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  1. With all the cheap passes they sell it seems like it got close to that range the majority of the times I've been there this year the ques!!! lol but I'm not at all mad at that. I like to hear and see that the park is packed yeah it may suck waiting in the lines but in my mind a packed park hopefully leads to better services and new rides, attractions or Coasters
  2. Goliath at SFMM is easily one of the smoothest coasters I've ever ridden. Even operating at a year-round park with a mediocre maintenance team who has to deal with a zillion other coasters at a time, I have never had a rough ride on Goliath, ever. A park that's open year round with a mediocre maintenance team yet you rarely if ever hear about any of their guest getting hurt or injured from any of their rides. A park that was able to keep their Vekoma Giant inverted Boomerang operating when other parks in the same chain couldn't. A park that's been able to keep a maintenance monster like X/X2 operating for over 14 years umm yeah that sounds like mediocre at it's best I get so sick of people talking out of their a$$ when it comes to this park
  3. They're doing what they need to do to survive. This includes the budget cutting, layoffs and bending over backwards for PETA. It's unfortunate but it's the reality of the situation. Throughout all of this they've maintained their commitment to conservation and animal rescue. Using that as a reason not to support Sea World is completely ridiculous. No what's ridiculous is you thinking I care at all about what you think is ridiculous like seriously go Tamar Fellner yourself and if you don't know who she is ask Holiday World Also 320 people over 11 parks isn't that many... umm go ask those 320 people who have lost jobs right before the holidays how they feel about your opinion and I don't think the response will be very nice A Premier Sky rocket II well the slight dream I had of something awesome coming to the park has crashed and burned smdh
  4. The color scheme they choose for this awesome coaster is just gorgeous imo and it's a damn shame we still don't have one here in the States
  5. Without the twist in the drop like TTD and KA the drop on this thing looks absolutely insane
  6. I no longer stand with SeaWorld with all of the bending over backwards to appease crazed idiots like PETA and giving up on Orcas, and massive layoffs etc etc They'd have to build something like Mako West before I'd ever go back to SWSD . I also wish it was easy for them to just pack up and move to a different location away from the idiots of San diego what ever SW is proposing to build watch the idiots of SD protest it and vote to block it from happening
  7. ABSOLUTELY BALL-TINGLING BONKERS AMAZING! - Robb Alvey Truer words have never been spoken Thanks for this Airfare quote I didn't think it was that cheap to fly over there!!! The ride looks like another Intamin masterpiece I don't see how anyone that calls themselves a coaster enthusiast could have one complaint about this awesome looking ride smdh. I hope TPR has a member or members in Poland that can give us plenty of construction updates
  8. People complain about Silver bullet being an eyesore of the park when imo SB is absolutely beautiful compared to this hideous mediocre ride and it's million supports Jaguar is the true eyesore of knotts imo
  9. Sorry Larry I've taken my chill pill it won't happen again my apologies
  10. I'm sick of certain people on this site that think they know every damn thing for one it's just idea's and speculations trying to sound like you're some kind of freaking expert does nothing for me but make you look like an a$$ this is a theme park discussion board are we not allowed to have ideas, speculate and have wishful thinking. If it doesn't open in 2017 so effing what were just having a discussion about the possibility of that happening even if it doesn't oh freaking well. Some people really need to get over themselves and their high horses. Trying to hold these parks to a mold based on previous years is ignorant these parks can do what they want when they want there is no set mold for these places. If CP wants to announce this thing is opening a week before the resort opens for the season they can and they are still going to get the sales and visitors, no one is setting around on their hands saying I'm not buying a season pass or planning a visit until CP announces the New Mean Streak that's a coaster boys fantasy. Everyone that planned on buying a pass has or will and everyone planning a trip has or will regardless of Mean streak. This isn't SF CP is a resort that has many things to offer families heck the Water park additions probably brought in more season pass sales then a New Mean streak would have since Families are where the money is, so CP feels their pass sale are doing just fine with what they have announced so far and can announce a New Mean streak when they feel like it. Unless you are part of the CP team that makes these decisions you don't know period.
  11. Yeah I just went to their paged a few minutes ago b/c Energylandia gave me likes on my I vote for Intamin comments and I noticed the Vekoma concept is way down the page like in the spot from when they first posted the concept the views for the Vekoma is at 90k and is at 98k for the Intamin so even though it hasn't been officially announced I do think the Intamin is is going to win
  12. RMC also had other projects going at the same time as TC unlike now seems like the only thing they have going on is Mean Streak so they should be able to work much fast since they'll have more manpower to put on this single project. Yes there's a possible another RMC project could be announced for 2017 but it hasn't happened yet and so far there isn't any signs of another RMC project taking place that I'm aware of. Also they worked through a pretty tough winter to get Wildfire complete unless Ohio has a severely bad winter I don't see why they couldn't do it at CP
  13. I've noticed on the Energylandia FB page anytime they mention something about the 2018 project they use the pic of the Intamin layout I've tried to scan through the post and use the translator to find a confirmation but I'm not seeing it does that mean the Intamin concept has been accepted or won the vote???
  14. This ^ And the fact that it seems RMC has no 2017 projects announced as of yet seems like they are dedicating all of their man power towards having Mean Streak ready for a 2017 opening. The lift and first Drop is almost gone and they have started laying the steel i=beams out like they preparing to install them any day now they seem to be moving pretty fast for a 2018 opening imo
  15. SFMM 2017 Justice league and Removal of Viper area left barren 2018 Giant Frisbee 2019 Super Loop 2020 New Gen Enterprise 2021 T-Rex Giga
  16. This pic was posted on Facebook by Thrillography Photos + Commentary and the lighting looks to be almost all Blue looks absolutely awesome so I'm thinking they could also be changed to red and white or red white and blue since in your pic it's rainbow colored
  17. ^ Oh thanks for clearing that up for me and damn how did I miss the Amazeballs Dragon Coaster lol smdh
  18. Like I said I read it on Facebook and I only thought they announce the Intamin water coaster and the Vekoma family boomerang where is the 3rd coaster???
  19. LOL that's what I'm saying I'm even hearing on Facebook that one of the 3 coasters announced for 2017 maybe a GCI!!! I've never thought about going to Poland but this is tempting me that's for damn sure lol
  20. I agree and in my opinion this RMC will officially give CP the best coaster collection on the planet!!! I know some already feel that way about CP but this RMC will do it for me!!!
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