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  1. X2 at SFMM S:EFK at SFMM I entered Superman in the edited category.
  2. I have a late idea: Lets say Lex Luthor/Superman never existed and Magic Mountain decided to attach 4 or 5 drop towers to the sides of the Sky Tower and then re-purposed the second floor(The floor that's never used) of the Sky Tower as a "Pre-Drop Room" and kept the top floor as an observation deck.
  3. I have a couple name ideas: X-Shock (I like molemaster's Treetop Soarin'. It sounds good for this coaster) My silly name idea: Honey Badger's Curious Adventures
  4. I just got this email from Six Flags regarding when we will get the EDT Passes for Lex Luthor:
  5. 3 Hour Wait, Opening Weekend for Toy Story Mania at DCA. It was a fun ride but it not good enough for a 3 hour wait.
  6. I'm going out to the park next Friday for the Season Pass ERT, although I still haven't gotten the ERT Pass yet. Has anybody gotten the ERT Pass for Lex?
  7. The music that they are playing actually sounds decent...although it will go back to Nicki Minaj after tomorrow sadly. Good quality so far. This music is putting me into a trance... Bring on Bonnie... Indeed.
  8. The music that they are playing actually sounds decent...although it will go back to Nicki Minaj after tomorrow sadly.
  9. I just got an email about the Lex Luthor Exclusive Ride Time, all of the dates haven been pushed until next week for the ERT. I'm now going July 13th for the ERT.
  10. Thank you for the feedback My footer sets no longer work on my computer. I've tried re-installing but then the file force closes everything, not just RCT3 either, my entire laptop shuts down. Just like my catwalk set, I have only one file that works (JCat's Steelworx) but they are unrealistic and ugly. So I end up not using the catwalks. And because my catwalks suck, the MCBR looks weird so I end up not putting in a MCBR. My laptop can be a misfit 90% of the time. And I'll fix the glass covering right now, I just wanted to see what you guys thought of it.
  11. So yesterday I got bored and decided to build a Bizzaro coaster. I wasn't in the mood for an actual recreation so I created a new layout. Here's what I have:Shot0365.bmp The entrance plaza. Shot0368.bmpThe covered glass queue...along with the glass stations. Shot0366.bmpShot0367.bmpAfter the first drop. Shot0369.bmpYou go through the Superman shield and turn to see some fire. Shot0370.bmpRight after the fire effect, you go through these hills. Shot0371.bmpThen this. Shot0373.bmpHere's the full layout. Thoughts are encouraged
  12. @A.J.Shot0364.bmpI fixed the supports now. I'll put the catwalks on later.
  13. Thank you for the feedback. The Catwalks...I can't do much about those, I have Aroundthehorn's Catwalk Set but the file no longer works on my computer. Yes, I've removed the file and I have re-downloaded the file many times but it no longer works on my computer for some reason. I've tried all of the catwalk sets, the rest either had viruses or the file was corrupted. Just like my Aged Footers set, the file no longer works and it force closes RCT3 when ever I try opening the set. And I totally forgot about Moby's Glasshouse & Frameworks, thank you for reminding me about that.
  14. Shot0361.bmp Thoughts so far? I'm still working on the support work and all the other stuff.
  15. I'm hoping this ride still has lap bars considering it has an inversion now.
  16. Even if this ride turns out to be terrible(which I can't see it being anywhere below great), it would still be awesome.
  17. Although it isn't a coaster (and it won't open for another week) I think Lex Luthor would give off a nice view. The side facing Goliath would be the better side for a good view.
  18. Off topic. I am finding the new season pass commercial to be very humorous. Small things like that make me laugh.
  19. This has to be one of the most nicely themed fun houses out there.
  20. They just posted this. Although I'm not a huge fan of the song, they did a good job. It's a lip dub of "Call Me Maybe"
  21. Did you not expect them to? Personally, I think they did a great job on it. I wasn't complaining! I like it! I was just saying that they reused Pandemonium's entrance! Sorry if I made it sound like I was complaining about it!
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