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  1. I say every ride should be given a chance to prove itself. The thing isn't even built yet so how can anyone say the ride will stink? Hey if Robb himself is willing to give the benefit of the doubt then that's good enough for me to be at least a little optimistic.
  2. Being that Sea World in Orlando already has a flyer I doubt they will put one in Busch Gardens. I'm going with hyper or slight possible giga coaster as Gwazi's replacement.
  3. Gwazi rough? Try riding on a vehicle with square wheels on a pot hole laden road with gravel. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.
  4. I was told Cheetah Hunt was going through routine maintenance. Rhino Rally will be opening soon for the summer season. I was happy to see the pizza buffet open today as my son and I like to hit that place for lunch at the park. The pizza buffet is a seasonal operation as well. I saw brief testing of Falcon's Fury and I am getting excited for this one. It sure makes a noise on the drop though.
  5. Does anyone know if Rhino Rally is open yet? My son and I are planning a visit this weekend and he loves Rhino Rally.
  6. Anymore more news on Falcon's Fury? Sure seems like this thing has fallen into limbo on news and updates.
  7. The pictures look great very sharp and colorful. They have really done a super job expanding this park. I can't wait to try that White Lightning coaster soon. It's nice to see these smaller parks thrive in the midst of the super parks. Just goes to show there's enough pieces of the tourist and local pie to go around.
  8. The color scheme on Phoenix looks great. That's the best the ride has looked in years. The POV for Falcon's Fury looks nuts. I can't wait to ride this beast.
  9. Michigan's Adventure used to be my home park many years ago. I used to attend when it was still Deer Park Funland and man that place had a lot of shade trees back in the day. It's a shame they lost so much of those trees as it definatly added to the overall atmosphere of the park. I got to give Cedar fair credit for working at landscaping this park a lot more now and bringing back some of that past charm. Now as far as rides go a few more modern flat rides would balance out the dry side of the park.
  10. Does anyone have a picture of the repainted Phoenix? I had no idea until now that it too got a repaint and would love to see it.
  11. That pretzel looks pretty tasty, can't wait to check that out. Pantopia is looking very nice. I like the added color to the area as it really adds to the experience. It's a shame Scorpion and Pheonix didn't get a color change too.
  12. I'm confident they will work this bug out and get this thing ready for opening day. Busch Gardens does a top notch job in most of what they do. This is just a momentary setback, that's why it's called the test phase.
  13. Hmmm let's see, Gwazi and all the wood coasters at Canada's Wonderland except for their junior woodie. I never had my teeth rattled as much as what I experienced on those. I would love to see the Rocky Mountain treatment on Gwazi but we all now know its days are numbered.
  14. It's great to see King's Island join the B&M club with another awesome addition. Banshee looks like a blast to ride. It's nice to hear that this ride is bringing back some of the classic B&M intensity reminiscent of rides like Montu and Kumba.
  15. It was good to see more relevant bands sign up for Bands, Brews and BBQ. The ones that went Blackfish were has been acts who haven't made new music since Reagan was president. I think it was all a publicity grab for those has bands.
  16. I have faith this ride will deliver. Busch Gardens has had a great track record for delivering the goods. Gwazi may be the only major ride there that has been a bust for them. I think the layout might have been too ambitious causing the track issues.
  17. Well being that attendance has been great and even setting records, it seems the movie really has failed to do any real harm to the parks.
  18. See who says your too old to get these kind of thrills? I plan to ride until I turn to dust. I think a good roller coaster ride is good for you, keeps you feeling young.
  19. Heart sure has their priorities straight. These nutball activists need to give it up already. The publicity has only increased attendance at Sea World parks.
  20. I kinda miss Akbar's Adventure Tours at Biscuit Gardens Tampa. It was a little corny but fun at the same time. Martin Short was hillarious as Akbar.
  21. I hope visitors have their health insurance paid up. They may need it for these thrills.
  22. Probably Michigan's Adventure since the last coaster was Stealhawk a few years ago. Some new steel would really suit the bill here. The water park received the majority of the love for soo long now. A few flat rides wouldn't hurt either since most of their flats are a little ancient(Trabant).
  23. I never got to ride the original Starliner so I can't speak from experience. The new layout does look fun. I have yet to ride the White Lightning at Fun Spot. Definitely looks to be a popular design as of late.
  24. I'm so anxious to see what will replace Gwazi in the near future. A giga coaster would be a welcome addition but realistically probably a good hyper coaster. Falcon's Fury is really looking great, so impressive as drop towers go. That carriage looks so sick when compared to other style of drop rides. Kudos to Busch Gardens for making another great addition to their ride lineup.
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