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  1. I really love how they actually built a spring, and then have the shops/restaurants going all around it. The spring looks like a real one, and it's certainly beautiful. Gonna have to go down soon and see this!
  2. Only that transition is truly bad. Well maybe WWoHP to JP. The rest of the transitions between the lands work well I think, especially Seuss Landing to Lost Continent.
  3. IoA is my favorite theme park too. I love it, though it certainly is not perfect. A few areas of the park are very weak to me, like the transition between Toon Lagoon and MSHI. The visible Spider-Man show building/carnival games/ugly theater make for a very poor part of the park. That being said, I think Port of Entry is one of the best theme park entrances ever created (it certainly is my favorite). And the theming everywhere in the rest of the park is superb. I love it!!
  4. --- Update #5: Welcome to Jurassic Park --- The gates of Jurassic Park seen as guests turn right from the Port of Entry. Jurassic Park River Adventure is seen directly ahead. Woo-hoo, snacks and a new water ride! The infamous JP:RA splashdown. And the patch of grass in the bottom left is definitely a WIP.
  5. Thank you for the comment! I will try and see if there is a way that I could change the letters into the MARVEL logo... Maybe a billboard? And no, the test seat has the wrong color scheme. I also need to the change that. Thank you again! ------ Update #4: A Question ------ I took the advice of Toborg123 and went ahead and downloaded Krypt's space-shot CFR, and replaced both of the in-game towers for Doctor Doom with them. However, I'm not too sure I like how they turned out... Even though this is MY version of Islands of Adventure, the towers do have that unchangeable white to them. Is there a way to change the white? Does it look bad and less foreboding? Hmmm. Another shot taken from the backstage area of Port of Entry. Do the towers seem too tall? A shot from the backstage area of Hulk to show off that white color on the towers. A crowded Port of Entry... Just like the real Islands of Adventure! And what fun would this be without a little tease... *queue up the John Williams* :yes: All feedback and comments are very much appreciated!
  6. Thank you! I also agree that it is Orlando's most visually stunning parks. Minus a few spots, it is quite the amazingly themed park. Thank you! The exit path is actually NCS. And no, it doesn't happen in RCT3, but I know exactly what you're referring to with RCT2! ------ Update #3: Doctor Doom's FearFall ------ A beautiful early morning shot with, yes, Doctor Doom's FearFall. The tower spike CS really makes or breaks the ride... My version of the entrance into Marvel Super Hero Island. Let me know if you think the letters are too tacky or anything like that... I thought they were fitting for MSHI. The entrance to Hulk's queue. My version of the Doctor Doom's FearFall facade. I like how it turned out, but I do feel like it is missing something. Doctor Doom's FearFall at night. I also like how the lighting turned out. I find that the facade looks very ominous and imposing. Well, that concludes the small update on Doctor Doom's FearFall and other Marvel Super Hero Island progress! All comments and criticisms are very much appreciated
  7. Thank you! And yes, I definitely need to work on the supports. I don't think that they're too bad, but I'll definitely be tweaking them. It will not be not an exact replica. It will have many of the same lands, themes and rides, but they're placement and the way their executed will certainly be different. My Marvel Super Hero Island is already carried out and set up in a completely different fashion. You'll see next update! Thank you! --------------------------------------------- And now on to some more photos of my Islands of Adventure! Another view point of Port of Entry, this time just before you enter the park. I really like this shot... Looking back down Port of Entry in the rain. So pretty! A very incomplete picture of the entrance into Marvel Super Hero Island. Hulk's exit pathway, which leads back into Marvel Super Hero Island. Another view of my version of Hulk, which shows the train emerging from the Gamma Radiation tube. I know that I need to work on these darn supports, gah. Port of Entry at night... Thank you for reading/looking!
  8. Universal's Islands of Adventure is my all time favorite theme park, and since I've just recently gotten RCT3 back, I have begun to build my OWN version of one of the best theme parks in the world. I doubt it will be as impressive as many things on these boards, but I just wanted to share what I've recently been building... Thank you L-33 for your amazing Port of Entry sets... Port of Entry is one of my favorite themed lands anywhere. In my Port of Entry's main drag, I have Ocean Market Trader playing. At the end of the street, the music transitions to The Call to Adventure. "The Adventure Begins". A rainy glance back down the Port of Entry. A very WIP shot of my area around Hulk's entrance. A most likely unattractive mix of Steelworx (bad) and Moby's Steel Jungle (good). A little overview so far. My Hulk really dominates over the Port of Entry. All comments and criticisms are appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure or Busch Gardens Tampa? Disneyland Resort or Universal Orlando Resort? (There are uncanny similarities between them, so it would be very interesting)
  10. So far: 1. Universal's Islands of Adventure 2. SeaWorld Orlando Coming up: 1. Magic Kingdom 2. Epcot 3. Disney's Animal Kingdom 4. Universal Studios Florida (hopefully for Transformers)
  11. Theme parks. I'd much rather spend my time walking the countries in Epcot's World Showcase or simply walking around Universal's Islands of Adventure's Port of Entry than waiting for Six Flag's latest and greatest steel monster.
