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  1. Looks like there's some construction where Dance Coaster was proposed to go. LINK
  2. House at the End of the Street with my girlfriend...such an awful horror movie. Silent Hill looks pretty good though so I'll probably end up seeing that soon.
  3. They just gave me some more details about it: I was expecting a bit more than just 3 miles but hey, I'm not complaining! Looks like I'm starting at 3:50.
  4. My first Cross Country meet is next Friday...tips? I will be participating in the Sea Side Invitational in Ventura.
  5. "Newly themed 5-acre section" ^I'm more curious about how this will turn out.
  6. ^Maybe a small drop coaster similar to Thirteen at Alton Towers? Although it's a pretty good chance that this is just for Hurricane Harbor.
  7. I saw the same thing about 2 months ago. Now that I've seen it again from the Sky Tower, it doesn't look like much.
  8. I just started High School recently so I might as well share my schedule: Honors Bio ASB Honors English Honors Geometry Spanish Cross Country Swim Team So far I've been liking my classes. My Geometry teacher AND Bio teacher hate grading homework (No homework!) so I should be fine with those 2 classes for the semester!
  9. (Insert name here) wrote: Shame you have no on-ride pictures! larrygator wrote: It's a shame that you would complain after someone went out of his way to provide pictures of a new park. (Insert name here) wrote: And you are? I would like to know what the inside of the rides look like too, sure many of us would...no need to be rude! larrygator wrote: Sorry, let me introduce myself. I'm Larry, the moderator who just gave you a 24 hour ban for being rude. He was also being a little turd in the SFMM Thread.
  10. Doesn't that Johnny Rockets hold the record for being the largest Johnny Rockets in the world? I wouldn't complain if they did end up tearing down though.
  11. ^It shows the inversion in the picture...look harder.
  12. ^I went yesterday too. Apocalypse, Colossus, and Viper were running great yesterday! They weren't as rough as they've usually been IMO.
  13. I went to the park today and I must say, today has been one of the best visits I've ever had so far. The employees were surprisingly extremely helpful and friendly, they weren't blasting Miley Cyrus throughout the park but they were instead actually playing music that fits each themed area/ride, and believe it or not, Apocalypse and Colossus had some INSANE airtime moments today! I was quite impressed! Oh, and can somebody explain to me why they already have Fright Fest stuff out in the entrance area already? I also noticed this new sign near Jet Stream: Gearing up for new thrills eh?
  14. The Buccaneer gets more airtime than most of the rides in the park unfortunately.
  15. Cute new video from the park. Why can't all parks have such great and cooperative employees like this!?!
  16. From what I remember past up-charge attractions at Magic Mountain like Dive Devil and Thrill Shot neglected to have any grand opening day before they opened. In fact, they may have been mentioned in the initial press release, but I have never seen them promoted or advertised like any other regular attraction in the park. I would expect this slingshot attraction to be installed and opened in a similar manner. This leads me to believe there are other things going on in the park that they will announce at the end of August. And seeing a land surveying marker in the Log Jammer area is a good sign they are taking the steps to prepare for something. The marker is an old picture. It has been there for quite sometime now.
  17. It's a tad short but the elements should make up for that. Looks like an awesome addition!
  18. Tons of various other GP gold (with a few, I mean, very few sensible things said)here. Like this one?:
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