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  1. Nice PTR I haven't been in years since I grew up pretty much right down the street from it was totally burnt out from it. I noticed or didn't notice any pics of the Pirate Ship ride imo that use to be the best ride in the park, when you sat all the way in the back once it got to feel swing it felt like you were practically standing up. Did they remove it??? or you just didn't get pics?
  2. This looks like something right out of my nightmares I can ride Millennium Force, I305 but I can not do drop towers!!! lol
  3. Great video that view of Mako is awesome can't wait to see it finished!!! There was also something else I spotted that had curves as sexy as those B&Ms, the voluptuous goddess in the zebra print is that Betty Cockers daughter? b/c mommy gots cake for days lawd have mercy
  4. Major respect for the way they just maneuvered that MCBR in there, that was crazy and very interesting to watch. Wish all parks would cover their coasters construction like CP/Cedar fair usually does b/c this never gets old to me.
  5. Yes that's a perfectly valid reason... except for me the White is more of an eyesore and seams to look worse over a shorter period of time. It's not like a nice gleaming White it' seams off white already and withing a very short time it begins to look all dingy and I hate dingy Whites!!! makes my mind go into OCD nightmares running wild with Clorox and scrubbing sponges
  6. Oh wow I love intamin but not at all particular loving this one now that I see that wtf were they thinking design on this thing. After the pull out of the TopHat it becomes an monstrosity to me lol the trim section, all those supports, the flat cheap track it just all looks so very wrong to me lol Of course looks doesn't mean much it still needs to be ridden!!!
  7. Maybe you need to leave a few more days and come back b/c I don't see all hell broke loose over the color change, from what I've seen it's welcomed. As is the name change, I've seen more people saying the original Total Mayhem name was lame and the colors being compared to Twix and McDonald's so yeah that's my suggestion js Interesting considering I just read pages of freak outs and memes over people arguing about the name and color change. I never said once I was sticking up for the original name so I don't know what thread you're reading. I don't know what thread you're reading either b/c I didn't once say nor insinuate in my post that you were sticking up for the original name, just what I've seen being said about the original name and color scheme
  8. Maybe you need to leave a few more days and come back b/c I don't see all hell broke loose over the color change, from what I've seen it's welcomed. As is the name change, I've seen more people saying the original Total Mayhem name was lame and the colors being compared to Twix and McDonald's so yeah that's my suggestion js
  9. Seams to me SFGADv and SFMM would be the last two parks to get the Justice league ride, I could of also swore I've read not long ago SFMM stated they turned down that idea b/c it doesn't fit the parks clientele of coaster lovers and b/c of Uni/Knotts/Disney doing those types of rides much better. Also what about the dueling coaster being shown before RMC even announced it in one of the SFGADv parks surveys and RMC saying that the model has already been sold. Who else could be the buyer if SF was showing it in a survey before it was even announced by the company producing it. It's totally possible SFGADv would get the dark ride, whatever it is, I believe that is the main reason behind the name change and not just b/c of left or paint or RMC painted the track in the wrong color.
  10. Intamin makes some of the most gorgeous coasters!!! Anyone know if this coaster will feature the wingrider trains like Flying Aces? The Vekoma Tilts look great seems like they should've been enclosed tho, the lift/turn/tilt section looks like scaffolding to me maybe that's why. I also guessing the drops aren't vertical so riders can be sort of face to face as they are tilting and dropping instead of face down?
  11. Or Maybe the Joker re-theme ties into a future addition...Something like The Joker causes mayhem @SFGADv in 2016, then a crime fighting team shows up to put an end to Jokers chaos...it's Batman & Robin RMC dueling T-rex 2017!!!
  12. OMG I see we have another one using those same dirty fingers he plays with himself with, standing on his lotion bottle like a soap box to type up an argument that's makes no sense. Not once did anyone say anything revolved around Coaster Enthusiast period!!! Nor did anyone say the other guest of the park opinions didn't matter. Stevie Wonder can even see how a business is run and to be a profitable one you have to get your ROI, I really don't know who the hell your trying to educate on something or talk down too with your petty arguments. For one I'm old as effing black pepper this isn't my first got da&m rodeo. What I just don't understand what's so dam hard to accept that these parks are not building these insane coasters specifically for the GP. If that was the case why isn't Disney building B&Ms, Hypers and Gigas???. I guess Coaster Enthusiast don't have families and friends that are GP/thrill seekers that tag along on trips that help boost ROI, no that's just impossible. I don't see what's so preposterous it being stated that Coaster Enthusiast sites like TPR, enthusiast reviews, idea's or suggestions does play a part in these parks coaster making decisions regardless how small. Attendance goes up every time CP installs a new coaster since it's usually some type of record breaker and or something never seen/done before GateKeeper was all of those and had a very wide appeal with the GP,Now compared to the appeal the majority of the GP will have for dropping 223 feet vertical face down, I'm sure the numbers will reveal who turned out the most to ride it and I doubt they'll show it was the GP flocking to ride it. Also members of the GP is not going to hop on a plane, spend thousands of dollars for a weekend trip for the opening of Gatekeeper or Valrvn!!! Everyone I knew that is a Non-enthusiast GP thought I was absolutely effing insane for doing. So first it's we don't care about the opinions of other guest in the park, now it's we're complaining b/c some of us state our opinion that we're not just foaming at the mouths over Valravn sounds to me like the opinion your fools want to hear is your own Anyways Back to CP and Valravn even though I have MY opinon that it's a Giant cookie cutter I am enthusiast enough to admit it is Gorgeous and it's snowing on the web cam click on it and chill TF out
  13. Maybe I'm missing the videos with the great shot's and editing your talking about because every video I've seen has been of nothing but this Guy talking
