) Went out with a wonderful lady very recently and things were great and I want to spend more time with her - haven't heard back from her besides this quick txt: "Thank you for dinner. I had fun and it was nice meeting you" She is making me feel like there isn't a 2nd date option and she isn't interested...guess I need to stay positive and move on.
  13. For whomever that gets to have fun shopping for me, I posted some stuff early on in the thread - can't wait! You can PM Brandy if you have questions and ask her to relay the message to me if you are struggling. I love dark chocolate, fireworks, women, T-shirt size XL, etc, etc...
  14. Same here! With the fact I have plans in the works to visit KD again after getting my ride on at KI with Banshee, things look good! That is, I have to survive climbing Mt Whitney first...
  15. Ahhh why couldn't I go on the Scandi trip?!?! This looks great...excited for the POV nonetheless even if a bit sad still
  16. Like others said it looks nice. IMO seems like a short ride but curious about the dark ride segment. I'll ride it when there is a TPR Aussie trip.
  17. I'm in! I'll just KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) and say "Surprise Me" - you can get creative and sometimes that's the best. I do enjoy lots of international candies and drinks, especially from Japan, that cannot be found in the US...
  18. I was on it the other day again and knew something was up! Good ride amongst the trees... sure beats draggin Iron and a few of the other suspended swining coasters. Still wish I could've made it to Korea for Eagle's Fortress while it was still open. Guess I'll go watch that POV again... classic
  19. Disney World for that "magical" vacation...IMO a vacation is multiple days in a new environment and right now I could definitely go south to the warmth and soak up many days at WDW - cannot forget the hidden gem Blizzard Beach! As for CP, I'm nearby and I can go pretty much anytime and am very thankful it is nearby...I would highly recommend it as a trip for most everyone else outside of a normal drive-time out this way, especially those who have never been to CP, are finally able to do so perhaps with a little more money after saving, or for those in FL with WDW season passes who need to escape.
  20. Cedar Fair hands down. After traveling the country to visit all SF & CF parks it has been obvious... sure SFMM stands out as a park that is better than some of the smaller CF parks, due to the 'record' of coasters shoved in, but it comes down to my overall satisfaction at the end of the day while comparing the atmosphere, to food, to world class coasters, cleanliness & customer service. I've been nickel and dimed at most SF's while dealing with unfriendly employees and a large amount of trash.
  21. Yeah, that stuff is pretty good. Again, outside vendor, not CF food. Pretty good? Curious what you rank higher. I think it is great considering the options or competition nearby. If CF served great food like at Holiday World...I'm sure many would be ok with the markup and skip outside vendors...or rank food options on surveys higher even if they were to boycott food at CP hahaha
  22. Definitely was a nice woodie - glad I made it there a little while back! Must... have... more... Fairies
  23. ...but as the story goes it wont even get hauling until about halfway through the course of track...can't wait!
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