  12. Glad you seem to have enjoyed Universal! Love that park, and I love Islands of Adventure even more. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.
  13. Yes! Think of a similar type style boat to Popeye & Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges at IOA and Grizzly River Run at DCA, but a lot smaller! Granted, it was slow moving, but they had like swamp people in the water and tunnels and scare actors flying over you. They didn't do it last year (sadly) but they did it all of the years before. I hope, hope, hope that they do it this year, though. I went to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights a few days after Adventure Landing's event and I think I got more scared in the 3-D maze in the Laser Tag area than I did at any of Universal's HHN houses.
  14. Ice's (or Hungarian Horntail... blech) view is not that bad. Though with Fire, you can see that awful soundbarrier and more of "the outside world". There is a ton of construction going under both coasters though, and I hope to god that it includes adding more trees/foliage.
  15. WOAH, you were at Adventure Landing?! I work at the restaurant next door; TacoLu Baja Mexicana. It's my first job, and I host/bus tables. Great food and locally owned! But anyways, I agree that Adventure Landing is actually pretty nice. The Laser Tag is so fun, as well as the go-karts and the mini golf. And the water park is actually really nice. It's well themed, and the master blaster (The Rage) has a pretty decent drop on it and a few good airtime moments. The rest of the slides are also top notch. Plus, they have an AWESOME Halloween event. They have rafts that sail down the lazy river (they call it "haunted river", or something like that), then you get out and explore a massive maze set throughout the water park. They also have a second house located in the Laser Tag room. Last year it was 3-D and was completely terrifying/disorienting.
  16. The pictures speak the truth. The theming at Universal is only matched by Disney, and in quite a few places, passes Disney. The parks are always clean. As you can see in the update, two lands at Islands of Adventure just went through a massive repainting (Toon Lagoon and Seuss Landing). This is the case if you've ONLY ever been to American amusement parks along with Universal and Disney parks, perhaps, but there are quite a few parks out there that also have theming that is just as good as Universal, some of them just as good as Disney. Parks like Europa, Phantasialand, Efteling, and even Alton Towers come to mind. There are actually many parks all over Asia, Europe, and even Australia that do a FANTASTIC job on theming and story telling. For example, that dark ride section of Superman: Escape at Warner Bros Movie World is better than any theming on any of the coasters at Islands of Adventure. And that's not knocking IOA or anything, but to say that Universals theming is only matched by Disney is simply not true. --Robb Correct. I was only speaking from an American point of view. Should have made that more clear. I have not been to parks outside of the U.S., so my opinion is quite marred, but based on pictures, some of the theming outside of America does look great! Though still, I will always believe Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios Florida to be two of the best parks in terms of theming, cleanliness, staff effiency, and maintenance out there. But I know for a fact my opinion is biased, because Islands of Adventure is my all time favorite park. (Though you can't deny that the park is truly full of some of the best themed lands and attractions out there)
  17. The pictures speak the truth. The theming at Universal is only matched by Disney, and in quite a few places, passes Disney. The parks are always clean. As you can see in the update, two lands at Islands of Adventure just went through a massive repainting (Toon Lagoon and Seuss Landing).
  18. Oh yes, those two are very impressive as well. I have yet to see The Little Mermaid's in person, though.
  19. Ride facades are important to many differently themed attractions in how they help build up the "story" to the ride itself. Ride facades also often stand out as being completely mesmerizing in how detailed they are as they help to draw you to the attraction itself. However, it's hard to pick favorites because of just how good some of the facades are out there. Though, I would still pick my favorites as... 1. The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror (Disney's Hollywood Studios) 2. Poseidon's Fury (Universal's Islands of Adventure) 3. Mystery Mine (Dollywood) 4. The Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom) 5. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (Universal's Islands of Adventure) 6. Radiator Springs Racers (Disney's California Adventure) 7. Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios Florida) 8. Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls (Universal's Islands of Adventure) Runners Up: 1. Men in Black: Alien Attack (Universal Studios Florida) 2. Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom) 3. Mission: Space (Epcot) 4. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (Universal's Islands of Adventure) 5. Journey to Atlantis (SeaWorld Orlando) (Lists not in order) What are some of your favorite ride facades?
  20. Yes. It's a projection of a glowing orb that follows the rider. I guess to symbolize that you're traveling by magic? I like it much, much better than what was there before.
  21. I've only been to Six Flags over Georgia and I didn't find it to be that bad. Now, I've seen pictures of other Six Flags parks and whew... They get pretty ugly. For me, a theme park isn't all about roller coasters. It's an experience. I love atmosphere, theming, landscaping, music, food, etc. I would much rather spend a day at Universal's Islands of Adventure or Magic Kingdom than riding an endless amount of roller coasters at a crappy park. Eh, maybe I'm just spoiled living in Florida and getting to go to Universal and Disney all the time.
  22. Yep. They changed that confusing Floo Network scene where it looked like you were flying through chimneys. I think the new green orb looks much better.
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