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  1. I would rather have RMC build a wooden coaster similiar to Outlaw Run in the White Water Canyon area rather than give either Minebuster or Wild Beast the "Iron" overhaul. Heck I would happy with a Gravity Group creation there as well.
  2. Went to Waldameer yesterday for about 6 hours and what a great time we had yesterday. - 14 rides on Ravine Flyer 2 -3 rides on Music Express -2 rides on Scrambler -2 rides on Steel Dragon -1 ride on The Comet -1 ride on Whacky Shack Ravine Flyer was awesome....even better than I remembered it from my last 2 trips. It feels like it's going faster now. As for Music Express.....I don't think me and my girlfriend have ever had so much fun on a flat ride as we did on this and very rarely do I feel woozy after coming off of a ride but after my 2nd ride ina row I could feel my stomach doing some interesting things. Great little park that I will always come back to just because of the wooden hotness of Ravine Flyer 2
  3. On Monday I made my first ever trip to Darien Lake......as we approached the parking lot I saw a whole bunch of yellow school buses and thought to myself " Oh Great the park is going to be packed" but alas that was not the case as everything (in spite of one train operations) was around a 10 minute or less wait. Here is what I thought of the coasters -Motocoaster- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....provided a good little nap -Mind Eraser- Standard Vekoma SLC but I did find it smoother than Canadas Wonderlands Flight Deck -Boomerang-- Been there done that -Viper--The landscaping around this coaster was pretty good and even though I found the ride itself boring I did enjoy going through the trees and plants. -Predator ( 3 rides )-- I can only imagine what kind of contorted mess my body would have been in if I rode this wooden beast in one of Minebusters or Wild Beasts trains BUT The Voyages old train made the ride quite comfortable. Ride of Steel (11 rides )---Very good ride...the turn coming out of the first drop had some force to it and there was lots of airtime to be had on the hills. My only 2 gripes with Ride of Steel are that it had some very noticible rattling and man those Intamin trains were uncomfortable....guess I have been spoiled with those comfy B&M restraints of Behemoth and Leviathan. All in all it was a good day at the park and as for the park itself....I would give it a rating of 6/10 as it really only has one good ride .
  4. Making my visit to Darien Lake today and then getting in a few laps in on Ravine Flyer 2 tomorrow
  5. I have to agree with bonsaiisuperstar....why would Cedar Fair put in a wing Rider in a park "just down from the road" from their brand spanking new Gatekeeper. I would think it's safe to assume that a pretty decent percentage of Kings Islands guest do make the trip up to the Point at least once a year.
  6. Kentucky Kingdom I saw the thread and it stated is was green square Intamin track. I know Intamin makes a square track but IF this is going to be a giga I would think they would use the beefier track like what's on I-305. I guess we'll have to wait and see if its spotted at KI. Unless it's track for a launched coaster.
  7. Huh? Other than the first drop it is the definition of forceless. And I think I-305 blows the two other gigas out of the water... Really hope KI gets something better than that! I agree with this......I-305 is by far the superior of the three North American Gigas. Leviathan has a great first half and then it is a snoozefest in the second half. The only reason I rate it higher than Millenium Force is because I can ride Leviathan whenever my heart desires. If Kings Island is indeed getting a B&M Giga I hope it has better layout than Leviathan. More of those little high speed bunny hops would be great
  8. It seem like everyone is predicting that Kings Islands "Project 2014" is either going to be a) an Intamin or B&M Giga or b) a B&M Dive Machine I however am going to throw this idea out there....it has been long rumoured that B&M is ready to try their hand at building a launched coaster. Perhaps "Project 2014" is that first foray into launched coasters for the company.
  9. Thanks guys....I have a feeling I will be spending quite a bit of time on Ride of Steel as by the looks and sounds of it all the other rides will be one and done.
  10. Hey Folks...finally decide to join this site after being a long time lurker. It's hard to believe but I will be making my first ever visit to Darien Lake in a couple of weeks. Not really expecting any standout rides other than Ride of Steel. Are there any rides in this park that should be considered as a must ride?
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