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  1. Worst Ending= Adventure Express at Kings Island Is there any need to explain why it's the worst ending on a Roller Coaster lol.
  2. Love the colour scheme...here's hoping there are some forceful spots on this ride.
  3. Three years ago at La Ronde I had the honor of riding Goliath when it was raining so hard you could'nt see the river. I was shocked that they kept the ride open when it was raining so hard. Must have gotten 7 or 8 rides in under those conditions.
  4. And it was'nt too long ago that that none of us would have fathomed that B&M and Giga would have been used in the same sentence. Less than 24 hours to go folks...if this does end up being an Invert let's hope there is some new element that we have never seen before on an inverted coaster.
  5. Three more days until all the speculation ends and then the complaining begins. Hopefully this coaster ends up being higher than 200 feet.
  6. Thanks for keeping up to date on the great adventures you guys and gals are having out there in the midwest. I know If I was on the trip I would have been heart broken about not getting to ride New Texas Giant or Iron Rattler but all that disappointment would have washed away with that night time ERT on Outlaw Run. In fact you have now convinced me to dump plans to go to SFOT and go to to Branson instead.
  7. Rode Leviathan 41 times in one day...could have had more but left the park early. Best test of coaster riding endurance= The Voyage 18 times in a single day.
  8. Dear Darien Lake Please,Please,Please follow through on this and build Lake Monster and who cares what the ride is called as long as it's awesome. Be great to have a second world class wooden coaster within a 3 hour drive of Toronto.
  9. This is just heartwrenching news....I can only imagine what the people who witnessed the woman flying out of her seat are going through. Also..my prayers go out to the family who just had their lives ripped apart.
  10. According to Screamscapes super duper spy network Canadas Wonderland will be getting their next coaster in 2015. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is one of those Screamscape rumours that ends up being true. Oh...Dear Wonderland management please don't put in a B&M Wingrider.
  11. I am coasterjunkie1975 and I approve of the awesomeness that is Helix Maverick is my Number 2 coaster and I enjoyed Cheetah Hunt so this ride will undoubtedly please me as well ( if I ever get the chance to ride it that is).
  12. The show looks pretty good.....going to have to check it out with my own two eyes sometime this summer.
  13. -Iron Maiden -Lizzy Borden -Krokus -Bon Jovi -AC/DC -Big Sugar -Green Day -Megadeth -Metal Church -Metallica -
  14. Today was another prime example of why people should wait until getting to the park before buying their fast lane passes. It was raining this morning but started to let up by the time me and my girlfriend got to the park around 11 and then cleared up in the midafternoon. Because of the rain in the morning the park was empty and everything was a walk on all day. The funniest part of all this was seeing the people who were using the fast lane....they all looked so sad because they realized there was no need for it and that they has wasted their money. Moral of the story folks....wait until you see how the crowds will be until you decide to purchase. On a side note...I would like to like to give kudos to the park for keeping Leviathan and Behemoth in 3 train operation and the rest of the coasters in the park running with 2 trains or more even when the crowds were nonexistant which allowed me to get 41 rides in on Leviathan. A personal best for me on any coaster.
  15. Wild Beast at Canadas Wonderland is up there for roughest coaster for me...I swear I lost my spleen a couple of years ago while riding it. Dishonorable mention goes to Kingda Ka as the last ride that I had on it was the only time that a ride made me feel sick to my stomach.
  16. Hey Folks...the name is Gerald but a select few can get away with calling me Gerry. There was a time not too long ago when I was petrified off Roller Coasters and then one day in the summer of 2001 I decided to face that fear and went to Canadas Wonderland by myself. The first ride I chose was Minebuster and let's just say that after that ride I was a changed man and have'nt looked back since. Now I am travelling around this great planet of ours in search of the best coasters it has to offer
  17. PS4 all the way but I probably won't get one till about a year after the initial release like I did with the PS3. And up here in the Toronto they have already sold out on the pre-orders for the PS4 but yet there is no problem getting a pre-order for the X-Box One.
  18. I had the pleasure of attending the Canadian premiere of Man Of Steel last night and came away pretty happy. If you have been waiting for a Superman movie to feature lots of epic and relentless action then you will also walk away from this movie happy. My only advice for those who are going to watch it...don't waste your money on the 3D showings as I barely noticed it if at all. Hopefully the sequel ( which has already been greenlit) will feature a villian other than Lex Luthor.... maybe Brainiac and save Doomsday for the 3rd one.
  19. Well it's about time someone came up with this concept....I remember thinking to myself a couple years ago when I was at Kings Island"--Would'nt it be cool if they built a Drop Tower where the seats tilted making you facing downwards toward ground" . Even though I am not the biggest fan of Drop Tower Rides I will be trying this one out for sure on my next Floida trip.
  20. In regards to buying a Fast Lane Pass for Wonderland...my advice would be not to purchase it/them online and wait and see what the weather will be like on the day you you to the park. If its going to be sunny and warm then you can expect very long lines but if it's going to be cool,cloudy with a chance of rain then the is a very very good chance the park will be pretty empty regardless of what day of the week it is. Case in point....my girlfriend and I went to the park during the Saturday of the Canada Day long weekend last year. Usually going to Wonderland on a Saturday during July is a recipe for disaster in itself let alone a long weekend Saturday but the forecast was calling for rain. When we got to the park we were greeted by an almost empty parking lot. When we got to the flag drop the clouds had started to part and the sun came out and we ended up riding Leviathan 26 times before leaving around 4 o'clock and the wait for Leviathan was still around 10 minutes.
  21. Going to go with the majority here....I-305 is simply the most intense Coaster that I have ever had the pleasure of riding. Near Grey Outs on the turn after the first drop and flying through those twisty sections Honorable mention #1 goes to Kumba....the only other coaster that I can think of that I greyed out on and it's so disorienting. Honorable mention #2 goes to The Voyage....just an epic ride that gets more insane and intense as it goes on.
  22. Trying to convince my buddy to do a HersheyPark/Knoebels combo for our next trip. Been dying to find out why Phoenix is so highly regarded plus I want to get my butt on SkyRush.
  23. White Lightening looks like a fantastic and fun little coaster and as a lover of good wooden coasters I will be stopping by Fun Spot to ride this little gem next time I make the trip down to Orlando.
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