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  1. This is when I wished near Disneyland and NOT Disney World. But how can you be picky about either?
  2. I was put under the responsibility of going to the park and taking pictures of the new Hollywood section and the line for Tower of Terror! This is the current view of Hollywood Lane and Tower of Terror at the end! The Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant will serve delicious gourmet burgers and other treats. Looking good! This is the view you will have as you begin your walk through the overgrown gardens of the Hollywood Hotel. At the end of the path here, the line takes an immediate right turn. Getting closer to the lobby! Almost there! Next left is the lobby! There is plenty of things to look at in the lobby. Old books that bear Twilight Zone memorabilia, an old, cobweb filled fireplace that hasn't been used since 1939 and a chandelier that looks like it could fall at any moment... Creepy! The rest of the Hollywood Tower Hotel will remain in mystery, maybe in the next update of photos more will be revealed...
  3. I love all the detail you put into this, especially for RCT2! Great job!
  4. Kumba, Montu, Sheikra, Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, Verbolten, Griffon, The Cyclone, Space Mountain, Mystery Mine, Nemesis, Oblivion, Expedition Everest.
  5. The Disney Pandora station...
  6. Hollywood, 1939. Amid the glitz and the glitter of a bustling, young movie town at the height of its golden age, The Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right; a beacon for the show business elite. Now, something is about to happen that will change all that... Disney's Magical Sneak Peek of, "The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror!" Opening soon at Disney's Adventure Park!
  7. Okay, does anyone else turn into an emotional wreck during most Pixar movies? I know this sounds silly but I am a 16 year-old guy and I cry at just about every one of them. Wall-E (I cry at the whole movie), Toy Story 3 (oh god), Nemo, Up, Monsters Inc. (the ending). These movies make me cry so bad. I usually don't cry at a whole lot of other movies, maybe it's the way Pixar does it... Please tell me I'm not the only one. Especially about Wall-E. I seriously cry the whole movie. Even at the happy parts, which is really, REALLY embarrassing.
  8. That is the dumbest thing ever. Getting hurt on stairs? Your kids could do that at Grandma's house. Seriously. The only danger is having too much fun.
  9. Revenge of the Mummy is totally enclosed--and Universal Florida's version is still the best of the bunch. The "dark ride" stuff is well done, and there's some nice airtime during the second half of the ride. I don't know why I said that... I meant to use Mystery Mine as an example but I had RotM on the mind, hahaha.
  10. I had trouble deciding between Space Mountain, RNRC and Revenge of the Mummy (USF). Space Mountain was my first roller coaster and I still really love it (in the top 10), RNRC is just amazing, though short, and I love the music but overall, RotM gets my vote. The theming is truly amazing and I love the effects and the upwards launch. It's just a great experience and may be my favorite coaster of all time. On my last trip I managed to ride it atleast 6 times between park-hopping between both parks all day.
  11. 1. Trying to get on the Tower of Terror. In this dream, I am waiting in line for the Tower of Terror ALL DAY LONG. It is just room after room. In one room, I had to watch a video on pregnancy with my pregnant mom (wtf) then I would finally be about to get on my elevator and the dream would end. 2. Weird Hulk. In this dream, I would be in line for Hulk and it would be like walking through a giant shopping mall. It was disorienting, confusing and hard to find my way through. Finally, I would make it to this dirty concrete staircase and I would just sit there with my friends and finally keep walking to get on the ride. During the ride, there was like two launches and they were very dangerous because they went through a small tunnel and nothing would hold you in. 3. Dying on the Hulk. Okay this is the scariest one. Right after being launched out of the tunnel, the track just ended and I remember seeing the people ahead of me crash and die but instead I just gently floated off and landed on this strange version of Marvel Superhero Island. I can't tell if I died or not but once in Marvel Superhero Island, people just barely acknowledged the roller coaster accident and kept walking. It was strange. 4. Strange DHS. This is the most recent. First, I would be walking on the beach and go up a wooden walkway and then all of the sudden, I'm in this weird version of Disney Hollywood Studios! The first part was cool, it was basically DCA's Tower of Terror and a new version of Rock 'N' Roller Coaster next to each other. But then, it turned weird and like a huge spread out fair,except the large grassy area in the middle was off-limits and you walked around it. There was wooden roller coaster, weird rides and concession stands. It was really strange.
