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  1. i still hope for an intamin blitz coaster called scavanger using the Deja Vu area, as well as the cleared land for what ended up being RRE, and idk how possible it would be but theres a beautiful desert canyon just south of Deja Vu and the maintaince shed that could totally be used, dunno who owns it and what the land use requirements on it is tho, so i may be talking outta my ass. A kickass eurofighter back there would be awesome too.
  2. Another day another random lets go to SFMM trip. This one does not have NEARLY the amount of pics i wanted, due to a network issue with Sprint, my phones battery died extra quick, so i now share with you the pics and video i managed to get while at SFMM yesterday: First off, i must show you difinitive proof that GL does not stop on the MCBR anymore: And on to the random pics! Green lantern doing its thing GL coming off the MCBR Batman: still an amazing ride after 18 years (thats what he said) Im going to let you in on a secret. This exists for Riddlers Revenge. You can send all thanks and praise to Dan, cuz the man deserves it. Goodbye Freefall, we hardly knew yeee. Also, this ditch could totally be utilized for an Aquazone type attraction, just pipe into the Tidal Wave lake. the prettiest overbank in all the land (or more the only overbank in all the land. i havent taken a pic of gold rusher yet. This should be on the backside of your ticket, and you should have to sign it to show you read it, along with a liability release saying if your too stupid to realize that roller coasters are fast and if you jump a fence to get your hat you might die, so dont sue us for your own stupidity.
  3. its strange, last night on Deja Vu was the first time i fully greyed out on a coaster, in the boomerang element. Ive never greyed out on any ride, the closest ive gotten is a little tunnel vision in the goliath helix.... it was strange. Also, i have video proof GL no longer stops on the MCBR, to the great joy of me. Also, i have to say riding it again, i can swear there are about 4 less trims that you can see facing batman, and a whole section of trims right before the MCBR that you can see on the side facing Superman.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully this doesnt have the same problems "the bat" did with unbanked track.
  5. Very nice bro. And i work in that industrial park on your right as you head back north on the 5. I see that alot, and still get pumped every time.
  6. Its kinda interesting for fox to be pimping out a semi-scifi show. But then i still have a grudge against them for firefly. I was seriously about to just take pics up to the front gate then stop. But i realized that was lame.
  7. If your going on GL and your male, wear a cup. Trust me. Even if you just wear it for the one ride, you will thank me later.
  8. they arent letting that happen anymore, i tried. You have to wait in the full line, then at the bottom of the lines stairs and wait to be called.
  9. then there isnt one. The only single rider thing i get is after your on the stairs sometimes they will call for single people to balance the car. But since they wernt running balanced it wasnt an issue and therefore didnt get me special treatment.
  10. Funny, keep asking park people about the single rider line, seeing as how there isnt one.
  11. So some backstory on this: i had to work in valencia in the industrial park just north of Six Flags, however i got done super early, and didnt want to drive back home only to have to drive into LA for my other job. Solution: Kill time at six flags. all trips to SFMM start the same way for me, having to drive through the god forsaken Newhall Pass, where people stop for no reason at all. Oh X2, your slow dispaches means i never get a pic with the train as i drive up the hill. Actually thats not fully true, they were dispaching fairly well today.Im just unlucky. Oh Hai gravel parking lot (this is a bad sign) You know its a bad sign when you can get this shot of Scream! It was about this point when i wished the parking lot was actually the beach from the Step by Step opening credits. And who the hell does opening credits with a theme park then doesnt have a theme park as any part of the show. Stupid. Well this looks promising, no one in the Ninja Line. Ninja was actually running well, yet somehow even in the back row i get wet. Stupid JetStream. I spy with my little eye a GCI. Cuz THIS isnt creepy at all. I know this violates the circle rule, but after Apocolynator i went to green lantern on the advice of a single serving friend in line who told me it wasnt stopping on the mid course. It was true, it was actually dispaching fairly well (for that kind of ride), and they didnt force our car to be balanced, so i had a fairly crazy ride with just me on one side and 2 acers on the other. we came into the station still flipping. Good times. However i have some advice for the men out there, wear a cup, GL is brutal to the manly bits. in all his green shiny goodness. Next was battyman, and the line started here. Luckly batman is a good moving line batman was running great, as usual After batman was lunch, and i do have to say with the departure of Papa Johns, the pizza has gotten much better. the price was still a little steep, but for the quality of food, i wasnt angry that i dropped 8 bucks on a decent sized slice of pizza and some cheese bread. Ive paid more in downtown, and at airports for worse quality. However i was starving, so i didnt take a pic of the food. Also 99 cent refills on the big red cup, yes please! Next was scream! Green Lantern from Scream! As you can see from the empty seats, its a normal empty day on scream! After Scream i was ready for some shade, and what better line for shade than Goliaths Jungle of a line! It really does have an impressive looking lift and drop. Still one of my faves at the park, i know there are better hypers out there, but this one is mine! the line was filled with these adds for Tera Nova, which was somewhat fitting as these warning signs, being jungle themed and all. Not as annoying as the stride viper train. After Goliath, a little stop by the Mother Schwarzkopf for some prayer. And with a line like this, i rode it twice without getting my butt outta the seat Viper always looks cool doing this. the X dispach Clock, they were pretty balls accurate on dispach except when people were being stupid, so they missed it twice while i was in the station. After this my phone went to below 15 percent, so ill summarize. Did Deja Vu, right after it just started working again from a breakdown. Then did a nightride on Apoclinator. Then i went to sling drinks all night long. Great day i have to say!.