  14. I believe the New trains will be Red so that's how the Red, White, and Blue will tie together!
  15. I love how it's coming straight from the horse's mouth that enthusiast sites like this and enthusiast idea's, reviews and suggestions are of value and taken into precedence during the creation of a park's major new thrill coaster. Then someone comes along that thinks they know more and says no it's the GP they're concerned with and everything else is an after thought because I said so. Like lol I guess Dick Kinzel, the man responsible for helping to create a World renowned Coaster Superpark doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. I could see if you were saying Parks focused on the needs of the GP far as Food quality and service, Hospitality and cleanliness, Family/kiddy rides and or entertainment, Not saying Enthusiast aren't concerned with those things. Yet to say they are targeting and catering to the needs of the GP over the enthusiast community when building 200 and 300+ foot coasters, with insane speeds, crazy forces neg/or pos and crazy amounts of inversions is absolutely ludicrous. Especially when the majority of the GP you're talking about acts like Space Mountain is as intense as Millennium Force, yet these are the people you claiming they're thinking of or catering to when a park adds a ride like X2 That's like saying Ford announced a newly designed Mustang muscle car, yet instead of getting input, suggestions and idea's from Mustang/Car/and or race enthusiast we're going to cater to Betty Myers Soccer Mom and whatever the diehards think will be an afterthought...Then release a 4 cyl miniwagon with a unicorn emblem wearing the Mustang name claiming this is a muscle miniwagon for the GP:lmao:
  16. I also haven't changed my mind in the least the colors are still horrible and There's nothing to get excited about over a Giant B&M cookie cutter
  17. I would have a showcase park like Mack/Europa Park, it would have the high level of theme and quality as Europa and Phantasialand but my manufacture of choice would be Intamin please keep your hater comments about intamin reliability and issues to yourself thanks I would also have an RMC Land in this park, would and Intamin plug n play woody and an RMC Ibox hybrid in the same park be overkill
  18. At First I thought this was some kind of spam post but then I clicked on the link... OMFG!!! that's freakin insane!!! How is it possible for something to be that hideous yet still kinda gorgeous all at the same time, It's a beautiful monstrosity lolol
  19. Please don't pay the Jaded coaster enthusiast no mind, for what it is, I'd say YES the park is good. Nothing is perfect if you go in thinking to find a mini SF or CF then yes you'll be disappointed. If you go in with the attitude of they have two coasters better then any others for MILES!!! around and a few flats you should have fun. EL Loco is Awesome that first drop along is worth the visit imo and Canyon Blaster is a blast it's the smoothest Arrow I think has ever been made!!! I don't get where the rough comments are coming from unless it's just fallen apart since the last year I was there
  20. http://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2015/12/18/poler-coaster-boardwalk-atlantic-city-shore-casino.html Atlantic City's first and only polercoaster has been approved by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Joshua Wallack of Wallack Holdings in August signed the lease for a one-acre pad of land on the 18-acre site of the former Sands Atlantic City casino-hotel. Wallack has plans of building a 350-foot polercoaster and drop tower hybrid attraction in Atlantic City — a first for the troubled Shore town. "This is a one-of-a-kind attraction that will bring another exciting non-gaming amenity to Atlantic City for our visitors and residents to enjoy,” CRDA Executive Director John Palmieri said in a statement. Additions planned for the attraction include a mojito bar based on Wallack's Mango's Tropical Café in Florida, and live musical elements and a number of nightlife attractions not seen in the video rendering. Wallack said earlier the plan is to break ground early next year, but maintained the polercoaster project is contingent on New Jersey economic incentives like tax rebates. Wallack is using the EB-5 financing program as a means to partially fund the polercoaster attraction. The Florida developer's Hollywood Plaza parking garage on International Drive in Orlando also got the approval from Orange County's Development Review Committee on Wednesday. Wallack on Thursday opened a $40 million Mango's Tropical Café in Orlando. What caught my eye is the stand alone steel structure with the coaster wrapped around it and how that has to significantly reduce the price right? Well I know this isn't a rumor site but a good friend told me that his company will be involved on a huge project here on the Westcoast, and that involves one of these Polercoasters. He said that the project will take about two years to complete, it should be announced or break ground in late 2018 with an opening of 2020/21. He says it will be a new California Icon and the second largest of it's kind. Only thing he would say on location is the it's well known, the project will be right at home with it's neighbors and that there will be big celebration to coincide with the year and unveiling of this new icon. So after rambling my brain I came up location may be SFMM "fitting in with it's neighbors", "New CA Icon" could be replacing or incorporating SFMM SkyTower , "Second tallest" well if Atlantic City is 350 and Florida is 700 I'd guess between 4 and 500 feet we'd be looking at, and "Celebration that coincides with the year/unveiling" I came up with SFMM is turning 50 years old in 2020/21. I'm thinking 50 year anniversary celebration with and unveiling of a New 500 foot Polercoaster as the parks new Icon!!! Maybe I'm just adding up the most obvious and this thing has nothing to do with SFMM or an amusement park at all lol and ends up in Downtown LA lol I know it's a longs ways away and at this point just a wild rumor on my part but I just got excited thinking about the possibility He won't tell me anything else and says if I ask him anything else about it we won't be friends lol So What do you guys think??? could there be an ounce of possibility of this happening?
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