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  1. ^ No! I couldn't get enough time to enjoy the views of the water park!
  2. Decided to make a few last minute changes and my gift will still be out before the Dec 5th deadline...fun stuff!
  3. Since everyone wants to continue talking about the 'next coaster' at HW...they could fit a few coasters up and around the water park...massive terrain coaster and a Terra Coaster by Intamin, with Dual LSMs similar to Maverick would be mighty nice! Well...almost. X2 the fire never worked, or when it did...it was always lagging behind - "What fire?" many people would say Perhaps that has been fixed since I visited SFMM.
  4. I did a 4 day trip with a few folks here and it worked perfectly...plus we found great deals at hotels (most of them are found with a quick search here and come highly recommended) - if you visit my neck of the woods, you can always PM me with other questions. Here is our fun schedule with a decent amount of driving, but well worth it and the 4 of us had a blast: Day 1: Cedar Point (you can fly into DTW and drive 2hrs, or fly to Cleveland and drive an hour) then drive halfway or all the way to Cincy depending on what you would like or the logistics around how tired you may be... Day 2: Kings Island Day 3: Holiday World Day 4: Homeward bound with extra credits a few hours north of HW at IN Beach* *Could always scrap the drive to IN Beach and hit up SFGAm (much better choice with more credits) and fly out of O'hare I wish I had 7 days perhaps to make a full week trip out of things...my ideal would be a big TPR international trip (I want to go back to Japan so bad and will in a few years unless all the kinks get ironed out with work/family, etc).
  5. I am pretty close to MI Adventures but my opinion is no way biased due to locale...I'd drive the extra hour or so to Cedar Point in a heartbeat, but this place is nice when I've got little ones in the family visiting over the summer or folks want a more relaxed atmosphere. I, like ^ , visited the Great Escape once in 2010 and pretty much everything there is true, nice family park and Comet/Sasquatch were good. MiA I give an edge for Shivering Timbers and Thunderhawk, and the awesome water park where what seems like 90% of the park disappears to so I can spend time with friends/family on some of the thrill rides. Looking at MI Adventures, the admission price is good for those that just plan a trip with the family as it is affordable - They could truly use a few more roller coasters (they have quite a lot of land) and some additional flat rides - we shall see how the new darkride at CW turns out and possibly we could see one here in the future (if this helps you plan to visit in a few years as well).
  6. ^^^ It did cause permanent brain damage for many folks, hence a lot of complaints and I believe a temp first aid station was concocted next to it for a while (similar to Son of Beast!) ... thankfully when I went on it, I knew how rough it would be ahead of time and was prepared so I didn't have a major headache and want to go home
  7. Besides Outlaw Run (and the extremely nice people) I will return again for lots of this...fresh out of the oven - Mmmm
  8. Yes, the GP really loved it...it was produced "for the masses" and a lot of us here would rather marathon some of the rides around the stage/park than deal with watching a few kids dance, or listen to overplayed songs pumped through some speakers. There will be a few shows that may be tested here and a few other SF parks in the coming years - they finally figured out to have a *test market* before adding something new at each park before it got bad reviews and all that time/energy/money spent got wasted.
  9. FTFY First time I went there, I thought it was like all other parks where I needed more money to get pop/soda. I couldn't believe all the free drink stations... that was awesome and hope it will be that way the next time I visit!
  10. ^ Wow. There's an interesting day trip. IMO, that's more like two days manageable unless just a few rides at each park or lucky with no lines? The platinum extra Fast Pass will cost you at SFMM, not as much at Knott's.
  11. ^ Same here! Did I send mine already? Perhaps it went out today or next week if I still am waiting on an item? I hope it was you were a stealthy secret Santa not the other one... FTFY
  12. Give the workers a few extra days off with Thanksgiving approaching and that will pay dividends when they are refreshed and ready to finish the remaining work. Plus, to me at least, they are ahead of schedule.
  13. Even though it did look really cold, your team did great and I'm guessing you had fun with a win at home. Sure was great watching UM lose while MSU won with a chance to the Rose Bowl. Freakin Ohio State needs to lose now.
  14. ^ That's all I needed to know! Need to still adjust my HDR settings... then all should be well. Always a bummer snapping nighttime pics and they do end up grainy or out of focus adding extra effort and time in photoshop before liking them.
  15. Thanks for sharing with us your time but I don't see a pic of your 20 beers Awesome color and clarity in your pics! Are you using a special setting? Most night pics are hard to capture for a lot of us or it could be you have one of the expensive cameras... just wondering, haha.
  16. Nope! The one at KI you can ride all day...not smooth as butter but it was running great this past summer when I was there a few times. If it had more trees and a better terrain, it may get higher ratings from those who have been on the international ones like Eagle's Fortress. I'm curious what order Robb and Elissa have these ranked.
  17. ^ & ^^ Interesting... when I was on Ninja a few yrs back it was rather tame and slow compared to FD/The Bat. It was still MUCH better than ID aka Dragging Iron which is a decent ride for kids and usually the first coaster a lot of folks ride at CP. I'll have to make a trip back to ride Ninja since Big Bad Wolf was great and I'm always up for an intense suspended swinging coaster.
  18. Voyage was great over the summer and wasn't bad at all! Legend, however, beat the crap out of me!
  19. Yes! I also was looking at the other photo and it looked shaped and padded. Glad my suggestion to RMC (I'm sure many others also provided a similar comment) is going to come to fruition. IMO if Outlaw Run didn't have the shin bar, that ride would be much better. I'll be there in May to test them out on Goliath - can't wait.
  20. Ahh, forgot about that announcement. Thanks for what you could get! Jeff is a good friend of mine - roller coasters + fireworks are the two interests we have in common...I'll have to see if he can elaborate on the coaster he always wanted to build with fireworks
  21. Thanks for the vid Robb on all the interviews! You even added a little Elissa action on the spinning coaster! Please do NOT choose the 2nd option and stop filming IAAPA due to some people and their complaning. Quick question for you... how come GCI was barely in the edited interview uploaded? (Seemed B&M was bland yet was on cam for all the questions while Jeff had a small segment. Curious is all!) Jeff from GCI always seems to have a great reply to your questions, especially 'Son of Beast' - He loves designing those woodies and likes to chat a lot about past projects and proposals they have but never got to build.
  22. I haven't been on YOLOcoaster yet, but I sure hope the shin pads are comfy or its going to be painful for me. At 6'2 I loved Outlaw Run, but the damn shin pad bar sure took away from the experience and it would rate higher in my book had they found a way to add more padding or perhaps shape it better. Bruised shins are not good and make the rest of the day difficult.
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