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  1. @I305KD - Thank you! And yep. @molemaster43 - Thanks! -------------------- Two weeks after the opening of The Ghastly Manor, I arrived at Kodiak Hills on a particularly rainy day. I expected light crowds but.... The Alpine Cafe is the most popular eatery at this park. I had to actually make reservations to come back later but the cobb salad and mushroom swiss burger are amazing! Heavy crowds were here today. Atleast not a lot of people were in line for Slippery Rock Falls in this thunderstorm. Don't ask why I rode.... The "Hotel" got its fry stand! It has interesting flavors, like dill pickle, soy sauce and... strawberry?! I felt like I was at Tokyo Disneyland. This also goes to show that guests don't know how to throw trash away when the trash can is right there... Little to no lines for The Ghastly Manor which was... interesting. Oh well, more rides for me! Perhaps the biggest draw for today was the "Wild Fields Fair" section of the park. But first, I must ride Blue Ridge, especially with so little lines! And I snapped this picture of the Dark Castle's new exterior remodeling. New arches, roofs, cornices! In the Wild Fields Fair, they had a Tilt-a-Whirl! One of my favorites! And a scrambler! It's called Timber Twister! A new eating area. Some of the best chicken is here and it offers a great view of the Chairswing and the mountain behind it! And the Chairswing! You skim the tops of the trees! It is quite beautiful! Looking back towards the village.
  2. Disney: Haunted Mansion, ToT, PotC Universal: Spiderman, RotM Other: Blazing Fury (does this count more as a dark ride or coaster?)
  3. Thank you! I was going to do a Euro-Fighter with multiple large inversions but I decided for the more humble route and I really wanted it to fit more in with the surrounding area. I was obviously inspired by Mystery Mine!
  4. It's a good start but I agree with the above said, especially about the manor and the trees. You need some variety! But, I'm sure it will shape up better once you add some rides.
  5. @RCTrioFan - Thank you! And I have to agree. Maybe I can figure out a way to make the transition seem less drastic. @coastercrazy 9 - Thank you! That feel is what I was going for! ---------------------------------------------- The Ghastly Manor opening day! Well, today is the big opening day of the parks new star roller coaster, The Ghastly Manor! A custom Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter! I arrived pretty early to check things out but avoiding long lines seemed almost impossible.... The Manor's large tower loomed over the tree-line. Right at the end of Old Town is where you turn to get into Whispering Hollow. The screams of riders from Slippery Rock Falls and The Ghastly Manor make these two areas seem pretty scary! The Ghastly Manor is located in a new area called "Whispering Hollow" just behind Old Town. The Ghastly Manor is the only attraction located in this small area. However, there is a small stand called "Estate Sweets" that sells delicious chocolate. Here you can observe screaming riders emerge from the 95 degree drop and into the sunlight. Always fun to watch. This could give you a clue to the layout outside! The Ghastly Manor also features a 90 degree drop that takes riders into a helix behind the manor and then they turn back into the manor itself and the ride ends. A pretty intense ending! It doesn't feature any inversions, but it's a good thrilling coaster for young coaster enthusiasts ready to take on the bigger rides. It's still very thrilling for those who love the more intense coasters though. The Ghastly Manor proves to be a great choice for Kodiak Hills and the guests seem to think so as well!
  6. Yikes! Okay! I'm sorry I did not know. Well, I wasn't planning on a major update anytime soon anyways!
  7. Okay, thanks for the heads up! Updating too much could clearly end up being pretty bad... Hahaha. Plus, it was just a small teaser anyways so it wasn't a "full" update anyways! Haha.
  8. @TJ27 - Thank you!! @molemaster23 - Wow, thank you! --------------------- A new coaster has been in the works for a while. Construction started taking places atleast two weeks ago and not having been to the park in the while, I have had no clue on what the coaster looks like or even is about, BUT, the park released a teaser shot on their website, check it out! That definitely piked my curiosity. What kind of coaster? What will we find in that old mansion in the new land called: "Whispering Hollow"? More to come!
