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  1. I love LEGO so much, I started out with Lego City sets, then got into Star Wars, then some bigger Star Wars sets, then some Creator Modular Building sets, etc...and I learned different techniques to use in building custom models. There are plenty of adults these days that love LEGO, I watch YouTube channels like TheBrickShow, BrickQueen, JANGBRiCKS, LegoBrickbaron, and EvanTubeHD. This just goes to show how advanced LEGO has become. [youtu_be] [youtu_be]
  2. I am surprised most people prefer Chinese Fireball to Hungarian Horntail, I thought Hungarian Horntail was much more intense and forceful. 1. Hungarian Horntail 2. Chinese Fireball
  3. Okay seriously, what the hell is going on with my computer mouse? *whispers*: triple post...
  4. It's a little awkward with me being young and posting in this topic, but I do notice a lot of people in the coaster community are homosexual. My little cousin started Kindergarten recently and wants to wear dresses to school and often says he wants to be a girl. His grandma (my aunt) and her daughter are WAY too obsessed about it. Mu aunt was thinking about writing her own blog about "having a transgender grandchild" even though he's only 5 and he was raised playing with his older sisters Barbie's without any toys for a boy. I also thought it was a little weird when his mom brought him up in a conversation being QUOTE ON QUOTE "officially transgender". Even my aunt said that we should have had that discussion at another time. I don't have anything wrong with it at all, but I think my aunt and my cousin are overreacting. I went through a phase when I was 3 or 4 where I wanted to play with "Barbie Dreamhouses" and that kind of stuff. Now I am straighter than Ride of Steel and totally feel like a boy. I bet they actually do have a problem with it because they keep on worrying about it. This man explains it perfectly, there is some fowl language but he really makes a point. (I would embed it but it won't embed...just trust me on this one that it is NOT an 80 year old Indian midget doing the nae nae on a police car she stole...or anything like that.) Oh yeah, and I voted "I'm a guy who likes girls" in case anyone was wondering, even though I am starting to get feelings for donkeys.
  5. This. Even if you have smoking areas, you can still smell the scent on them. About the spit tobacco thing, that is just horrible. Now I know why we do not have a coaster/park in Mississippi.
  6. 2 nights ago. Missed the AMA's. When was the last time you rode El Toro?
  7. Corkscrew at Cedar Point is B&M; Brutal and Monotonous.
  8. My mom just told me on Wednesday we are going to Busch Gardens for 3 days, it's a nine hour drive and we will stay the night somewhere 3 quarters through. Any tips?
  9. ^ Awesome that they are finally starting it! Wicked Cyclone probably laughs at this coaster. Edit: My 100th post.
  10. I was going to say that but I think people would think it would be weird to have an Intamin Mega and a Mega Lite in the same park, I personally don't, but a lot of people do. Then again, a Chance one would be great for them.
  11. This guy (about 300 pounds) hears me and my mom talking about Ms. Lillian's, which is a restaurant in Dollywood with DELICIOUS chicken. We where sitting on a bench in front of the line for Tennessee Tornado, and he said "WHO SAY MS. LILLIANS AINT GOT DA BEST CHICKEN IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!"...Then he sat down on the bench, and things got creepy. He started talking about how he "supposedly" works at Victoria's Pizza, near the County Fair section of the park, and how much he loves Daredevil Falls, and he wanted to ride DF with us...We said "We are going to ride Wild Eagle first, is that okay?" He responded "Sure." He couldn't fit on Wild Eagle so for a little while we where in the clear zone. We rode Wild Eagle, got off, and we somehow sneaked past him, in fact we didn't even see him. It was a miracle! We then went to go ride Blazing Fury. So we got in line for Blazing Fury, 2 rows of people are in front of us, and I look over to the right, and thought I saw him, but I thought it was just in my head. I took a double take to make sure, and there he was. A BIG, NASTY, TRASHY, REDNECK, STALKING, WEIRD, PIZZA MUNCHING SLOB, STANDING IN LINE FOR THE FRONT ROW...oh my god. Luckily, we where farther in line than he was, and we got on the train 2 trains before him. we kind of turned our heads to where he couldn't see them and crouched down in the seats. We rode BF, got off, and we didn't trust our eyes anymore. We wanted to make 100% sure he was gone, and we hid under the benches towards Daredevil Falls, after about 2 minutes, he walked past, didn't see us, and probably went on Daredevil Falls alone, or struck another victim, and possibly succeeded.
  12. An Intamin for Six Flags Fiesta Texas, just because it fits perfectly in their coaster lineup. They would be complete with a mega lite. An Intamin for The Great Escape, because they need something good desperately and it would put them on the map. I realize it is supposed to be a smaller Six Flags park, but they need another good coaster. A Chance Mega Lite would be great for Canobie Lake Park!
  13. ^^Interesting! I wonder what the "launched" part is. I wonder if it has a lift hill, drop, and then goes into a launch after coastering a bit?
  14. I love that color. I hate to judge a coaster before I ride it, but from the renderings I think it will be OK, but I have not made an official decision since obviously no one has ridden it. I think this will put Efteling on the map for coaster junkies.
  15. I have technically been to both parks but when I went to Cedar Point I was 8 and I wasn't tall enough/was scared to ride some bigger rides. The biggest coaster I rode was Gemini. Right now I have to say WDW, but I think I would like CP a little more when I get to mopping up the creds. It actually is a beautiful park.
  16. 1. A&W Cream Soda 2. Barq's Red Cream Soda 3. A&W Root Beer 4. Barq's Root Beer 5. Mug Root Beer 6. Diet Barq's Root Beer 7. Coca-Cola 8. Pepsi 9. Sunkist 10. Fanta I haven't tried Barq's French Vanilla Cream Soda, but I think it will be my favorite. I guess it is in my roots since Ed Barq lived in my neighboring city...I like Fanta and Sunkist but I don't drink it often because of the amount of sugar...just like Mello Yello, I like it, but I'd rather not chug down 48 grams of sugar in one can.
  17. I almost have all the creds at Universal Orlando, including Pteradon Flyers, but for some reason I thought Woody Woodpecker was at IoA...and Gringotts opened a month after I was there. I've ridden all the coasters at Walt Disney World Resort I've ridden all the coasters at SeaWorld Orlando I've ridden all the coasters at Dollywood ...I think that's it.
  18. Is it just me, or does this park look like one of the best Six Flags parks? I know it sounds ridiculous, but I think it looks like a beautiful park, it seems layed back, and you don't feel like you have a gun up to your head. Plus I want to really try The Comet.
  19. ^Now we just need to get a big coaster in Mississippi (there is only 1 kiddie coaster) I knew about Tayto Park before this project, and it always looked like a nice, layed back, overall fun park. Kind of like Knoebels but with a huge potato mascot. I hope to get a virtual POV, It's a little hard to tell from the sides of the renderings. I think it looks perfect for the park though, but not quite enough to book my flight to Ireland.
  20. Not just stand-up coasters, but most coasters ARE fads. The B&M Sitdown Coaster was a fad as well, 1993-2001, and then Led Zepplin came along and it was rough and boring instead of smooth and forceful... I have a feeling Winged coasters will be the same, but unlike the Stand-Up Coaster, the Winged coasters are actually enjoyable rides. I have ridden sitdown, invert, winged, floorless, and flying coasters, and if stand up coasters are around as uncomfortable as flying coasters, then yes, a failed concept.
  21. Definitely for Busch Gardens Williamsburg's new coaster, Diavlo, Diablo, or Tempesto or whatever the hell Coaster Studios is calling it now.
  22. I tried the teletype, it didn't work, but I wrote "I think donkeys are cool."
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