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  1. Expedition Ge-Force Nemisis Kawesemi Dodanpa Piraten Taron Dragon Khan Bizzaro/Superman whatever it's called Wicked Cyclone Twisted Colossus Outlaw Run NTAG Kumba Montu El Toro Balder Steel Medusa
  2. Awesome to hear! Very exciting! Not being very familiar with how all of this works, what are the next few steps in this project?
  3. Going: Dollywood Kentucky Kingdom Cedar Point Kings Island Maybe: Holiday World SF St. Louis (1st time) Carowinds Silver Dollar City (1st time)
  4. 1999 Exterminator - Kennywood 2000 Millennium Force - CP 2002 Primeval Whirl - Animal Kingdom 2003 Top Thrill Dragster - CP 2004 Wicked Twister - CP 2005 Back Lot Stunt Coaster - Canada's Wonderland 2007 Maverick - CP 2013 Gatekeeper - CP 2014 Banshee - KI 2015 Rougarou - I'm sure that doesn't count though Fury 325 - Carowinds And for next year I should add Lightning Run Storm Chaser Valravn
  5. 1) Twitter 2) Facebook 3) Snapchat 4) YouTube 5) Instagram I rarely post anything anymore but am a big lurker. I like and favorite posts all the time on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I will re-tweet a lot on Twitter but I won't share much on Facebook. I do miss your TPR Snapchats but I understand that takes a lot of work and time updating what you're doing at the moment.
  6. ^Where does it say that? Online it looks like anyone can register. I was hoping one day in the future to go. It's expensive though!
  7. There you go Rocky Mountain fans, there's your Lightning Rod car on display. Those seats look really comfy! But they should have really thought about lap bars...we might fall out!
  8. Open this up in youtube. Very cool though, can't wait for this! Should be my first RMC!
  9. 1) Maverick 2) Millennium force 3) Raptor 4) TTD 5) Magnum XL 200 6) Gatekeeper 7) Gemini 8) Wicked Twister 9) Rougarou 10) Blue streak 11) Iron dragon 12) Corkscrew 13) CCMR 14) Mean Streak
  10. Haha that looks awful, the lift is the fastest part of the whole ride.
  11. I read through them. I usually won't click on the links if I have read through that topic within the last few days, but if it is something I've missed I will. I enjoy getting the Monday (sometimes Tuesday ) Fun emails and hope you continue with it.
  12. Right. Happens before the first launch. Got it. No wonder I've always missed it, I skip right to the drop of every on-ride video. I second that!! I completely forgot about Maverick having that kind of transfer track. TTD as well.
  13. Just looked at the webcam and they just poured a huge footer for the lift! In the renderings it is covered up with sod, I wonder if they'll actually do that?
  14. That sure is a pretty setting for a park! Wildfire is looking awesome, if only one day I'll be able to hit up Kolmarden.
  15. You're right, just don't tell my brother that, he thinks that ride is the best in the park haha
  16. 1st guy: "Iron Dragon originally didn't have two lifts, the engineers f'd up and had to put in the 2nd lift so it could make it back to the station." 2nd guy: "Ah, that makes sense..." 1st guy: "ride sucks anyways..."
  17. Oh my god, wow. I can't wait! This will be my first RMC, and that drop looks like it will be among the best drops in the world.
  18. B&M - not counting the awful standups, I'd say Intimidator. It gives me such a bad headache. Guess I have always gotten a bad ride on it. GCI - haven't been on many but Apocalypse was rough. Intamin - Green Lantern, which I didn't really think was all that terrible, but I'm in no hurry to ever ride it again.
  19. Heading to St Louis next Saturday, would like to hit HW on my way back on Sunday. How have the crowds been on Sundays for Halloween Weekends?
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