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  1. I for one will not be crying over the loss of Skyrider...It is one of those coasters at Wonderland that I avoid when I visit the park. I think I have been on it 2 or 3 times in the last 5 years. The positive we all can take from this is that it won't take long till we see a new coaster pop up either in Skyriders spot or somewhere else in the park which I hope is not another B&M (but probably will be). would love and Intamin Blitz or some crazy RMC creation.
  2. I would like to thank everyone who commented on my water bottle question and now I have another question..this time regarding the ERT event being held this sunday. It says we can get wristbands at the designated table two hours before the park closes.....Does anyone know where this table is located, I really don't want to wander throughout the entire park to find it. Oh and I guess while I am at it I might as well throw out another question....we will be in Arlington for saturday,sunday and monday before heading up to San Antonio to ride more RMC hotness in Iron Rattler. Saturday and Sunday I know will be pretty packed but I have been debating about Monday whether to hit the park again or head over to Dallas to take in the sights and sounds there ( Dallas World Aquarium ) but something tells me that Monday might be the best day of the three crowdwise....can anyone back up my suspiscions?
  3. Goliath at LaRonde in 2010.....it was raining so hard that we could'nt see the river beside the ride. The most amazing part was that they kept the ride open during this monsoon and naturally being the nutcase that I am I just kept riding it...one of the best coaster memories I have.
  4. Maybe it was having an off-day but for me it was Bizarro/Superman at SFNE. It did'nt even crack my top 10 list.
  5. Looks like a fun ride...it has 2 things I love in a Roller coaster....a launch and good interaction. Hopefully they keep the theming that is pictured in the videos ( The fog/lightening and the farm)
  6. Still sticking with my guess of a launched 4th Dimension Coaster but I would settle for any kind of launched coaster. the world can't have enough launched coasters
  7. How quickly did those 66 days pass us by? Can't wait for Holiday World to finally pull back the curtains so we can all marvel at their new shiny ride
  8. Ok...We have almost reached the finish line on all this speculation and now with that last Holiblog post stating this would be a one-of-a-kind ride I am going to finally make my prediction.....Launched 4th Dimension Coaster by B&M but I would'nt rule out this being the first true blue steel coaster by RMC.
  9. Went to the park today from 1pm to around 6 and I guess everyone was watching the World Cup final because the park was pretty much dead as far as line-ups were concerned. Leviathan was a walk-on to 2 train wait the entire time and this is where I love Wonderland because despite the very short line they kept all three trains on the track. If this was Six Flags it would have been a one-train operation...guaranteed. Anywho...we finally got to see the new Cirque show and I was'nt really impressed. Sure the production value was much better than the previous version but I found it lacking the same element of danger. For me the highlight of the show were the two Clown "hosts". They were funny clowns Oh...and I kept looking at Wild Beast and found myself wondering what Rocky Mountain Construction could do with that ride. There is quite a bit of free space behind it and over towards behind the kids area.
  10. The girlfriend and I will be heading down to Texas for a week of Roller Coaster riding and baking in the sun and heat. We will be at SFOT from August 9th-11th before hopping on a bus on the 12th for San Antonio to hit up Six Flags Fiesta Texas and possibly Seaworld. I have been reading a lot of negative stuff about the operations at SFOT and I am already expecting shoddy operations but I do have some questions that I hope can be answered 1..I noticed that starting Monday,August 11th that the closing time goes from 10pm to 7pm...is there a particular reason for that? ( schools going back to class?) 2...There is a Exclusive Ride Time event on Sunday August 10th for Discover Card holders and Season Pass holders..is it safe to assume our Six Flag:America Season passes will get us into this event? How busy are these events usually and what rides are usually included? 3..Is the park anal about people bringing their own water bottles? I like bringing my own and fill it up as the day goes along. 4...Are there any coasters that tend to open up late? I really don't want to make a beeline straight to New Texas Giant only to find it does'nt open until 11 or later. 5....And I guess I'll ask the standard...."What will the crowds be like?" question as well. Thanks in advance for your answers/help/advice and I am really looking forward to finally scratching this park off my bucketlist in about a months time
  11. I really enjoyed watching Cirque:Ambiente the last two years and I am really looking forward to Dimensions. The live shows at Wonderland have really improved since the Cedar Fair takeover.
  12. It's great to see Goliath finally testing and I can't wait to see some POVs of this beast, Airtime and Hang time...what more could you ask for
  13. Agreed.....won't they have to complete a certain amount of test runs/hours in order to get the ride certified before opening it up to the public? I can't see that happening in five days if they have'nt completed tracking yet. Unless they do test runs throughout the night for the next five days. Anywho...I am excited to see the POV of this beast in the very near future and even more excited that I will be making my first ever trip to Great America later this year and will get the opportunity to ride Goliath
  14. Looks like Guardian is getting very close to finally opening up. I have to say I am not the biggest fan of this type of ride but I am intrigued enough to ride it at least once.
  15. Well now.....Goliath just looks amazing and is easily my most anticipated new coaster of 2014 and I can't wait to get out to Gurnee next spring to experience Great america for the first time. Rocky Mountain Coasters has just cemented its status as a major player in the coaster design/manufacturing buisness.
  16. While I am not a big fan of the interactive dark ride where you shoot at stuff I believe this will be a fantastic addition to the parks line-up of rides and that the General Public will flock to it in droves. I wonder how the capacity of this will be? I can forsee some insanely long line-ups for this.
  17. https://www.canadaswonderland.com/images/banners/img_home_rotator_breakfast_TV-3.jpg It's Balrog The Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Well...so much for thinking of heading to Chicago this fall and hitting up Great America for the first time. This news will make me postpone those plans until next year so I can ride this new wooden monster Given Six Flags recent relationship with RMC I would say the odds are pretty good this will be a RMC creation as well but who knows maybe Intamin is seeing all these new wooden coasters with inversions and are saying "Hey we can do that too!!!!"
  19. If this is indeed a new dark ride I hoping for something up there in terms of Curse of Darkastle.....I know it won't be anywhere near the quality of anything Universal has to offer.
  20. It is..............something. All I know is that seeing as a family will be making the announcement on Cedar Points behalf this will most likely be an attraction geared towards families. So there goes any chance of Project 2014 being a 600 foot tall wooden coaster.
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