  12. I rode that ride on my birthday and had a meltdown. Basically like how you described it, except now I have a fear of aliens.
  13. I feel like this park and Rainbow Magicland seem to always be empty... Except I've only seen them in photos but theyve always appeared empty in them.
  14. Update #3 After my most recent visit to Disney's Adventure Park, I managed to snap two outside shots of the new ride! It is called "Mission To Mars" and is the same type of technology used at Epcot for Mission: Space! The entrance is to the right and the line twists through starry, space-themed corridors before you get to the launch bay and begin your adventure! Update #4 TomorrowLand is now complete! I approached TomorrowLand, excited to see it finally complete! The newest restaurant, Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe! Some new foliage and fountains! It looks nice. An overview shot! Space Mountain is ever so popular! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Disney's Adventure Park's new land has begun to go under construction! The theme is a clear giveaway. I'm very excited to see what the park plans to offer in Hollywood!
  15. Okay I understand! Thank you for apologizing. And thanks for the advice!
  16. Get used to it. We have a few here (and it looks like they post the same way elsewhere) that never have anything nice to say. I mean, I really want criticism but the way it's worded just came off as rude and helpful. Blah. Thanks for the advice though!
  17. I knew the park opening would do that! And thank you! Haha and it isn't the typical Buzz Lightyear shooter found at the other Disney parks!
  18. Update #2 A big announcement is to be made! Disney's Adventure Park has opened and along with the opening, Buzz LightYear's Galactic Attack has opened as well! You could refer to the opening of the park as a "soft-opening". Disney has opened the park with tickets half of what they are going to be until the completion of TomorrowLand! (Due to the fact of only having three attractions). 7 and up is 45$. 3 to 7 is 25$. Below 3 is free. I decided to head to the park opening day to take some pictures! It was pretty busy actually! A lot of guests were complaining about the lack of attractions. Pushing and shoving was constant and it was hard to move at points. TomorrowLand finally got it's sign! I hit Space Mountain first! I must have waited an hour but it was worth it! I took a relaxing ride on the TomorrowLand Transit authority and took this shot of Buzz LightYear's entrance and exit! A lot of construction going on at the far end of TomorrowLand. I'm guessing it's the next attraction and a few shops. As I left the park and tried to locate my car at the far end of the parking lot, I took my final snapshot. It's the MASSIVE Buzz LightYear building! Quite noticeable.
  19. Once I was stuck at Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom for about 30 minutes. There was too many people, it was atleast 90 degrees, and we couldn't move. All of the lines were over an hour long, even for the A and B ticket attractions.
  20. Hollywood Rip, Ride, RockIt.... Ew. Like the coaster but I hate the name and it doesn't fit in...
  21. Maybe it's the graphics? My computer isn't that great... Or the bland CS, but don't worry, it should hopefully give you "Disney" vibe eventually. Plus, this is my first time making a true theme park with CS, so bear with me! Maybe I shouldn't have tried a Disney park... Hahaha. And SoCal Coasters, you've bashed on my parks on RCTLounge before, but could you PLEASE elaborate on how I'm not making it mine? Do you want me to create my own CS? Sure, I used the Space Mountain set and the TLTA set, but I'm trying to make Tomorrowland look retro and similar, but yet unique compared to all other Tomorrowlands at Disney parks. Same goes for Mainstreet and the entrance. Sorry.
  22. I only did it once, but that is what I remember as well. I was pretty sure this makeover from the Jimmy Neutron franchise to the Despicable Me franchise and not really a whole change in ride system (beyond possibly modernizing the mechanics). Correct me if I am wrong, of course. I'm almost positive you're right.
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