  12. Just was at the park yesterday, the audio on X2 works, perfectly on one train then only on the lifthill for the other train (my guess, batteries, at the top of the hill the sound got a lil wonky). Also, for it being saturdays the park isnt actually THAT bad, the longest wait was for green lantern which is finally not stopping on the MCBR for a while, and it looks like they removed some trims from the bottom of the curve into the MCBR. Still unfriendly to the manly bits, so prolly not gonna wait over an hour to ride it again.
  13. i like the audio for 2 places, the break run, and the lift hill. However the 'going down' right at the drop is so perfect...
  14. on hot days goliath will run much faster then on colder days. Its a function of grease in the bearing being less sticky. Days where ive blown thru the MCBR is when the grease is stickier in the bearings. And now that i know how many speed sensors that train has i can guarentee, blowing thru the MCBR and stopping on it, by the time you hit the Helix of Death your at the exact same speed.
  15. Did yall stop on the MCBR for a good min before going. I felt like the ride would be awesome if it didnt just stop there.
  16. its odd, but its the AV so is all f*d up. Also tatsu was running both stations on Sat. Only 2 trains tho.
  17. You forgot a big one, the Antelope Valley Highschool District, Aug 8th. Also went on saturday and unfortunately green lantern was running like crap, every car stopped on the MCBR for a good minute. Was not a happy puppy after my ride. The good news, batman and goliath are running the best ive ridden in years, and Colossus is running both trains. which is always fun, even if its a shitty racer.
  18. My first coaster with loops was Demon at CGA as well. At 47.5 inches the op said screw it let him ride. he forever holds a place in my heart as the coolest ride op ever. So many years ago!
  19. Click here for the Facebook event about it. Damn beat me to it! Seriously tho these events are a ton of fun, awesome people, decent food. Id be there if my shoulder would allow it.
  20. my sister who lives in vegas told me As seen on the Speed: The Ride Thread http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=58414
  21. Hey Guys, Got my e-mail from Six Flags inviting me to do the Green Lantern B-roll shoot next wednesday. As much as id love to do it, not quite healed enough, so i will not be able to go and get pics and video. IF someone really awesome is going, please get pics and video and be awesome about it!
  22. Just got my TPR BOX o Crap. Seriously, i dont know who i blew to get this awesome of a set, but thank you! Got a TPR Bag (which will not fit all the crap) A Twister USB Drive with all the pics and video from the Twister video shoot Rain Poncho SCBB best seaside amusement park pin A NTAG Bash pass What i believe to be a Big Mike or Texas shirt sleve (still smells like sweat too!) TPR Pen TPR Mints A west coast bash Shirt A TPR Pedometer 2007 preview edition of Kevin Yee's Mouse Trap A Zamperla Teacups sales brochure Dreamland Press releases and media passes Parkmaps! 2 of Prince Desmonds Teh Big Dipper Coasters What appears to be an anti-rollback plastic thingy Oh yeah, and the greatest movie ever made: SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD!!!! Im trying to upload the pics however the sheer awesomeness seems to be overloading the server. Also i suck at editing pics. Seriously Thanks Robb and Elisa, this made my day!
  23. Coasters got me on a skycoaster, which got me started bungee jumping, sky diving and motorcycle riding. Actually dont know if i can blame that on coasters or my insane mother, but since she bought me shoes to make me 54 inches before i really was so i could get on the good coasters sooner, i guess i can blame it on coasters.
  24. What an awesome way to turn 21, on a TPR trip! Awesome TR so far bro.
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