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  1. Stupid being in hermosa helping people move. Glad you guys had a plan-b event!
  2. Remember X's original station. Great in theory, awful in practice. They prolly were looking going well this seems dumb and came up with a better solution. Id rather have a pushed back opening day then open for 2 weeks then down for a month.
  3. the Apoc one i cant say, but ive heard alot of the long rehab on Deja Vu, Tatsu, riddlers and others has been deffered maintaince, aka maintaince that never happened. Also heard a rumor they are trying to get Deja Vu to work like the spanish Deja Vu and actually run a full day without breaking down. Again, this is just birdies flying around.
  4. Its actually one of the few things i dislike about the forum, i think its too wide. I keep my windows rather small and have 10 things going on, but i also realize i am in the minority when it comes to this. 1. Do you think it even needs updating at all? Not really, i think it does its job very well, updating things like fonts and logos is all aesthetic and i dont really care about that stuff as long as the the overall shape and randomizer doesn't change too much. 2. What elements of the front page do you really LIKE, and would hate to see go away and/or change. I think im with almost everyone else here saying the randomizer. Part of me wishes it went to the forum post for more recent TR's and that more TR's were on it, a good mix of new and old. 3. What elements do you feel are MISSING from the from the front page? Perhaps its because i work on 'adult' sites so much and have to program an agree/disagree page so many times but i feel like TPR needs one with that disclaimer on it, and an agree button so first time visitors actually read it! 4. What other changes would you suggest? See Above.
  5. i have been pretty impressed with how SF in general has done its theming, and RRE is no exception. Congrats!
  6. looks like a ton of fun, but the brakes on it look rather... violent. Still will be a fun ride, cant wait till i can get to GA to ride it!
  7. once i get some money coming in, def gonna get my Club TPR on...
  8. Just uploaded mine http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2155 CS needed is the Main street packs and the stuff included with the neton2.1 pack. Overview, its kinda twisty It starts with a first drop over a waterfall then does some helixes and twisty stuff it also does some twisty stuff in a canyon It also goes upside down
  9. OK RD, since you told me i had to build one this is my first attempt, let me know what you think (and feel free to be brutally honest, it is my first attempt). Terrain Coaster Portion The looping section with the final helixes Final brake run and station, capacity (including station) 4 trains
  10. RD it is moeibus, transfer tracks are 2 unfinished hyper coasters and the tranfer platform is some random steel from JT steelworks
  11. yall got me working on RCT3 again, and since my laptop can handle it i went hardcore. RD, you should recognize this ride from a convo we were having. This is the product of about 4 hours of mucking around First drop, second hill and MCBR Leaving the station house Lift Hill (as seen from top) Transfer Track Lift hill, Station house and final brake run
  12. hey guys, so im getting back into RCT3, and i have the Neton 2.1 scenery pack, but the included support killer is leaving odd shadows, is that normal? Also, is there a better support back than the included one, cuz im not a fan of it. Also, it doesnt seem like the mainstreet scenery pack was included and the links yall posted a while back seem to be dead, is there another place to get them?
  13. hey CD5, i am sure you have answered this before but what support pack(s) do you use?
  14. this park is amazing, far better than almost everything else in the games forum
  15. I hope they dont reprofile Colossus and instead get it running dual track again. They have a great racer, they just need to get it racing again. ANd maybe get rid of the block brakes and go back to the bunny dip?
  16. 90% of the time delays like this are due to shipping. And yes, containers get lost, dont get put on a ship or get put on the wrong truck. Thats why parts arrive while they are still doing groundwork most of the time because that way they can do the parts inventory and get the parts that are missing.
  17. THIS!!! Seriously, just remember this will cost you about 30 bucks round trip,
  18. Six Flags fall and HRP are both home to 2 different chapters in my buisness management book. I was amazed when i saw it. It has a comparison of Six Flags vs Walmart on the buiseness scale. Walmarts buisness plan requires it to expand, and six flags tried it, and failed. Hard Rock Park is in the book on the importance of marketing. Based on those becoming main stream failures in textbooks, id go with those.
  19. IM not saying they COULDNT do it, im just saying SFMM would prolly skimp and put it on the flatter land where its easier to build deep foundations.
  20. You mean like all those drop towers, coasters, bridges, insane buildings and other insanity that exists in Japan, an even more active seismic area? It's like I always say, and parks ALWAYS agree with me...if they wanted to build something, they'll figure out a way.... And i fully agree with you, i just think from six flags perspective of skimp when you can they would end up putting a tower where freefall was. If they ever build a good drop tower at SFMM
  21. I'm not sure I agree with your police work there, Lou. There is a large tower and two roller coasters already situated on the hill. I would imagine that small hill (relative to the rest of the region) having very little influence in a seismic profile of the area. Then again, I am not an expert! The mttns on the west side of the park are part of a faultline, just like the mttns to the north that seperate the SCV from the Leona Valley and the Antelope Valley further north. its the same faultline that runs under the oil and tar fields just to the south in the attonivich open space preserve and are why the 118 santa susana pass from the San Fernando valley to simi valley has such pretty rock formations. There are 2 towers for sure, the skytower located more in the center of the hill and superman on a very flat portion at the foot of the hill. to build on the SIDE of the hill a 300 foot drop tower like that would require some good engineering. Especially when theres so much land on the bottom they could more easily use. But who knows, ive seen stranger things.
  22. my guess would be a power line, looks like a substation back by the brown fence.
  23. ^^ i started going to the park in 97ish and dont remember anything being there except a sign saying closed.
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