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  1. Real Experience: "It's probably okay to rock this log side to side" (Mountain Slidewinder, Dollywood, said by 12-14 yr old redneck)
  2. -Make sure he goes to the bathroom before going to the parks. -Ask him if he has to go potty and if he says "no", tell him to try anyway. -If his disposal of bladder is really that bad, tell him to go every hour. -Do the rides with longer lines first during the day, and the ones with shorter lines afterwards, do re-rides at end of day. -Make sure he uses the bathroom after the park visit. Also, you may need to tell a doctor about that, because once every hour honestly does not sound normal. When I was his age few years ago I always just went twice a day. I want you also to know that your kid is VERY brave to ride all those coasters! I thought I was brave at 10 when I stopped being afraid of big coasters, but 8? Wow!
  3. Corkscrew at Cedar Point is the worst roller coaster in the entire galaxy far into the galaxy far, far away with coasters made of sticks on Kashyyyk built by Wookies. What a shame.
  4. I don't think the kids should have gone to Vegas either. I thought Mike Bone should have got through!
  5. Hi! I had been on this site for about 2 months and finally decided to make an account. So I did, and it is better than that stupid COASTERFORCE that I was on (my name on there is Jason Voorhees if anyone is curious.
  6. Watch TV Would you rather put a toothpick in your toenail and kick a wall or get a tattoo under your arm?
  7. Dear Title Fairy, may my new title be "Looks like Full Throttle joined the site". Thank you!
  8. I hate Arrow/Vekoma Corkscrews, Arrow's are just super rough, and Vekoma's try to rip your neck off.
  9. ^This year has been a horrible coaster year for me to. Barely any parks this year and most of the coasters new for me this year aren't that good. Wait, YOLOCOASTER?
  10. I once had a dream where I was riding Afterburn at Carowinds and after the Vertical Loop, Afterburn caught on fire.
  11. Just Barnstormer at Magic Kingdom, I didn't know it was there.
  12. ^Would you love a monsterman
  13. Monsters University For a kids movie, it is rather good. I wouldn't go see it again but it was pretty good for a kids movie. Was not as good as the original though. Iron Man 3 Absouloutly incredible, a great film, loved it. In my top 10 movies. Best Iron Man yet. I was expecting it to be horrible because of Disney, but actually it is a really, really good film. The Lone Ranger The worst movie I have ever seen. Just so much weird, random moments to where all your thinking is "what's going on"? A really disgusting moment to where he gets dragged in cow poop was the worst scene in any movie ever. This movie should be called "The Lone Loser". Or "The PooPoo Loser" or something like that.
  14. Man, I need to get to Japan! I really want to ride a Mega Lite. These things look awesome! Also how did you like Hollywood Dream backwards?
  15. I have been wondering this for a really long time and I know you did that "top 15" Travel Channel list, but what is your all time #1 favorite coaster? Also I would like to know Elissa's favorite as well. Thanks!
  16. What does everybody think of Lordi? I think they are a great band, but I may be alone on that island. They're music sounds like, well, Lordi. I can't really compare it to anything else. I think they're music is great, but am I the only one?
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