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  1. What if they got a Sky Jump thing like on the Stratosphere. But knowing Six Flags it would probably be an up-charge attraction.
  2. If they get rid of Log Jammer, we're all screwed. LJ and RR are the only rides that get me drenched. Jet Stream rarely ever gets me wet and Tidal Wave....they should just rename it "The Bridge". They should have the boats constantly moving and install some seats on the bridge. Cause if you think about it, nobody every goes on it; They stand on the bridge waiting for the boat to drop and that's how you get drenched. And the superhero conversation...the theming can be a bit tacky. Great rides though. I guess before Magic Mountain had the rights to DC, they were originally going to call Superman "Velocetron". The theme was an abandoned excavation site and it looked awesome. But then again it wouldn't have fit in with Samurai Summit (Well neither does Superman but Six Flags doesn't care). I think they did a "good" job on Green Lantern. At least it wasn't a crappy pre-show. And DeJa Vu, I know a little something, but usually when I say something everyone thinks it's bogus or a rumor, but I know the ride manufacture for the future ride in it's place. I was a little dissapointed and kinda happy at the same time. And yes, you can disagree and blah,blah,blah. Premier. I just saved everyone a year figuring out who the ride manufacture will be. You should thank me
  3. All I know is Newhall owns the land AROUND the park, I never heard anything about them actually using Magic Mountain as there housing development. Well back in 2007 yeah but not anything recent.
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