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  1. I think my technical answer is Magic Kingdom (WDW) 7 times, on 3 trips since 2010.
  2. They actually do have room if they take away Bigfoot Rapids, but that is very unlikely because they would get crap about them taking away all of their water rides. But I do agree, Jaguar, Montezuma Revenge, Silver Bullet, and Sierra Sidewinder are all crammed on top of each other. It is very claustrophobic I would imagine, and since they did just get Coast Rider (I know it is just a wild mouse but it's something), lets give Knott's a break on getting a big coaster. Keep riding Xcelerator for a few years until they might figure something out.
  3. That's awesome. Are you sure that was actually made by any of those manufactures?
  4. The Incredible Hulk Coaster - Islands of Adventure Ride of Steel - Darien Lake Hair Raiser - Ocean Park Hong Kong Wild Eagle - Dollywood Insane Speed - Janfusan Fancyworld Dragon Mountain - Marineland Theme Park The Swarm - Thorpe Park Iron Dragon - Cedar Point Black Mamba - Phantasialand Kraken - SeaWorld Orlando
  5. Realistically, Big Thunder at WDW as I might be able to handle that until my late 80's, But in general, even though I haven't ridden it...HELIX!
  6. That's a bit more accurate. Forgot about the Pennsylvania new coasters and Tempesto. Impulse looks incredibly fun and Laff Track looks well themed and fun as well. Tempesto shall be good fun as well. So many great coasters coming next year. Can't wait to ride Fury 325 next year!
  7. Agree about Space Mountain (WDW) at night, such an underrated coaster, it's in my top ten. Tennessee Tornado is perfect in the morning and afternoon, but it gets rougher in the evening. Same goes to Thunderhead, but it actually gets better in the evening. Hungarian Horntail is better in the evening, but IDK about Chinese Fireball since I only rode it once and then rode HH and liked it better and dumped CF...
  8. 1. Thunderbird 2. Fury 325 3. Twisted Colossus 4. Wicked Cyclone 5. Karnan 6. Cannibal 7. Batman: The Ride 8. Acrobat (which is weird since I thought Manta was overrated) 9. Rougourou 10. Skyscraper
  9. Call me a wimp but I am scared to leave the group I am with. The last time I was on a ride by myself was Mountain Slidewinder at Dollywood in May 2013. I was sitting in the lap of dirty, cussing, trailer trash, hillbilly kids, one of which who was rocking the log side to side when the ride OP's said not too...thank god I survived.
  10. Dear Tarheel, I live in south Mississippi. Our closest park is 2 and a half hours away, and they only have 4 coasters: A Vekoma Boomerang, a Maure Sohne Spinner, a Galaxi coaster, and a kiddie coaster. We have a couple of OK flat rides but nothing near special. YOUR home park has 13 (soon to be 14) coasters, including a B&M Hyper, a B&M Giga, a B&M Invert, a Vekoma Flying Dutchman, and a B&M Stand-Up. Do you realize how lucky you are? Fury 325 hasn't even been built up to the lift hill yet...Be patient and then ride for yourself. Quit being so negative. We would KILL for a B&M Giga, or even Woodstock Express. Did I mention that if I was to go past Dixie Landin' to my 2nd closest park, it would be 6 and a half hours away to Six Flags Over Georgia? YOU can drive 3 hours to Over Georgia AND Dollywood. You are also a lot closer to your home park than I am. You are also just about 5 hours away from possibly one of the greatest parks in the world, BGW. Quit being so selfish. If you want to live the life of a spoiled brat move to Sandusky, Ohio. Not trying to be mean, but just quit being a troll.
  11. I know, this looks like a weird thread. But it's not. I saw 3 or 4 TPR guys who looked like they where in there late teens-early 20's on their smartphone's on TPR. I am beating myself up for not telling them I was on TPR too! They all had (or at least most of them) TPR shirts on, and I geeked out but I guess I am a little shy so I didn't say anything. It may have not been exactly May 1st, but I'm pretty sure it was. It would be cool if I could know who these people where! Thanks! EDIT: F.Y.I., I saw you at the bathrooms between Manta and Journey To Atlantis, and someone said "It was the best-worst coaster I've ever been on!", and I guess you might have just gotten off Manta.
  12. Basically list the top three coasters that opened in your birth year. You don't have to ride them all, you could just list them by critically acclaimed. 1. Top Thrill Dragster 2. Balder 3. Thunder Dolphin Ozark Wildcat, Scream!, and Nemesis Inferno also opened in my birth year.
  13. "People say Soarin' is the best roller coaster in the world" Someone asked if they could bring their duff beer on Hollywood, Rip, Ride, Rockit...no joke.
  14. It just so happens that everyone in my local ghetto has those names too!
  15. Mystery Mine's second drop is really good. Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom, and especially Alpha for some reason, has some really unexpected drops filled with airtime. The first time I rode Splash Mountain when I was 8 the drop seemed like it lasted forever. Manta had a good drop too, an uncomfortable one though.
  16. Arrow is my second favorite manufacture behind B&M. Top 3 Arrows: 1. Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom 2. Tennessee Tornado, Dollywood 3. Gemini, Cedar Point
  17. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster when I was 8. It has a good launch, the rest of the ride was a little eh and the corkscrew wanted to rip my neck off but overall a decent ride.
  18. Manta. I thought the ride experience was very good but it was just too uncomfortable. Still my #9 favorite coaster out of the 34 I've ridden. Kraken was definitely a lot better. (Kraken is my #2 favorite coaster FYI) THE GP overrates Dragon Challenge, I did like the blue side better than the red, which is unusually as most people like the red side better. I don't feel like starting a new topic but Rip Ride Rockit is VERY underrated...
  19. I like how Cedar Point is thinking about quality over quantity since Maverick and GateKeeper. I think that they are fixing up Mean Streak in 2016 or 2017 into an Iron Horse. That would make an awesome Iron Horse coaster.
  20. This is pretty simple, name a park you can think of off the top of your head and what you think their next coaster/ride that will probably be scrapped. I'll start: Six Flags Over Texas: This is kind of a tough one, but I say La Vibora may be the next one to go because it is a little outdated.
  21. It's starting to grow on me. I always hated the name of Air at Alton Towers.
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