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  1. I know these are just our opinions especially on a ride that hasn't even been announced or even constructed yet lol but judging by previous RMCs, the ones I've been on and even looking at the ones I haven't been on I think RMC Brown Streak will become the star of CP. RMC is doing amazing things and Alan is batsh*t crazy with his designs when all is said and done I thinking... even though very premature Brown Streak will be Number #1, Maverick #2 Millie #3 TTD#4 and Raptor #5 will be the Top 5 of CP!!! I just can't wait until 2018 to see for sure
  2. Dude can't you see that old Vekoma company is dead!!! I wouldn't say they are on the level of Intamin but they are clearly light years away from the Hang and Bang Vekoma of the past it seems
  3. Agreed. Man, Twisted Colossus kicks the A$$ of every other ride there. Not only kicks the ass of every other ride there it will also try to eject your ass and robb you of all your belongings During WCB it tried to steal my wallet and my cell phone out of my cargo pockets it couldn't get those so it ripped my WCB lanyard right off my neck on the green side high five and just my luck I had attached my car key to it had to pay $250 to have someone come out and make me a new key on the spot and yes I still love you Twisted Colossus you damn villain lol
  4. I love love love Intamin but that Vekoma It looks awesome Had to edit my post b/c I was finally able to watch the full Intamin video, earlier it wouldn't play it kept stopping... now that I see the full vid The intamin hands down looks effing amazeballs!!! Who has taken over at Vekoma this is just not the same company of the past they are making some really hot looking products lately I'm impressed!!! I wouldn't mind seeing either of these rides at my home park SFMM that's for damn sure!!!
  5. Thanks for posting this one, this is the video to watch to see what actually happens and not some park goers crappy cellphone footage that's shaky asf and pointed at the ground the majority of the time. This was caught on CCTV what the Ride operators can't see these screens or where they just not paying attention???
  6. For the love of God!!! Man we don't need visuals I'm sure everyone here can figure out and make the connection
  7. From rumblings I've heard... I know I know those that talk don't know and those who do don't talk whatever The lift is being steepened to 45* with approximately 39 feet added to the height, total drop height was not given, it will feature Wood Topper Track and not steel Ibox. There will be no launch and no inversions. Brown Streak will be billed as the tallest Fastest Wooden coaster on the planet opening in 2018 Layout has major changes and will not follow the exact path of the current Mean Streak it will look nothing LIKE NTAG and will be an AIRTIME MONSTER!!! I'm told the pallets of Steel i beams showing up will be for re-enforcements and a new transfer Take with a box of salt if you will
  8. Video shows absolutely nothing but rubbish whom ever recorded it should have their hands cut off!!! total was of time
  9. Oh yeah brain fart I totally Blanked on CP's Valravn either way if SFMM is going for a dive coaster and 9 times out of 10 they'll be going for the record that's going to be one hell of a vertical drop up on that hill
  10. Heck if Viper is being removed and a B&M Diver replacing it with Liseberg coming with Valkyria in 2018 and whom ever else announces a B&M dive between now and 2018, in order for SFMM to claim records it's going to have to be taller than 154 feet and dropping more than 164 feet. So if that's the case SFMM Diver could be pretty close to being as tall as Viper my goodness beside X2 next door that is going to be one hell of a vertical drop sitting up on that hill that's if the rumors are true
  11. Hell I'm an Intamin lover but with Balder, Helix, Lisebergbanan, Loki and Valkyria it's like Kanonen who??? lol
  12. Yay for Intamin and those hills and drops after the launches looks awesome also love that it looks to be almost entirely over water
  13. Fixed! They should rename it Michael Meyers the ride, cause it was just all kinds of violent, and is probably gonna kill a bunch of people in the near future.
  14. Well it wouldn't surprise me if Viper was on the way out after the park opened to the public on WCB Saturday the park was packed and yet I still didn't see one full train of people go out. The rider ship for the ride is just not there to support it with it's aging and high maintenance plus it sits on prime real estate at the front of the park. So Arrow corner my be coming to an end but I hope it remains Alan Schilke showcase meaning X2 and a T-Rex!!! I think a Giga perched up on that hill would be way more visually impressive than a B&M Diver. I'm hoping SFMM see that with the success of Twisted colossus that every coaster doesn't have to be inversion monster and that airtime is loved just as much if not more than inversions. I think a giga airtime monster would give SFMM the nice 1- 2 airtime punch that the park desperately needs imo. I mean even the dark ride is supposed to include a virtual loop can we just get one non-inverting airtime monster in this park??? Speaking of Airtime Apocalypse was kicking major A$$ last Saturday just relentless imo beside TC it provides the second best airtime in the park it was awesome!!!
  15. SF still buys B&M even though X-flight was the last one it is still not out of the question for SF to install one at one of their parks
  16. It does not look like it's going to fall apart and it is one of the most intense and insane little coasters I've personally ridden. I live not far from Scandia and ride the screamer pretty often and it packs one hell of a punch I love the Scandia screamer and hope it stays around for many more years to come.
  17. Oh ok thanks I couldn't remember I thought I had went during that time and B:TR was open. Anyways it still seems like the scope of this project is way bigger than what the outcome is supposed to be of nothing more than a clone in a box and a re-theme refresh of the area.
  18. Is it just me or are people not grasping the size of the plot of land SFMM has opened up, even with a complete Movie district refresh or retheme it just makes absolutely no sense for this to be for only a clone in a box. With the size of the plot of land SFMM is working with they could add a clone in a box, flat ride package, S&S free spin, Star Flyer, and a larsen super loop and would still have space lol Unless SFMM plans on using a small plot of the area for the clone in a box and blocking the rest off for a future coaster this project is just not adding up imo. Closing the entire backside of the park razing buildings all for a clone in a box and a re-theme or refresh has me scratching my head, Did they even close down the entire Gotham city backlot to transform it into DC Universe I could of swore B:TR was still open during the transformation so why does the entire backside of the park need to be closed down for a clone in a box and re-themeing it just makes no sense. SFMM has prided itself as never resting on it's laurels, so for 2017 they open up the biggest plot of land they could only for them to rest on their laurels with a clone in a box WTF
  19. Thats the thing though who says it has to be an Iron Horse make over!!! They could get the same insanity with a topper track make over and still be able to keep its wooden coaster status instead of hybrid like Six Flags. My main thought is regardless which route they choose to go with on the track will they be increasing the lift angle to add heigh for a bigger drop so they don't have to loose length of the ride? Most RMC m/o have seen some significant loss of overall ride length.
  20. I also just took the Justice league survey looks like they're going for Justice League: the Experience as the name of the ride
  21. So SF announcements that's coming up on the First of September are going to go Three of our Top parks in the chain will receive Justice league Dark rides and the rest are getting Pokemon Go Towers and Gyms!!! There maybe a Superloop, a flat ride and some water slides thrown in there too Go Big Go Six Flags I hope this is not the case and the reason SFMM has been so low key as to try and not give the coaster away until as close to the announcement as possible, There was a pic on facebook of footer Anchors behind Riddler and the poster guessed they were to repair some of Riddlers footers if that were the case they wouldn't be repairing the footer with those Anchors they would be replacing it with them, I've heard nothing about Riddler or any other coaster being being down needing any of their footers replaced so what else could they be for? ...For the new footers they are going to start building for the new coaster!!! I could be wrong and they are there to actually repair or replace some footers I guess we'll see
  22. Those are concrete forms for like walls and foundation of say a new Justice league building
  23. ^Do you know if that horrible noise has subsided since theres been some test runs put on those wheels? B/c if that's the sound it's going to make I don't think any other park is going to want one
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