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  1. Far as wicked twister it was packed all day an with GK there now it will probably continue Far as Gatekeeper I think it much more then wind that shut the ride down since it was down before the wind and rain really started then on top of that there was many employees in the op both looking at video screens like they didn't know what the hell was wrong. Then after the rain and wind most of the rides reopened yet GK is still down, it's after 10 and I can still see Wicked twister and maxair running from my room still no gatekeeper.
  2. Just rode gatekeeper 3 times and its awesome!!! Only issue I have is the vest on the otsrs get so tight I almost couldn't breath Just saw Robb riding maverick!!!
  3. Another thing that didn't help or doesn't help their family appeal is adding family rides or area's and giving them no advertising. I've brought people to the park that was totally surprised the park even had BBW or kids rides/area's or ask why do Magic Mountain have Bugs Bunny yet all of the rides are for big people lol. I've had people that haven't been to the park but knew of it or people that haven't been in years surprised there was a HH right next to the park. That's b/c all SFMM advertise is their coasters and nothing else, SFMM would more then likely get more families if the families knew what the park had to offer them and their kids besides coasters and a bad reputation. It's like if SFMM did go the family route for 2014 are they going to advertise it on it's on or bury it in the back of a coaster commercial like they usually do Also anyone catch the SFMM commercial that playing now that starts off with SFMM Goliath at the top of the lift, train drops and then the coaster morphs into a B&M hyper which I believe is SFOG Goliath
  4. Even with the slow down it still looks better then anything on the entire Westcoast that's just IMO. I just know I can't wait to get to Hershey this summer to get my first Skyrush!!!
  5. New at KI for 2014 STEEL BEAST!!! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] very wishful thinking I know
  6. To break up the NONSTOP!!! complaining in this thread Did anyone else get the Survey this morning??? I think 2014 could be a year of Family focus for SFMM and gasp maybe even a dark ride In both survey's I took it seams like they are pushing for a dark ride of some kind.
  7. That's looks like it is total kick A$$!!! That first drop and that drive off the cliff and through the tunnel just looks Where is the picture of the dude with the jizz face when you need it lol I have to get to SFFT to ride that beast!!!
  8. LOL capturing the terrified look on riders faces...Priceless. Yet after seeing that coaster riding on those tiny up stop wheels I might look just as terrified if I was on that thing Also it took me a minute to see what was actually holding you in the train before I could tell there was a seat belt I thought it was just hang on for dear life
  9. ^Track work is complete on FT!!! this was verified by a recent update from a site not allowed on TPR. Yet like you said they just have to get it all wired up which shouldn't take to long since they started the wiring judging by all the wiring hanging off the LIM/LSMs on the launch track. The launch track in the tunnel has also been getting it's LIM/LSMs, the station also shouldn't take long the foundation is down and the walls are up entrance and exit paths started, it will also only be a open air canopy covered station. At the rate they're going I think it's very possible we may see a Memorial Day weekend opening
  10. ^When will you guys be there I'll be there opening Weekend from May 10 to May 12, I will Travel alone since none of my dead beat friends/Family can make it that weekend. It would be cool to meet up with some cool peeps and to also bring the price of Fastlane down.
  11. Am I the only one here that happens to think GL is kick ass and have no issues with pain on the ride??? FT also looks kickass that loop is freakin humongous it also looks like it going to be one hell of a launch and stop on this thing since both the launch and brake run looks so short. Anyways I'm much more pumped to ride FT now after seeing the finished product.
  12. Ok is the girl in the last pic in the back of the train crying while her BF tries to comfort her while laughing hysterically
  13. ^ I'm wondering was that inspired from customer feedback, maybe some park they sold a ride too was having difficulty figuring out which way they track went during construction Also thanks for another Yolo update Robb, Sir Clinksalot
  14. ^ Well since this is not Premiers first coaster nor first launch coaster I would say the engineers of that company have taken into account rollbacks and have designed Full Throttle to safely stop if a rollback was to happen. Also you have to think about the train is very short only holds 18 people so with a short train the launches and brake runs don't have to be that long, and with using Friction brakes and Mag brakes I'm sure they will have no issues with not being able to stop a train in the case of a rollback.
  15. Judging by the area of the park it's in I would guess it's going to be filled back in with grass and tress just like it was when Log Jammer was in that spot. Even if SFMM didn't add any landscape I sure in a few years it would fill itself back in at least with grass. Also thanks for the Update RollerCoasterAwesome
  16. The name of the coaster is Montezooma's Revenge not Monty... Wow did someone wake on the wrong side of the track this morning lol
  17. Well nothing else to complain about let's complain about an unfinished station Jesus does it ever end around here On a much brighter note looks like one train is in the station b/c from the webcam only one train is on the transfer inching closer and closer to testing
  18. Hey guys I am planning my first trip to CP this year for opening weekend May 11 and was wondering which hotel should I book at Hotel Breakers or Breakers Express? I guess Sandcastle suites are fully booked for that weekend b/c it's not even giving me the option to book there. I also notice it says no shuttle service from Breakers Express is it far from the point? is it a reasonable walking distance? Also to get from the airport would it be better to rent a car and drive myself to the point or is there a shuttle service or taxi be a reasonable option?
  19. Wow that looks gorgeous I so can not wait to ride this monster
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