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  1. Hehe... These won't pass the safety test! http://www.worth1000.com/galleries.asp?rel=Bizarre+Attractions&display=photoshop&id=7269 Don't eat lunch for a week before this ride! Please keep hands, feet, and objects inside the vehicle at all times I think they are gonna die... Woops! The ride that never ends!
  2. Hehe... Cool Ride. Watch out after that bunny hop after the drop, they could fly off!
  3. I think he means going to like EB Games or Gamestop for that "trade game for money" process. Possibly that is the right answer. But, I do not know.
  4. That mini everest looks like it doesn't have enough speed to go through the loop... from the angles, ya know? Any ways, the asian theming looks very good.
  5. ^^ My eyes... Lol. Mine would be any on an inverted coaster.
  6. I am amazed :shock: That is suck a good park! :mrgreen: CoasterPeep7 :mrgreen:
  7. Thanks you guys! I forgot to hit "Submit" on the profile before I moved on to the next one so I gotta do it again... I mostly like Inverted Roller Coasters like Montu and Dueling Dragons...
  8. ^ Mwahaha... You will die tonight JK < 11 years old V Likes Japanese food
  9. First, I would say something to put you into a situation. Then the next user, answers then posts another situation. Example Below 1st User: If you were elected to be president of the United States, what would you do to make it better 2nd User: I would let everything to be free where you do not have to pay for anything! Got it? Here we go... If you accepted to become the owner of a theme park... What theme park would you pick?
  10. ^Has the word "chili" in his screenname (Mmmmm....Chili) <2nd Post! Woot! \/Has a best friend
  11. Hey, I'm new here so I need tips about this website. For example, things that are popular, what roller coasters are popular, or the best roller coaster game on the planet, etc. Please help! P.S. I HAVE read the terms and conditions, the file upload rules, edited my profile (not the avatar phrase), and would like to choose an avatar.
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