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  1. Love for Backlot Tour? Heres the link: http://www.epcyclopedia.com/2012/07/31/major-changes-coming-to-studio-tram-tour-at-disney-hollywood-studios-in-2013/ I thought I would share here after i saw this scrolling through WDWmagic. I hope this is true but at the same time, I just think this attraction should be let go for future expansion...
  2. When RCT (2 or 3) comes to iPad, I'll be happy. Right now, Happy Park and EA's Theme Park just aren't doing it for me while I'm away from my game...
  3. I really like it! Especially the flume ride. It all has a nice feel!
  4. Also Tennessee Tornado (which inspired Blue Ridge) is brown! So, brown isn't that rare. molemaster43 - Maybe... I do like the idea of an imagination or fantasy section. But then I feel it would be all too similar to Dollywood. Hmmm.... themeparksbuzz - Thank you! And I really like that idea. But as I already said, I feel like the whole park would be way too similar to Dollywood. But then again, maybe not.
  5. I'll be posting my replies at the bottom from now on! ~~~ July 21st, 2012 Good news is I landed the job! I am now an employee of Kodiak Hills and a ride operator for The Ghastly Manor! Maybe I can get some more lights on and backstage shots! But for now, here's a small amount of pictures and a survey I'm taking: Timber Twister is my favorite flat-ride in the park. Something about it is so much fun, yet so nauseating. Don't expect long waits for this one when you come here! Blue Ridge's corkscrew. Don't ask how I got this shot! And, how would you feel about the track and trains being repainted to blue and white? Or should it stay the same. The park wants to know. The Great Grizzly's loop was literally carved into the mountain. Also don't ask how I got this shot, hahaha. The Danger Forest is probably my least favorite area of the park. How do you feel about it? It just feels like there's something missing... Hmmm. This is the Peril Shaft. It looks nice, but it rarely runs and is very hard to maintain. The park is highly considering removing it. What do you think could replace it? Or should it stay? Option A - A comedy show about the troubles in a mining town. Guaranteed laughs! Option B - New fully enclosed flat-ride. Option C - Clear the land for future expansion. Option D - Keep Peril Shaft. Help the park decide in their latest survey! ~~~ molemaster43 - Haha, no, just perverts! And thank you! griffonj2022 - Haha, thank you. I believe that's what makes it truly special. AlmereStars - Thank you! I like the darker colors also.
  6. Avatar: The Last Airbender! Though, I started watching Korra recently.
  7. I'd say my park is pretty realistic and it's RCT3! Though, I don't have the best graphics. RCT3 wins the vote for me. With CS, CTRs, CTs, CFR and all that good stuff, RCT3 goes from being more realistic than RCT2 to astoundingly more realistic. The example photos above proved that point. Though, I do wish I had RCT2 because that's the game I remember from my childhood and it can be more fun without the annoying lag!
  8. July 17th, 2012: A Day at the Park! Hey! Back at the park again for a new update! And.... I applied for a job at the park! Who knows what I'll get. Ride attendant? Cashier? Janitor? Who knows? But, if I get the get the job, I'll be able to get some "back-stage photos" and maybe even hook someone up with free entry... Anyways, on to the update! The park was lightly crowded today. However, it's only 9 A.M., so I'm sure more crowds are coming! And on another note, "Alpine Village" has been re-named to "The Town Square". Not much of a difference, but it works. Mystery House is the quite the attraction today. Long lines is the case. Maybe due to the fact that it's indoors and its 90+ degrees out... And what is the janitor doing to this woman.... It was the same for Slippery Rock Falls. Everyone wanted to get wet on this blistering day. My ride on The Ghastly Manor was marred by a technical problem and our train stopped right behind another train as their's was about to engage the lift-hill. And the lights came on, ruining the mood. I just love this picture. Eh, I skipped Blue Ridge today. The line was just outrageous and I wasn't in the mood. Told you the crowds would come.... And here is my final ride before my camera died. I just love it so much. The Great Grizzly is awesome! -------------------------------------------- @Cyrbuzz - Thank you!
  9. @funkeymon - Thank you! I tried to achieve that effect. @coastercrazy 9 - Thanks! And maybe, but not anytime soon. There is still some stuff that needs working on. @imawesome1124 - Thanks! And yes, that was my inspiration. @stashua123 - It may come.
