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  1. I think a Dive Machine would be a fantastic addition to Cedar Points already potent lineup of coasters. I really enjoyed Griffon and Sheikra when I rode those and knowing Cedar Point they are going to try to top those 2 in terms oh height,speed,layout etc. Already planning to get a platinum pass for next year so I can get to ride this,Rougerou and Gatekeeper for the first time and be reunited with my beloved Maverick
  2. Braved the crowds yesterday for the sole reason of watching the chinese acrobats show and was not disappointed...what a great show. I highly recommend getting to the park either today or tomorrow to catch this show if you have'nt seen it yet.
  3. Storm Chaser looks pretty good to me and in my opinion it's always a good thing when another RMC creation is brought into our lives. Having this and The Voyage so close together is making me ponder a trip to King's Island/KK and Holiday World or maybe hit KK on the way home from Carowinds/Dollywood next year.
  4. We shall be finding out what is in store for next year in the next few weeks as Wonderland has a habit of making their new attraction(s) announcement sometime near the end of August to coincide with the launch of sales for next years Season passes and if we are getting a new coaster for 2016 then I would also expect some sort of teaser campaign to start in the next couple of weeks. As seen in the previous post...whether the park installs a new Coaster or a new garbage can for next year the people will still come in droves.
  5. It's going to be rainy and very cool tomorrow so I would expect that you are going to have ERT on Leviathan for pretty much the entire day
  6. I wish Six Flags would take note of this. This is something that even the general public notices. My wife isn't an enthusiast, but she enjoys going to the parks with me. SFOT was the only park she had ever been to in her life until I took her to CP in 2009 after we got married. She completely noticed the general enthusiasm and efficiency of the CP ops compared to SFOT. As much as I love SFOT, the ops make me sad too. It's always refreshing when I go and come across a ride crew that's at least attempting to throw some enthusiasm out there and trying to keep the lines moving. Could'nt agree more...My girlfriend and myself visited SFOt for the first time last year and we both noticed how un-eager the ride crews seemed. A lot of the time they would just stand around talking amongst themeselves for a few minutes before checking the restraints. It really did'nt bother me at the time as it was hot as heck ( by my standards at least) and I know I don't like moving very fast when I have to work when it's blazing hot. Best ride dispatch I have ever seen....the Phoenix at Knoebels...no sooner had we sat down we were dispatched.
  7. In my opinion the world has enough B&M's and not enough Intamins and RMC's but with that said I look forward to tomorrows announcement and I am sure whatever it is will prod me closer to making a return trip to Florida in the near future.
  8. And Wonderland is the only park that I have been to that always has a long line for a boomerang coaster so yes if you want to get that credit without waiting a long time for it then head there first.
  9. Looks like RMC has done it again with Wicked Cyclone ( was there any doubt? )......can't wait till the next time I get a Six Flags season pass so I can ride this masterpiece and Twisted Colossus at SFFM.
  10. While I do find this new activity on Skyriders old spot encouraging I want to be cautious with my optimism. I will be making my first trip of the year to Wonderland tomorrow and will make a point of taking a gander at the site to see if there has been any new progresss on whatever it is they are doing there. Might even fork over the 25 bucks to get my first ever ride on a Slingshot.
  11. HersheyPark and Knoebels this weekend...getting my first rides in on SkyRush and Phoenix
  12. Booooooooo to a full stop at the MCBR on The Voyage but yay to what looks like a rousing success in Thunderbird. Can't wait to get back down to Holiday World in the not too distant future.
  13. Going to be making my triumphant return to Hersheypark next weekend ( Friday evening/all day Saturday). The last time I was there was in 2011 and SkyRush had'nt been built yet. Can't wait to get my first rides in on that beast plus revisiting some old friends in Lightening Racer,Farhenheit and Storm Runner.
  14. Now all we need is an August announcement about a Maverick-esque or RMC woodie/Hybrid coming for 2016 . I know the likelyhood of that becoming reality are about the same as the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup in my lifetime but one can dream. As for Slingshot...I have always wanted to try one out and will be giving this a whirl sometime this summer.
  15. Someone did a flyover of the southern part of the park with a drone and got a good look at the location of the Slingshot PLUS a look at Skyriders old spot....looks like something is going on there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaVIY6VI9uQ
  16. My thoughts on this......it can't be any worse than the Stand-Up version........can it?
  17. Yep it was a good day at Wonderland today and also one of those days where I am extra proud to have Wonderland as my home park as despite the lousy weather and non-existant line-ups for Behemoth and Leviathan they still had all three trains going for each ride...if this was Six Flags...well I won't go there. Also...noticed that there were three or four sets of seats on Wonder Mountain Guardians trains that were not working today. Not sure if this has been an ongoing problem with the trains or it was weather related
  18. I have been a Bills fan since the 4 Super Bowl appearances and this is the first time in a long time I believe that the team is finally headed in the right direction. They have a lot of good young talent on offense and defense but with that said..their success all hinges on the progression of E.J. Manuel. If he keeps limiting the mistakes like he did against the Bears then they will have a chance to win most of their games.
  19. Love going to Wonderland on cool and cloudy/rainy days....just dress in layers...t-shirt/long sleeved shirt/hoodie and jacket (if needed) and then enjoy the walk-ons on every ride in the park. It's like having a free Fast Lane pass
  20. Behemoth----30+ Leviathan----30+ The Voyage---18 times I-305-------at least a dozen times Iron Rattler----13 times I am the kind of guy when I get to a park and find a ride that I really enjoy I will ride it over and over and over because I never know if I will get the opportunity to ride them again in the future.
  21. Now this looks like my kind of ride and this is what Six Flags should have bought instead of squandering their money on those SuperLoop rides.
  22. Wonderland's coaster collection is lacking three things in my opinion #1- A world class Woodie #2- A smooth and non-headache inducing coaster with inversions #3- A good launched coaster with a launch of at least 60mph A RMC would take care of the first two and after riding New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler for the first time a couple of weeks ago I would be ecstatic if we got our own RMC creation and there are a couple of reasons I think this might be a possibilty for project 2016....Wonderland has had a penchant for setting records here in Canada with Behemoth and Leviathan and I can see them wanting to take the title of Canada's tallest Wooden coaster from La Ronde and plus with Six Flags seemingly putting a RMC hybrid in all their parks it's probably just a matter of time before Le Monstre gets the Iron Horse treatment,Wonderland might be looking to jump in first and put in Canada's first hybrid coaster. The only things I see that might make Wonderland shy away from RMC for 2016 would be the somewhat low capacity plus Skyriders spot is pretty close to Minebuster. Not sure if the park would be willing to put 2 wooden coasters right close to each other. The stronger possibity is a launched B&M...it would take take of #2 and #3 and plus it would have the capacity that Wonderland needs in a Coaster. Lonshot possibilty......Canada's first Dive Machine and while we are at it let's make it the worlds tallest Dive Machine.
  23. Fury 325 looks like a fun ride....like Leviathan the emphasis seems to be on speed. Will this be better than Leviathan? More than likely because this is longer and there is more to the layout. Will this be a top five ride in my books?......probably not.
  24. Iron Rattler at Fiesta Texas...the only way to close out my 8 day adventure in Texas
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