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  1. I agree with almost all of these EXEPT the ones on the mtn, also by colossus, where you propose the top spin, is the shipping warehouse, so putting in a flat ride there is more expensive than one would imagine. When it comes to the top of the mtn, they have to be very careful thanks to sisemeic issues, making tall drop towers on the mouantian very epensive. While i agree it would be an epic ride, it would take ALOT of engineering. Better spot for a drop tower would be where the old freefall drop tower was by riddlers.
  3. Maybe this has been answered already, but there looks to be alot of extra steel on the supports. Is that where they are going to attach some theming, or is it theming or what, cuz it looks a little... odd. The ride looks amazing though.
  4. if i aint workin ill prolly stop by, would be cool to meet yall after having you bug me on youtube for the better part of 2 years
  5. Best food at a six flags park: Mooseburger Lodge at SFMM. For about 5 dollars more for 3 of us we get to sit in air conditioning, Drink unlimited lemonade in huge freakin glasses and get really good food and surprisingly good service.
  6. Space Mtn in paris has a bad case of VDS, Vekoma Death Syndrome. Its just rough as hell and its not gonna take getting smooth for an answer.
  7. Its also a staff break area where they can chainsmoke before dealing with angry people in line again.
  8. Thats what i meant, muscle relaxers go to the brain and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I also have to add revolution, but i also live in a house with women and they call it the boob-masher.
  9. Yeah but that prolly does not factor into the current cost of recycled steel. that much steel and the control system prolly would have some value to a good scrap metal firm. They prolly wont remove all the track either, just the stuff thats easy and in visible sight lines. they will prolly leave the track under S:EFK and above areas of log jammer and in the tunnel and take the easier stuff around BBL and TMD during off days when they can cut it out quick. if they are selling for scrap, thats what i would do.
  10. Deja Vu at SFMM, and Roar at CGA (however i havent ridden this since i was like 14)....
  11. Last coaster i rode was S:EFK at SFMM. Was there for the B-Roll Shoot and rode it about 30 times that day. Unfortuntely just had shoulder surgery so about 6 months till my next ride. IM going thru withdrawls.
  12. Call me one of those holding hope for a train rebuild. I do remember when one of the Disneyland monorail trains was shown leaving before they released the MKVII train designs. It was always a nice way to get halfway up the hill. If they could get it to run on its own like a real metro system then it would cost very little to maintain. But i do also realize its prolly nothing and the track is to be scrapped for the steel and some extra cash.
  13. Maverick was having issues that day, and by the time it opened i had to get to a meeting. However with BTR, back seat (or near the back of the train) it really whips you thru the wingovers and its something to behold. Also, dont expect it to be I305 intense, its just more intense than Raptor or Alpinegiest and packs quite a punch for its incredibly small footprint.
  14. Has to be most of the offerings at Cedar Point. Call me what you will, but most of the rides at cedar point just did nothing for me. I prefer Xcellerator and Storm Runner to TTD, Raptor just felt like it was trying too hard to be awesome and just wasnt, everything already said on this forum about MF (except i got good air on the short bunny hill before the 2nd tunnel once), and Mantis tried to castrate me. The only ride i thought was really cool at CP was Gemini, def the underrated star of that park (the trims seemed to be off before the helix). CP's flagship rides were just a letdown.
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