  10. Anyways, due to votes on Shyguys world and RCTLounge, a B&M Invert was decided and after 2 months of building, it was opened! ~ The entrance is iconic. I never get tired of seeing it. However, today is a special day for the park. The media soft-opening of The Great Grizzly! Kodiak Hills' new B&M Inverted coaster! To get to Grizzly Gulch (the new, small area for The Great Grizzly), you have to travel through Wild Fields Fair. YES! The moment I've been waiting for. And I think this area looks beautiful, especially the new coaster. Another angle. From the Carousel. I went picture crazy with this ride! I rode Dark Castle just to get this picture! I love the intimacy of the cobra-roll and the surroundings of Wild Fields Fair. This is the first underground dive and it goes right under the station! This picture was taken right when I got off the ride. A storm rolled in and it made the ride even more photogenic! It's beautiful. And I finally snapped a picture of the train going through the loop! Sadly, this is the last picture I took, but this coaster is definitely one of the best I've ridden in a while. And now, Kodiak Hills boasts 4 amazing coasters! I can't wait to come back soon!
  11. Boomerang at Wild Adventures! It was my first upside down roller coaster and I don't remember it being too bad...
  12. I got bored and started a Studios park, but I don't know if I'll keep up with it...
  13. I actually really enjoy this park! Especially the woodie and arrow. Keep up the good work!
  14. Option A - B&M Wingrider - Similar to Dollywood's Wild Eagle, this coaster would wind through the mountains offering a unique flying experience. Option B - B&M Invert - Riders would soar through the trees and go through fierce and quick inversions and dive under the ground multiple times offering a powerful and unique coaster experience. Option C - Wooden Coaster - This coaster will feature plenty of airtime and multiple twists through the hills and a wild curving first drop. (I will NOT custom support). Option D -Mack Super-Splash - A highly themed and soaking adventure through an explosive TNT factory ending a large, soaking drop. Option E - Intamin Accelator - Prepare to be blasted at high speeds through the woods and mountains and through quick inversions and airtime hills. ~ I wish I could do a poll.
  15. All drop towers freak me out... I don't think I could do it. I love Tower of Terror, but I draw the line after that.
  16. @B.A.B - Thank you! And maybe! @coastercrazy 9 - Thank you again! ~ Signature shot of Blue Ridge poking out of the hills. It never gets old seeing it pop out of the trees like this! Heavy crowds already... I made my way over to Wild Fields Fair and Danger Forest first. These areas draw the most crowds. AND I am to happy to report that Dark Castle has reopened after a lengthy refurbishment and check up to make sure everything is safe, due to an faulty effect starting the fire. You can barely catch the final inversion of Blue Ridge from Wild Fields Fair. I immediately skipped past the flat rides in Wild Fields Fair and made my way over to Danger Forest for an early ride on Forsaken Mine. It's not a thrilling coaster but it features 2 quite steep drops and a short coaster section. Not a lot of people were back here. Danger Forest has been extended though! Pretty! And quite good theming. Peril Shaft is the new drop ride! It's scary though... A single dad asked me to take a picture of them but they all started an aggressive argument and I just walked away... On the way back from Danger Forest I stopped for a famous chicken lunch in Wild Fields Fair! Queues for Blue Ridge were incredibly long, as usual. Same goes for Mystery House. I just couldn't wait for it... These two rides seem to be the most popular recently. Signature Old Town shot! Snapped this right before the drop! The Ghastly Manor was my last ride and this area was really empty today. I rode 3 times with less than a 10 minute wait each time.
  17. stashua123 - Thank you! And I've been pondering it... ---------------------- It's been a while since I've visited Kodiak Hills. The last time was before the accident for the grand opening of the new Wild Fields Fair area. But, I made my way down there for the grand opening of Danger Forest (new area) that houses a new enclosed roller coaster/dark-ride: Forsaken Mine. Also, a new ride has made it's way to Wild Fields Fair! Just a classic Carousel! The park needed more kids rides though and this was perfect! It is sort of tucked away from the rest of the Wild Fields Fair section and is cornered by fences and beautiful trees. But just beyond the Wild Fields Fair lies an old and dilapidated mining town where the star attraction is an indoor roller coaster. An eerie fog envelops part of the town that has clearly been abandoned for many years. The entrance to Forsaken Mine. Not too hard to find. A small abandoned shack helps set the mood of this creepy mining town. The exit area of Forsaken Mine tells guests something wrong happened here many years ago due to the crashed and rusted train and overgrown trees and other plants.
  18. Thank you! There is A LOT of people who create far greater things with RCT3 than me so that is a major compliment!
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