  9. Hahaha! This would beat any ride But seriously, I would actually love this! Home-wrecker doused in queso =
  10. @coasterbill - Thank you! @tiger01 - Thank you! And I did! ------------------- Kodiak Hills announces the soft opening of "Old Town". After hearing the soft opening of Old Town, I immediately took this short drive Kodiak Hills, a little over a week since my last visit. The entrance doesn't look too different, but the park was noticeably more crowded today. Some new high-tech turnstile scanner thingys were installed! Yay for technology! Uh, something looks different. The central fountain area has been removed. I asked a nearby janitor and he said that the fountain was creating too much traffic congestion. It is definitely much more open! And... the grand entrance to Old Town! Yay! I heard the soft opening was just to lessen the crowds and draw them to the big ride in Old Town. Slippery Rock Falls. A true journey through the beautiful Smoky Mountains and an exciting drop! A drink stand. Nothing special. Yay for waiting in long lines! Now I am really excited. This is near the end of the ride. Some hotel in Old Town. It will soon house a new restaurant! Bye Old Town! To the left is the horribly long line of Blue Ridge and to the right is The Dark Castle. OH GOD. It may look long, but it only ended up being around 20 minutes thanks the wonderful staff and quick loading in this park! Bye Blue Ridge and Kodiak Hills!
  11. I really like the arrow looper, the log flume and the wild mouse! It seems you've turned it around for the better in a way! Though, the mountain looks random and out of place. Maybe a few hills around it? And I do have to agree with the captions... They are quite bland. Good luck!
  12. This is amazing! The amount of detail and the way you included the waterpark and kiddie area (as said above) is so realistic! I'm going to have to agree with that it's one of the best RCT2 parks I've ever seen!
  13. On carnival rides, yes. But on a coaster, probably my first boomerang! I was little and I thought for sure I was gonna die!
  14. I don't remember Spiderman having two elevators. Well they are both very similar, high-tech 3-D rides, are they not? I would consider them to be in the same category. Though, it may not be a pn absolutely horrible idea to have both rides and they'd certainly be in different parks.
  15. Yikes, that first post was good on RCTLounge but okay! Here goes Update #2 which is now Update #1. ----------- Grand Opening of Kodiak Hills theme park, Asheville NC! Hey! Local coaster enthusiast here from Asheville, North Carolina. We have all been awaiting the opening of Kodiak Hills theme park in our own local area! I've already bought my season pass! Now, its still in major construction as I hear so I don't know what to expect but here is my trip report on the fine morning of June 18th, 2012! Beautiful entrance, beautiful day. Not sure what to expect, but here we go! The entry area and main area is known as, "Alpine Village". It's themed wonderfully and is really beautiful. It really feels like a small village up in the mountains. Lots of places to sit in this cozy village! The restroom building which is located next to the Alpine Cafe! A left after the entrance and then a right will take you to the beautiful Blue Ridge! A rather smooth arrow looper with a long freaking wait. Rightfully named after a beautiful scenic drive through the Smoky Mountains! Across from Blue Ridge is The Dark Castle, a creepy and scary haunted house ride. Now this ain't no Haunted Mansion, but it's definitely better than those carnival rides! If you take an immediate right after the entrance, you'll find yourself at this dead-end (construction is behind those walls), but this dead end is home to... The Mystery Manor! A strange building that houses a drop ride. The drop ride is enclosed and surrounded by disorienting colors and walls! It's themed to a local Wizard's experiment going haywire. It's not very tall but it lasts long and you can get some good airtime! Bye Kodiak Hills! A pretty park currently still in development stages. I know MUCH more will be added on and improved on. I really enjoyed it, even if the lines were freakishly long. But the employees were top-notch and so was the atmosphere. One final shot.
  16. Anyways, it just doesn't seem right because they already have Spiderman which is the exact same track layout and a very similar experience... Just wanted to offer my opinion!
  17. BREAKING NEWS! Herschend Family Entertainment has plans to unveil a new theme park! Herschend Family Entertainment is well known for the two popular parks: Dollywood and Silver Dollar City, but what about a new park? Check out this statement! This is exciting! As a theme park enthusiast, I can't wait to see what will be offered and I sure do love Dollywood! I heard this will be like Dollywood's sister park and only an hour or less away! And by the way, HFE released some digitally rendered photos of the future park! Check them out! Nice entrance, great landscaping with the pine trees and fountains. I hope it really does look like this! Is that a peek of a coaster! This park already looks beautiful! I wonder what is next... -------------------------- Okay, I know I recently started a park but i'll keep updating both! But anyways, I really love Dollywood and I wanted to make a park with the charm and beauty that Dollywood is known for, so it has begun
  18. So apparently there is something happening at Universal Orlando, check out what Themeparkinsider wrote: Could this be Transformers? Or something else?
  19. Let me tell you what, that intense backwards spiral inside the mountain certainly feels like an inversion. I do have to agree. It's very forceful.
  20. - "Expedition Everest has 3 loops inside the mountain!!!!" - "Isn't Space Mountain that ride where your head can get cut off?!" - "Hulk is the fastest roller coaster in the world!!!"
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