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  1. wow... just... wow. This is destined for a scrap heap. Too good for em i say!
  2. Def excited about a west coast and midwest tour. Unfortunately dont think ill be able to do any international trips yet...
  3. Are you hinting at an aquatrax or journey to atlantis type ride? Or simply SEFK? i think she is talking more Divertical, cuz that would be amazing
  4. what i love about Mrs Knotts is that its not thickly breaded and actually tastes like chicken, not breading. Not to mention Pie.
  5. holy balls, that was some good fun. Well executed and made me laugh (which with me being sick made me puke). So congrats!
  6. Indy really needs to be updated with current fall protection standards. Thats why its going down. But while its down they are gonna have the in house mechanics go through and rehab most of the ride effects while the contractors construct and install the fall protection, restraint and arrest systems. As for BMTRR, the current control system cards are no longer sold by Allan Bradly, meaning if it burns out, the ride is done for. Thats one of the big reasons its going down, not to mention also providing proper fall protection and fixing many of the effects, especially on the third lift.
  7. Im counting the knotts to Anaheim Resort (Disneyland Area Hotels) shuttle running about every 15 minutes. Thats not a bad investment to be making either.
  8. well according to the Q&A at WCB they are looking at a few options. I have a feeling a press release for that will come after haunt.
  9. i think my heart grew three sizes just now due to the cute overload. Or maybe that was the 2 pizzas i just ate blocking the blood from leaving. Who knows. Either way. great update Chuck, and thanks BGW for letting him get the adorable pics.
  10. i pass this on my jog to knotts. I really do want to get the mouse credit. Need to verifiy with RD and Chadster the validity of the 'must have a chirren to get in"
  11. Knotts is investing heavilly in fixing their food offerings, small park general improvements (planters, cleaning up the pavement and fixing bad lighting) as well as doing some much needed repairs on the staples of the log ride and calico mine train. This is in addition to the new busses and shuttle service from the Anaheim Resort area hotels. I really think Knotts is working more on its keeping its locals happy right now with expanded food offerings (the new burger at coasters is awesome!). Not to mention we might get some 'we are putting topper track and new trains on ghostrider' annoucements at the end of the busy season.
  12. the 2 biggest lines at DCA are going to be Radiator springs racers and Grizzly River Run (its unsually hot). At Disneyland the biggest line is going to be Splash mouantian for the same reason. I would hit Disneyland first. Most of DCA can be done in the afternoon. Especially the bigger rides like CA Screaming and TOT (hint on Tower of Terror, we FINALLY got the motor on charlie shaft so all 3 are running, supposedly we are down to 15-20 minute waits). Soarin is going to be the big fastpass for DCA
  13. just donated 25 bucks to a random page on the Team TPR list. makes it more fun i think
  14. i love little hit and run parks like this. Not so overwhelming but clean and decently fun.
  15. Rudie would kill you for mentioning that idea. as would i. Modifying what was the first sucessful modern looping coaster is akin to saying 'we dont really need the statue of liberty anymore' or saying 'you know, the washington monument is kinda a waste of space, wouldnt an appartment building be better use. Revolution is not just a roller coaster, it was a roller coaster that helped form the modern age of coasters. Not to mention the fact it is one of His works
  16. Looks amazing! IS this going to be the first GCI with the steel structure and wood running track? So far i think ive only seen Gravity Group do that.
  17. If so it will will allow all of us who are drooling over Gunter an easier oppertunity
  18. So i went with my gut this year, got a Knotts SP and a disney AP and ignored SFMM entirely. It looks like i didnt miss much. It was already feeling back to the early 2000's when me and my mom stopped going. Its really a shame too, i drive an extra hour to have my coaster fix, and im totally ok with it.
  19. it could also be the wheel skipping and getting a few pits. But overall that looks like some bad joint wear and again its on an upstop so its going to be less critical to have super smooth profile than a side or road wheel.
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