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  1. Pixar is making a spin off to Cars called "Planes" though. Here's a link. Actually, Pixar is not involved. As we reported last July, Disney is planning a Cars direct-to-DVD spinoff called Planes. Pixar won’t be involved in the spin-off and the film will be handled by DisneyToon Studios, whose previous movies include The Lion King 1 ½ and Bambi II. I should probably read the article before I post it, My apologies..but still..Planes.
  2. Pixar is making a spin off to Cars called "Planes" though. Here's a link.
  3. The ride sign/entrance is now up. They just reused the Pandemonium Entrance.
  4. If they theme the Wingrider to Callahan Auto Parts, I want this scene to be featured before you go up the lift:
  5. In-n-Out, I get the 4x4 with everything on it (including grilled onions). It's excellent.
  6. The Moving Cab is missing from the top of Rodger Rabbit's Entrance. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
  7. C'mon Magic Mountain...time to whip out Full Throttle now...
  8. By what I've been hearing, those restraints are pretty damn painful. Then the public decides to comment:
  9. The guy that is trying to save Freestyle...
  10. Wow...I really wasn't expecting much from Six Flags but they put in some effort on this one. Well Done Six Flags.
  11. Johnathan Quick(LA Kings)-School Fundraiser Miley Cyrus unfortunately.. Jim Parsons(Big Bang Theory)-Live audience Meet-N-Greet Kaley Cuoco(Also Big Bang)-Meet-N-Greet
  12. Not sure if anybody is watching AFV right now but they are having the show right now in Cars Land in Front of Flos V8 Cafe. The area looks pretty awesome at night!
  13. This may have been posted before but I really don't know. I found this on Hurricane Harbor's Website:
  14. When I was 11 I ran in to an air conditioning unit on a portable classroom while trying to retrieve a football my friend threw to me. The building wasn't elevated it was low to the ground. I ran in to the AC Unit so hard that I ended up getting a helicopter ride to the hospital where I found out I got a Concussion and fractured my skull (Forehead). He threw the football near the AC Unit while I was running toward it trying to catch it. I didn't have to go to school the rest of that year (There was only a month left of school so no biggie.)
  15. Oh yeah..the park is selling $30 flash drives so you can get unlimited on ride photos. I'm off topic but felt worth mentioning.
  16. Will do so, thank you.
  17. Yes, the ride is called Green Lantern: First Flight. I just noticed it says Fight..
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