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  1. My computer lost my data... That means I have to start over... I will try to start a new park. Grr....
  2. ^ A POS! I think Montu is very themed to Egypt! http://www.rcdb.com/ig87.htm?picture=11 <-The Pic is too big and I'm too lazy to resize!
  3. http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=501186 There ya go , Angry_Gumball
  4. I wasn't trying to be rude... If it was I am terribly sorry I wish I had RCT2
  5. Sushi... I guess... What ever Chicken Pal is Would you rather eat Crickets or Spiders?
  6. You have to post pictures before a download... Please use punctuation and grammar correctly, also.
  7. Wow... :shock: That is a GREAT park!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it! Just one question, where do you get the vending machines, the extra scenery, the rides, all of that stuff that is not included on the RCT2 disk? - :mrgreen: CoasterPeep7 :mrgreen: -
  8. Hmm... :strokes beard I don't have: very interesting. I like the picture you are putting in my head. I can't wait!
  9. I downloaded and you kinda ran into some trees... other than that it is really good!
  10. Already being discussed http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21213
  11. Don't mean to rain on your parade but, the expansions fix all of that including the tunnels...
  12. ^ He spelled it right, CoasterDude5 didn't Good Work! :claps:
  13. ^ Please use punctuation To me, Zonga looks like a POS. But, I have never ridden it... Maybe they were trying too kill us...
  14. Nice park... I really like it. This is constructive criticism and I tried to put it in the nicest way but... IMO, I think you use too many catwalks on the coasters :? <-I know that's kinda harsh but I tried to put it in the nicest way... All the other things are just BEAUTIFUL! The roller coaster is awesome and the theming is so cool! Too bad I don't have RCT2... Used to though! Also, did you use Amazing Earl for the Chair Swing? - :mrgreen: CoasterPeep7 :mrgreen: -
  15. :gasps: :shock: That means you can't continue if you can't find a way! :mouth wide open: That is going to be sad...
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